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    1. Input cost increases have been a steady headwind to margins for some time now, Metals and energy pricing, forex and China wage inflation are more difficult to forecast.
      In Spotlight: US manufacturing on a journey home?
    2. Flows out of equities into cash have reached capitulation levels, especially in the US, but it's significant that a revival in optimism towards China has survived the global correction.
      In Experts warn gold is overvalued
    3. The advancement of sustainable agriculture is an important component of China's agriculture policy. The 12th Five-Year Plan adopted last year set out clear objectives for the development of sustainable agriculture in the new era, especially the need for speeding up agricultural modernisation.
      In PepsiCo toasts agricultural partnership with Chinese government
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      ...ts Report can be downloaded at http://www.sourceoneinc.com/downloads/SRM-Insights-Report.pdf. Having visited China many times, I can confirm that the Tiananmen Square massacre is a taboo topic. ... (Read Full Article)

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    12. “Known Unknowns” in Global Supply Chains

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      ...lded parts globally. In order to source from China an intermediary is hired (in Europe, probably known or in China, certainly less well known) who deals with an unknown supplier. The more global the supply chain becomes... (Read Full Article)

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      Will China Bring Your Firm New Owners, Partners, or Competitors? ...ts that are made in China. American multinational firms are accustomed to selling to Chinese customers within China. But what happens when China goes West? What are the implications for corporate America when Chinese fir... (Read Full Article)

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    15. Zanaga shaves $2bn off cost of Congo iron-ore project

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      ...ates, we calculate a 16% internal rate of return using a long-run iron-ore price of $90/t cost and freight to China – versus our $98/t estimate – driven primarily by low operating expenditure (opex) and grade premium,” t... (Read Full Article)

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    16. Where Does The Purchasing Function Go From Here?

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      ...w one of the dominant sourcing destinations, despite the particular challenges that come with it. The rise of China redefined the competitive landscape in a massive way and helped put corporate social responsibility (CSR... (Read Full Article)

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