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    1. The AED will definitely provide additional protection to the aviation industry from the security perspective. It will enhance the status of Singapore as a free port in terms of higher security and safety, which will promote more cargo flows via Singapore as a regional hub.
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    2. But this requires a good infrastructure, Singapore's grid, for example, might be a little more reliable than one found in an emerging nation.
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      Renewable energy a dim prospect ...ent of a vertical farming model. Now the world’s first commercial vertical farming venture has been opened in Singapore. Covering in effect 1.3ha, the farm produces three types of vegetables which it sells through a loca... (Read Full Article)

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    16. Wison wins Puerto la Cruz oil refinery in Venezuela

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      ...08. With the increased and continuous market efforts through establishment of sales offices in Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Indonesia, Wison Engineering is speeding up its process of acquiring new international and forei... (Read Full Article)

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