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    2. Grindrod to raise capital for R10bn infrastructure project pipeline

      Explore Engineering News (Feb 27 2014)

      ...ica, allowing Grindrod to better service trade flows on the continent. Freight and logistics service provider Grindrod had a R10-billion project pipeline planned for sub-Saharan Africa, said Grindrod CEO Alan Olivier on ... (Read Full Article)

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    3. PwC study shows demand for logistics services in Africa

      Explore BDlive (Oct 31 2013)

      PwC study shows demand for logistics services in Africa ...s within the region as opposed to subsidiaries. But a number of South African companies, such as Imperial and Grindrod, have expanded into the continent to capitalise on this demand. This growth will accelerate as Afric... (Read Full Article)

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    4. Export outlet news sends CoAL soaring

      Explore BDlive (Jan 7 2013)

      Export outlet news sends CoAL soaring ...ered into a deal with Grindrod whereby Vitol bought 35% of the Terminal de Carvao da Matola (TCM) for $67.7m. Grindrod has a concession over the terminal until 2033. CoAL CEO John Wallington said the marketing agreement ... (Read Full Article)

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    5. Grindrod and Sturrock Shipping merge

      Explore iol.co.za (Oct 29 2012)

      Grindrod and Sturrock Shipping merge ...isition by Sturrock Shipping in June of a 15 percent shareholding in Röhlig-Grindrod, a joint venture between Grindrod Limited and Röhlig International. The portion of the merger between Grindrod and Sturrock Shipping re... (Read Full Article)

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    6. Grindrod, Vitol deal approved

      Explore fin24.com (Sep 25 2012)

      ...or‚ President and CEO of the Vitol Group‚ said: “We are pleased to have broadened our relationship with Grindrod with the purchase of 50% of Cockett‚ one of the leading value added resellers of marine fuels. It i... (Read Full Article)

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    7. Grindrod further expands its fuel logistics business in Africa

      Explore Engineering News (Jun 18 2012)

      ...a fleet of 380 road tankers servicing Sub-Saharan Africa. The business will trade as Grindrod Petrologistics. Grindrod first entered the petrochemical industry in 2008 with the acquisition of WM TransLogistics and in 201... (Read Full Article)

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    8. Plans afoot to get SA’s flag flying on ships again

      Explore Home - BusinessDay (Sep 26 2011)

      ...kills development programme for the sector, Mr Tilayi says. Mr Stewart says if a tonnage tax were introduced, Grindrod would most probably move some of its vessels here. He says SA’s exchange controls, which limit moveme... (Read Full Article)

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    9. R10bn expansion for Grindrod

      Explore Home - BusinessDay (Sep 21 2011)

      ...ken not to follow their rights – so all shareholders are entitled to 28.67 shares per 100 shares they hold in Grindrod." Mr Olivier says the company’s capital expansion plans could ultimately top R10bn where they would l... (Read Full Article)

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    10. Grindrod in R2bn capital raising with Remgro

      Explore iol.co.za (Sep 20 2011)

      Grindrod in R2bn capital raising with Remgro ... represent approximately 22% of the enlarged ordinary share capital of Grindrod. Remgro will make an offer to Grindrod's existing shareholders allowing them to participate in the capital raising. Grindrod shareholders wi... (Read Full Article)

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