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    1. Deloitte member firms have long been an important Oracle global service provider in the applications and technology marketplace.
      In Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco honors Deloitte
    2. Inspirage has a track record of success in implementing our Oracle Value Chain Planning applications across industries for midsize companies and some of our largest enterprise clients.
      In Inspirage Unveils Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Offering Powered by Oracle
    3. Most cloud vendors only have niche assets. They don't have platforms to extend. Oracle is the only vendor that offers a complete suite of modern, socially-enabled applications, all based on a standards-based platform.
      In Oracle pushes business applications into the cloud
  1. Oracle

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      Questions to Consider Before You Sign an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement ... (ULA) is ideal. It allows them to pay a single fee up-front to get as many licenses as they need for certain Oracle products over a set period of time. Under the right circumstances, signing a multi-year ULA with Oracle... (Read Full Article)

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      ...ort supply chain operations To help organizations increase their return on innovation, Oracle has introduced Oracle Innovation Management, software designed to create a systematic approach to capture, select and invest ... (Read Full Article)

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      What’s Different About Enterprise IT in Africa ...go (DRC), know-it-alls would have laughed at the very thought. But last year, Zimbabwe and the DRC were among Oracle’s fastest growing markets in Africa. So there you have it: Enterprise IT in Africa is never what it see... (Read Full Article)

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      ...back to the ’database marketing’ of the 1980s. Today, cloud-based CRM offerings such as salesforce.com, Sage, Oracle’s Siebel and MS Dynamics are commonly used in many small and most mid-sized and large businesses. I’m ... (Read Full Article)

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      ...heir growth objectives. How the supplier licenses, prices, and discounts its software. Some vendors, such as Oracle, publish their price list and licensing policies on their websites. However, many software vendors aren... (Read Full Article)

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      ...ctively – and software vendors are devising ways to profit from this growth. This year, we’ve seen Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and other large enterprise software vendors move to device-based licensing programs or enforce “th... (Read Full Article)

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    12. Barclays turns to open source software for savings

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      Barclays turns to open source software for savings ...roduce a Linux system, which removes the need to pay a license fee such as those needed to use a Microsoft or Oracle system, while its new, secure internal cloud system will mean that new applications are written once, d... (Read Full Article)

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      ...or other retailer) or to the physical store for pickup. As such, IT companies such as High Jump, Red Prairie, Oracle and others have expanded their traditional warehouse management systems (WMS), transportation managemen... (Read Full Article)

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      ...rm can do their customer’s inventory, too.” Infor is the third largest supplier of enterprise software behind Oracle and SAP, provides risk analytics, predictive software and logistics response SASS to reduce crises and ... (Read Full Article)

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    15. Documents detail how MTN funnelled US technology to Iran

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      Documents detail how MTN funnelled US technology to Iran ...nuclear programme, which Tehran maintains is peaceful. The equipment included products from Sun Microsystems, Oracle, International Business Machines, EMC, Hewlett Packard and Cisco Systems, and was used to provide such ... (Read Full Article)

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    16. Seems Like Everyone is Focused on Sap & Ariba, but What About You?

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      ...riba's 1,100 customers? Why would SAP pay so much? Who in the segment is going to be acquired next? What will Oracle do? Does this financially impressive exit validate this market's business opportunity? It's the last qu... (Read Full Article)

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