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    1. Coca-Cola Enterprises looks forward to engaging Rosslyn Analytics and using its web-based data analytics platform to deliver savings through detailed spend visibility.
      In Coca-Cola Enterprises puts fizz into spend visibility
    2. We are privileged to work with Coca-Cola Enterprises to support their business requirements around spend analytics.
      In Coca-Cola Enterprises puts fizz into spend visibility
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      How Much Do Companies Really Worry About Climate Change? ...s something their companies should manage only for philanthropic, good-for-the-planet reasons. What Nike and Coca-Cola leadership get is that the climate issue is a systemic problem, not easily defined in one single way... (Read Full Article)

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    4. Coca-Cola refreshes sustainable sourcing goals

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      ...ble to create a prestige around becoming a supplier and they champion supply chain strategies. Unilever’s and Coca-Cola’s incorporation of bold ambitions for the supply chain into their respective company strategies show... (Read Full Article)

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    6. Successful procurement transformations need sense of urgency

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      ...he supply chain function had changed, following the business' acquisition of the North American operations of Coca-Cola Enterprises – the company's largest bottler – in October 2010. “It's very easy for people to sit and... (Read Full Article)

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    7. Coca-Cola supply chain helps medicine reach remote regions in Africa

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      ...odels. Patients in three African nations will now receive AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria medicine through the Coca-Cola Company’s supply chain following the success of a pilot project in Tanzania. Since 2010, Project Las... (Read Full Article)

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      ...ity? Take for example the ’Sustainable Apparel Coalition’ members of which include the likes of Adidas, Nike, Coca-Cola, Gap and Walmart among others and their vision is to see ’An apparel and footwear industry that prod... (Read Full Article)

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    9. 'Maverick marketing' costs companies millions

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      Ad hoc processes and immature practices blamed for large overspends and lost savings opportunities. Legacy marketing procurement processes were highlighted as a major reason for this inefficiency, with 34 per cent saying their processes have been developed ad hoc over time with no overarching strategy.

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    10. Coca-Cola rewards suppliers for sustainability efforts

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      ...orts of three vendors for reducing packaging weight, using less power and increasing efficiency in logistics, Coca-Cola presented awards last Friday at a suppler summit. Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has rewarded suppliers... (Read Full Article)

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    11. Coca-Cola reverses decision to dump orange suppliers

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      Coca-Cola reverses decision to dump orange suppliers ...s after initially saying it would drop them following reports of poor working conditions among fruit pickers. Coca-Cola reverses decision to dump orange suppliers Soft drinks giant Coca-Cola will continue to source orang... (Read Full Article)

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    12. When Supply Chain Risk Meets Wall Street: Investing for Sustainable and Lower Risk Growth

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      ... prepared for changes in weather conditions. Bloomberg refers to the planning and forecasting activities that Coca-Cola has undertaken, as an example. Regardless of the specific example of the future of water availabilit... (Read Full Article)

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    13. Does big have to equal bad in terms of ethical behaviour?

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      ...ay rises, are the leaders of the world’s largest corporations letting social responsibility take a back seat? Coca-Cola, Microsoft and HP have all been dropped from the Dow Jones Sustainability Index this year. Dow Jones... (Read Full Article)

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    14. Dr Pepper Snapple drinks to supply chain productivity drive

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      ...%. Price/mix added approximately 3% to net sales growth while revenue recognised under The Coca-Cola Company (Coca-Cola) licensing agreements and the favorable impact of repatriated brands added approximately 1%. "Report... (Read Full Article)

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    15. Coca-Cola Enterprises puts fizz into spend visibility

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      ...its efforts to implement spend visibility and analysis strategy through a partnership with Rosslyn Analytics. Coca-Cola Enterprises, the third largest bottler of Coca-Cola in the world, has stepped up its efforts to impl... (Read Full Article)

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    16. Spotlight: Ten years on - lessons from a tragedy

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      Spotlight: Ten years on - lessons from a tragedy ...d's largest shopping mall, in Minnesota. Corporate headquarters closed their doors, as well: HP, Intel, Ford, Coca-Cola - the doors were firmly shut while America grieved in stunned silence. And quickly, airspace in Euro... (Read Full Article)

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    17. Molson Coors raises glass to new supply chain chief

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      .... In addition Molson Coors International (MCI) reported that Torsten Kuenzlen, formerly president director of Coca-Cola's Indonesia region, has joined as MCI's new chief marketing officer. A further appointment say Lee R... (Read Full Article)

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