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    1. There is still a significant level of manufacturing performed in this country, but some of the challenges we have seen, with the concept of near-shoring to Mexico and points south, as well as China and Vietnam, we think the long-term trend is going to be bringing production back closer to home.
      In Manufacturers are becoming less optimistic about U.S. economy, says Grant Thornton LLP study
    2. We have initiated actions in Mexico, Brazil and China to improve our operating performance and this is a priority for fiscal 2015.
      In China highlights Wal-Mart's’s woes
  1. Mexico

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      ...remain steady, or increase. A majority of respondents for the Bric countries, as well as Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and South Africa, predict an upward sales trend. To counter dips in sales and output, automakers are lo... (Read Full Article)

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      ...rnatives to hazardous chemicals – a milestone in the way clothes are manufactured and a victory for people in Mexico and elsewhere affected by toxic water pollution.” As part of the agreement reached with Greenpeace, 15 ... (Read Full Article)

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    16. Industrial Manufacturing Industry Benchmarking Metric Report 2012

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      The Industrial Manufacturing Industry Benchmarking Report for 2012 includes key supply management performance metrics such as organizational structures, functional assignments, operating expense, spend per supply management employee, supplier rating systems/processes, and other supply management-related topics. The data shows that supply management organizations have oversight of 88 percent (average) of their company's total spend, of which 75 percent is for direct goods. 

      (Read Full Article)

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