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    1. Nokia's APAC HQ will be relocated to Beijing as part of our strategy to adapt our operations to the business environment to ensure our competitiveness.
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    2. Beijing uses export controls and its monopolistic position as producer of 96 percent of all rare earth minerals as the basis of a strategy to build world-class companies that create jobs.
      In Grow by the rules, rare earth rivals tell China
  1. Beijing

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      How Chinese Companies Can Develop Global Brands ...ay say more about the xenophobia of U.S. politicians than anything else, but other obstacles are more clearly Beijing’s doing. Government measures intended to cool an overheating economy, such as tightening loans and fr... (Read Full Article)

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      ...e with comparable professions could require doubling or tripling salaries. Instead, some reformers are urging Beijing to adopt a US- or European-style system in which doctors can work second jobs and open private clinics... (Read Full Article)

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    11. SA cements Brics with China in African venture

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      SA cements Brics with China in African venture ... International Relations and Co-operation Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane is triumphant as she emerges from Beijing’s imposing China World Hotel. Her plan seems to be coming together. She has just taken over from her... (Read Full Article)

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    12. China strengthens Africa ties with $20bn in loans

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      China strengthens Africa ties with $20bn in loans ...uence African countries for their sole benefit." China's friendship with Africa dates back to the 1950s, when Beijing backed liberation movements in the continent fighting to throw off Western colonial rule. GROWING TRAD... (Read Full Article)

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    13. Apple to audit pollution at Chinese suppliers

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      ...mpany’s supplier factories in China The Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE), a group based in Beijing, said on Monday that US tech giant Apple had agreed to the joint audit, to be held at a manufacturer o... (Read Full Article)

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      ...e months as policymakers moved to increase lending and boost domestic consumption amid the economic slowdown. Beijing has pledged to “fine-tune” policy to prevent a hard landing for the economy, which could trigger wides... (Read Full Article)

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    15. Grow by the rules, rare earth rivals tell China

      Explore iol.co.za (Mar 19 2012)

      ...ompanies that create jobs,” said David Abraham, an independent resource analyst based in Jakarta. “In a sense Beijing is modelling domestic firms after companies like Hitachi, once a mining company but now a massive elec... (Read Full Article)

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    16. Embracing Green in China ... with an NGO Nudge

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Mar 6 2012)

      ... That’s not bad for a homegrown seven-man operation working out of a modest office in a converted sixth-floor Beijing apartment. By taking advantage of greater environmental transparency in China and global corporations’... (Read Full Article)

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