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    2. 5 Tips To Make Your Browsing Safe And Secure

      Explore Technology News and Analysis (Aug 22 2014)

      5 Tips To Make Your Browsing Safe And Secure ...uld simply check the URL of a website for "https://..." Not all websites have it, but no more than a week ago Google started encouraging the websites which do by showing them higher in search results. Try not to use the ... (Read Full Article)

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    3. Buffalo City Mayor and Other Senior Leaders Arrested

      Explore allAfrica.com (Jun 25 2014)

      Buffalo City Mayor and Other Senior Leaders Arrested ...a: The Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Conventi... * Corruption Liberia: Ex-Gender Minister Vabah Gayflor... Ads by Google press release The African National Congress has noted the serious allegations of money laundering ... (Read Full Article)

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    4. South Africa's Green Rush

      Explore PR Newswire (Jun 6 2014)

      South Africa's Green Rush ... in rands. SolarReserve is also working on a 96MW, $260 million PV facility at Jasper near Kimberly, in which Google has taken $12 million equity stake. The company has said it would bid on two CSP projects. It consider... (Read Full Article)

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    5. Can Zambia Eradicate Corruption?

      Explore allAfrica.com (May 18 2014)

      Can Zambia Eradicate Corruption?

      ZERO tolerance towards corruption has become Zambia's household name. The corruption fight of late has been in the limelight hitting headlines in most of the media houses in the country. While corruption scandals have made the headlines in the country recently, the underlying issues have been deeply entrenched in the bureaucratic and political system for decades.

      A week cannot pass without reading something about someone involved in corruption either in the print or electronic media even on social media networks.

      Corruption has been and still is a significant impediment to good governance systems in Zambia.

      (Read Full Article)

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    6. The Definitive Procurement Service Provider Directory: Spend Matters Almanac

      Explore Spend Matters (Mar 20 2014)

      The Definitive Procurement Service Provider Directory: Spend Matters Almanac ...xonomy structure to organize providers – versus a laundry list someone cut and pasted from Procurement 101 on Google It links all (Free, Basic, and Premium) providers to recent Spend Matters coverage (For providers) Sp... (Read Full Article)

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    7. IBM sells Intel server business, company is doomed

      Explore Technology News and Analysis (Jan 23 2014)

      ... be a major supplier and a major player in this emerging market. If you look at the technology used today by Google, Yahoo, and Amazon and many others you’ll see it is possible to operate a large enterprise on huge arra... (Read Full Article)

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    8. Let's not wait for permission to address gender imbalance

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jan 17 2014)

      ...y reviews causing imbalances to be corrected. Organisations which are less open to addressing imbalances than Google was will suffer the, inevitable, ensuing talent drain. I imagine this suggestion will be greeted by a ... (Read Full Article)

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    9. 10 procurement predictions for 2014

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Jan 6 2014)

      10 procurement predictions for 2014 ...procurement teams rarely stretch to the best market supplier or market insight or search tools. All too often Google is still the purchasing organisation’s best and only friend. The best of the best will have a dashboard... (Read Full Article)

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    10. Is There Hope for Small Firms, the Have-Nots in the World of Big Data?

      Explore HBR Blog Network (Dec 10 2013)

      Is There Hope for Small Firms, the Have-Nots in the World of Big Data? ...s. Here’s a wishful vision of the future that’s even more radical than Amazon’s concept of delivery drones or Google’s robots: One day, small businesses will have access to affordable consumer data. Don’t yawn. This is ... (Read Full Article)

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    11. 3D printing: exciting, but flawed

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Dec 6 2013)

      ...t also brings risk too, raising difficult questions around intellectual property and liability. According to Google trends 3D printers reached the maximum 100% in interest in May 2013; suddenly the world has woken up to... (Read Full Article)

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    12. How Chinese Companies Can Develop Global Brands

      Explore HBR Blog Network (Nov 20 2013)

      How Chinese Companies Can Develop Global Brands ...co-CEO and entirely comprised of American employees.  Hiring foreigners in high-profile roles, such as former Google VP Hugo Barra at the helm of electronics company Xiaomi, can also create a more open line of communicat... (Read Full Article)

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    13. Want to Be a Hero? Go Source Advertising Technology

      Explore Spend Matters (Sep 17 2013)

      ...rtising technology industry is ripe for consolidation. As big players begin to get gobbled up by the likes of Google and Yahoo, buyer power will weaken and the impact of procurement’s role in the process will be relinqui... (Read Full Article)

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    14. Prasa names BEE firms for consortium

      Explore iol.co.za (Aug 2 2013)

      Prasa names BEE firms for consortium ...or another R11bn from the Treasury. - Business Report * If you use Gmail to read IOL's newsletters, note that Google is rolling out a new tabbed inbox that filters your mail into 5 separate tabs – Primary, Social, Prom... (Read Full Article)

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    15. 7 Mistakes of B2B Marketing

      Explore PR Newswire (Jul 20 2013)

      ...click measurement provides information about where your marketing budget can play a role in accurate analysis Google's data show that, on average, a buyer will make their final purchase action after interacting with the ... (Read Full Article)

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    16. Managing the Spot Buy: Tapping into the Tactical Sourcing Opportunity

      Explore The Networked Economy (Jul 19 2013)

      ... Modern software tools, deployed using software-as-a-service and designed around the user-friendly Amazon and Google experience, have changed the game. For tactical sourcing, using tools for supplier discovery and online... (Read Full Article)

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