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    1. Hubwoo and Microsoft join forces to enable B2B collaboration in the cloud

      Explore (Mar 19 2013)

      Companies sign global agreement to enable procurement and accounts payable savings for Microsoft customers. Through this global alliance, the two companies will integrate and jointly market The Business Network for Microsoft Dynamics, enabling businesses using Microsoft Dynamics AX with direct access to The Business Network by Hubwoo.

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    2. e-Invoicing and how it helps to prevent payment fraud

      Explore (Feb 8 2013)

      e-Invoicing and how it helps to prevent payment fraud

      It is a fact that instances of payment fraud in business are on the rise. And alarmingly, many businesses are clueless that some employees and suppliers may be 'helping themselves.'  In this article, we will examine purchase invoice fraud and see how receiving invoices from suppliers electronically can actually prevent it. We will start off with the various sub-types of purchase invoice fraud that companies may be inadvertently overlooking, and then show how electronic invoicing can address this problem.


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    3. Unilever signs 100 million outsourcing deal with Capgemini

      Explore (Jan 8 2013)

      Unilever has selected consulting, technology and outsourcing services provider Capgemini as its new finance and accounting service partner.  The firm has been named as one of Unilever's global strategic suppliers under its 'Partner to Win' programme and has been awarded a five-year outsourcing contract valued at more than €100m.

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    4. E-procurement to become the rule for UK public bodies by 2016 according to the European Commission

      Explore (Sep 5 2012)

      Electronic invoicing software provider, Version One, is urging UK public sector bodies to ditch paper invoices in favour of e-invoicing by 2016 to help comply with European Commission proposals.

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    5. What to look for when recruiting a purchase-to-pay process owner

      Explore (Sep 3 2012)

      The question that stops most shared services leaders in their tracks is: should the perfect P2P process owner be largely accountant or largely change manager? Its a question most leaders wouldnt have asked a few years ago as its only recently that the job of Purchase to Pay Process Owner has come into being. A few years ago the title was a rarity. But now its recognised as a central component to the development of finance shared services.

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    6. Businesses are increasing collaboration through social and business networks

      Explore (Aug 22 2012)

      A new report, entitled Collaborate to Win, produced by CFO Research in collaboration with Ariba, has shown that a number of companies are capitalising on the convergence of modern technology, such as cloud computing, mobility, social and business networks in order to increase collaboration with customers, suppliers, and peers

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    7. BP selects Accenture for global outsourcing

      Explore (Aug 20 2012)

      BP has announced that it has chosen Accenture as a global outsourcing provider of finance and accounting services to complement its in-house captive business service centres. BP are expecting Accenture to help consolidate its global finance and accounting function through standardised reporting and metrics and by using advanced analytics to improve business controls and drive greater insights into the business.

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    8. Critical success factors for e-invoicing implementation DHLs lessons learnt

      Explore (Jul 27 2012)

      At a recent conference, e-Invoicing Europe 2012, Gabrielle Philippens, Senior Process Consultant at DHL, discussed the critical success factors for DHLs journey to implementing electronic invoicing.

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    9. FTSE 100 companies challenged to pay on time

      Explore (Jul 17 2012)

      The late payment of invoices can have a crippling effect on small businesses, particularly at a time when the economy is in recession and consumers are reining in their spending

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    10. Demand for outsourcing services boosts Infosys Q1 profits

      Explore (Jul 12 2012)

      Software services exporter Infosys has matched expectations with a 33 per cent rise in its fiscal first-quarter profit, bolstered by a surge in demand for outsourcing services and a fall in the rupee.   India's $100bn-a-year IT and back-office outsourcing sector earns about three-quarters of its revenues from customers in the United States and Europe.

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    11. American Express Launches digital payment service PAYVE

      Explore (Jun 28 2012)

      American Express launched PAYVE, a new digital payment service that enables large and mid-size companies to centralize the processing of multiple payment methods through a single, easy-to-use electronic platform. The service will enable companies to improve working capital and cash flow management while streamlining accounts payable processes (Read Full Article)

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    12. Combination of receivables management and shared services can improve bottom line, recent research shows

      Explore (Jun 27 2012)

      Accounts receivable departments can see numerous benefits if they streamline their processes through a strategic receivables management program combined with adoption of a shared services environment (Read Full Article)

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    13. Henkel Czech Republic extends the project of paperless invoicing

      Explore (Jun 25 2012)

      Henkel Czech Republic, in co-operation with its business partners, is gradually introducing the project of paperless invoicing

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    14. Could purchase to pay help tackle corruption?

      Explore (Jun 19 2012)

      An anti-corruption NGO has championed e-procurement as way of improving transparency in public purchasing processes.

      The European Commission said earlier this year that it was aiming to make e-procurement the standard method of procurement across the EU by the middle of 2016.

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    15. Cost reduction in supply chain named a priority for 70% of UK companies

      Explore (Jun 6 2012)

      Almost 70% of UK-based companies have been forced to evaluate their costs and transform the supply chain because of the volatility of the eurozone and negative GDP growth.

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    16. Purchase-to-pay 'needs strong relationship between buyers and AP'

      Explore (May 29 2012)

      In order for purchase to pay (P2P) to run smoothly, buyers and accounts payable (AP) departments must have a good relationship and communicate well with each other.   This can pose a challenge, however, as historically the two departments do not communicate, leading to misunderstandings on their appropriate duties.

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    17. Shared service growth overtakes traditional outsourcing

      Explore (May 2 2012)

      A report by KPMG shows that shared services is the strongest area of growth among service providers.  KPMG's Sourcing Advisory Pulse Survey reveals that shared services is now the strongest area of growth within the global business services (GBS) portfolio for more than half (52%) of service providers.

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    18. Supporting your suppliers makes financial sense

      Explore (May 1 2012)

      Paying your suppliers on time or early can help them stay afloat, but it can also have extra financial benefits for your organisation.  As a large organisation you may be dealing with thousands of different suppliers, but chances are there are one or two you rely on heavily for a large proportion of your goods or services.  Think about what would happen if one of them went bust?   Ford found out this week .....

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    19. Fake invoices and attempted corruption with South African Police Service

      Explore (Apr 26 2012)

      An invoice fraud case involving the South African police has been put on hold as two accused men are granted bail.  Captain Aswin Narainpershad and businessman Thoshan Panday face charges of conspiracy to commit fraud, incitement to commit fraud and corruption after they were alleged to have offered R1m (£79,580) to a police officer to help them generate false invoices worth R15m.

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    20. Olympic Delivery Authority forced to review payments system after £2.3m fraud

      Explore (Apr 25 2012)

      The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has said that it was forced to review its payment systems after it was defrauded out of £2.3m, only 95% of which has been returned.  In May 2010 the ODA received an email purporting to be from the finance director of construction firm Skanska, notifying a change in bank details. The firm had been contracted to work on landscaping for the Olympic Park.  However, the email was false........................

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    21. Businesses realising the advantages of factoring

      Explore (Apr 16 2012)

      Worldwide volume for factoring increased last year by 22% on 2010. Factoring is often used to fill the gap in the purchase-to-pay process between the raising of an invoice and the receipt of payment, providing a welcome injection of cash.

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    22. Total global e-invoicing volume to hit 15bn in 2012

      Explore (Apr 9 2012)

      Around 4.5bn e-invoices will be received in Europe alone as the electronic format becomes increasingly popular. If ever further proof were needed that e-invoicing is becoming the leading e-procurement strategy among global businesses, a new report has confirmed its prominence in the procure-to-pay process.

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    23. How can investing in P2P technology benefit your business?

      Explore (Apr 5 2012)

      We look at how businesses can cut costs and meet their capital liquidity targets by selecting the right e-procurement technologies.  Recent research by, which gathered the opinions of a large set of senior P2P managers, has uncovered some of the key concerns around effective purchase-to-pay management.

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    24. Connecting purchase-to-pay processes high on the business agenda

      Explore (Mar 29 2012)

      Many businesses are looking to bring together disparate parts of their purchase-to-pay operations over the next year.

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