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    1. Procurement Needs to Lead Process Improvement Transformation

      Explore (Apr 1 2013)

      Often companies make the grievous mistake of not letting procurement select or source the consultant or consulting group to lead process improvement. Lean Six Sigma and Lean are too important to leave in the hands of other departments not familiar with the comprehensive evaluation of a bid or a proposal. In fact, procurement or supply management not only should lead the selection, but lead the entire process improvement transformation. Strongly consider a fixed hourly rate especially for training, but remember that you get what you pay for. Make sure you can retain all the training materials developed during the process.

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    2. Survival Conundrum: Understanding Inherent Risk in the Changing Environment of Supplier Engagement

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      Survival Conundrum: Understanding Inherent Risk in the Changing Environment of Supplier Engagement

      To survive and thrive, companies need to rethink their supply engagement practices. It is no longer acceptable to think that a financial review of a ‘tier-one’ supplier is sufficient protection against potential supply interruption.

      Today, we find ourselves with an interesting conundrum; in this time of uncertainty with potential tax changes and further developing regulatory activity, corporations are hoarding cash and are reluctant to invest. Moreover, there is a continuing need to improve processes and strengthen our supply networks in order to become more profitable. Concurrently, risk within the supply network is arguably at an all-time high and appears to ...

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    3. Five Ways to Evaluate a Supplier

      Explore (Nov 21 2012)

      Your company’s supply chain directly impacts your ability to function as a service or goods provider and earn profits. If you are waiting on supplies or constantly searching for a new supplier, you lose valuable time and focus when it comes to running your business.   Here are a few recommended steps that look at the supplier’s financial ratios and give them some context:

      Calculate the Supplier’s Profitability Ratios: If a company is not profitable, it likely will not stay in business for long.

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    4. Tips for Leading an Outsourcing Team

      Explore (Nov 13 2012)

      Tips for Leading an Outsourcing Team

      Outsourcing, i.e., moving the business to focus on its core competency, continues to be one of the key agenda items for many CEOs. When this business strategy is launched, Supply Chain will normally have the responsibility to lead the process.  If you are called upon to become a team member or lead a segment of the outsourcing activity, here are some tips for you:

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    5. Benchmark in Purchasing: Are You Worst-In-Class?

      Explore (Nov 5 2012)

      By performing a benchmark you are able to answer: Do you have a competitive advantage? What are your strengths and weaknesses in the purchasing function and where should you direct your efforts to improve?   Either doing benchmark one-to-one (your company with another company) or one-to-many using third party entities, you need to define the benchmark framework.

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    6. Get to Know Your Colleagues in AP

      Explore (Oct 30 2012)

      Get to Know Your Colleagues in AP

      How often does Procurement talk to Accounts Payable? At some world-class companies, the two have a close relationship. When Heidi Landry-Chan assumed her post as Vice President and CPO at Dow Corning to transform the procurement operation there she understood the value of the two functions working together. For Landry-Chan, it simply makes sense for AP to report to Procurement since Procurement is responsible for the procure-to-pay process.

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    7. Risk Management: A Comprehensive View for Purchasing

      Explore (Sep 11 2012)

      The key question for purchasing professionals: Do you measure and track your risks? We can list at least four risk types: Supplier Risk, Product / Service Risk, Business Risk, Commodity Risk, and in each one you will have different risk drivers.

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    8. Why Paper Prices Move the Way They Do

      Explore (Aug 14 2012)

      While it is too soon to tell whether the computer industry’s new tablet devices will have an impact on demand for office papers, paper is still too valuable a medium to give up.  Boise's Corinne Dubois describes supply and demand factors for uncoated free sheet--a product category that includes copy and office papers as well as some printing papers--and their affect on prices.

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    9. Keep It Simple and Ask Questions

      Explore (Aug 1 2012)

      All team activities, regardless of the type, have a desired outcome. In sports, it's beating the opponent. In business, it's gaining market share and increasing profitability. In sourcing, it's getting the best value for your company when you procure goods and services.

      Here are some questions you should ask yourself that will shine a light on your process strengths and opportunities:

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    10. Award Honors Procurement Collaborators

      Explore (Jul 27 2012)

      Award Honors Procurement Collaborators

      Procurement professionals will recognize their peers’ collaboration activities at the 11th Annual ProcureCon USA event in Atlanta this fall. The organizations present the awards in three categories:

      Collaborative Capability Building: How is procurement taking a more structured approach to building collaborative capabilities within the organization and/or with external partners?

      Driving Innovation Through Collaboration: What innovative collaborative efforts are taking place with key suppliers--or customers?

      Top Collaboration Team: What makes the team’s collaborative practices, processes and culture exemplary?

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    11. The Open Network: The New Place for Business

      Explore (Jul 9 2012)

      B2B commerce needs to be a win-win proposition for buyers and suppliers alike. As the buyer-supplier relationship becomes increasingly equal and interdependent, both parties are beginning to expect proven financial benefit and will no longer accept high f…

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    12. Procurement Under Pressure to Deliver

      Explore (Jul 3 2012)

      Despite cost benefits strategic sourcing delivers, procurement still is under increasing pressure to find new ways to create savings, says Constantine Limberakis, Senior Research Analyst, Global Supply Management, at Aberdeen Group.

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    13. How to Negotiate Tough, But Fair

      Explore (Jun 20 2012)

      Procurement pros would do well to refresh themselves with the following sage tips from some expert tough talkers.

      “Both sides need to be able to walk away and say the other was tough, but fair. Buyers should not engage in a ‘kill the vendor’ exercise. It’s not reasonable because you will wreck the relationship. Everyone should negotiate ethically and responsibly and b…

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    14. Procurement Roadmap Twists and Turns

      Explore (Jun 19 2012)

      We caught up with Mickey North Rizza shortly after she assumed her new post as Vice President of Strategic Services with the spend analysis and strategic sourcing company BravoSolution. North Rizza comes to BravoSolution after having built Gartner’s Supply Chain practice into a respected and influential research practice.

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    15. Creating Winning Sourcing Strategies – Part 1

      Explore (Jun 19 2012)

      Strategically sourcing is far more than a simple allocation of business to suppliers by the purchasing function. It is a multi-functional activity that produces a plan of action for several years. Successful sourcing strategies are built on a rigorous anal…

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    16. Procurement Challenges Thinking

      Explore (Jun 18 2012)

      Whether managing talent or suppliers, procurement professionals attending ProcureCon Indirect West in Las Vegas recently are challenging traditional thinking. This new view or recognition of procurement helps demonstrate the growing value of indirect in an…

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    17. Hospitals Pursue Healthier Sourcing

      Explore (Jun 7 2012)

      Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, Calif., and Partners Healthcare in Boston, Mass., both report they are savings millions of dollars this year through substitution of components made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with products made from alternative chemistries…

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    18. Another Point for Early Procurement Involvement

      Explore (Jun 6 2012)

      Risk management starts with the sourcing process. So says Rose Kelly-Falls, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Risk Management at Rapid Ratings International. “As companies engage in new programs, they really should be evaluating the financial stability of suppliers they’re doing business with,” she says. “Bankruptcy or any type of supply disruption can be a major impact to the bottom line.”,

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    19. The Psychology of Negotiations

      Explore (May 29 2012)

       Organizations do not negotiate with organizations!  We need to remember that people negotiate with people, and we should not lose sight of human psychology when we approach the negotiation table. Employ positive emotions to solve problems with your counterparts. Rather than focusing on price, ask about ideas for jointly addressing your needs and inquire about best practices that can work to your mutual benefit.

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    20. Transportation Spend Management Best Practices

      Explore (May 23 2012)

      Effective spend management is helping some online retailers carve millions of dollars off their annual shipping expenses. The savings compound when measured over the length of a typical three-year shipping contract.

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    21. Supply Management's Value: More than Cost Reduction

      Explore (May 10 2012)

      Supply Management's Value: More than Cost Reduction

      Supply management and procurement leaders at world-class companies agree: To be successful today, their teams must align themselves with their internal customers and regularly participate in professional training to keep their business skills razor sharp. Supply management leaders from such companies as Tyco, American Airlines and Intel shared their experiences with attendees in conference sessions held during a four-day event.

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    22. Connecting Purchase-to-Pay Critical

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      CFOs are concerned that the interdependency between suppliers, partners and customers resulting from increasingly complex supply networks is creating commercial risks for procurement operations, according to a report by Basware, provider of e-invoicing ...

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    23. Procurement’s Role in the Logistics Buy

      Explore (Apr 24 2012)

      Procurement’s Role in the Logistics Buy

      Procurement and logistics functions are melding. Today, many procurement professionals are equal parts buyer and logistics specialist, and have had to develop skills in both arenas. One of those skills is understanding markets. “All this volatility requires keen market intelligence capabilities to make intelligent decisions and react quickly as things change........

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    24. That Pesky Supply Chain Risk

      Explore (Apr 22 2012)

      That Pesky Supply Chain Risk

      So what does that mean for the average buyer? Perhaps nothing…but perhaps an impending shortage somewhere in the supply chain that will impact deliveries several weeks or months from now. And how will the buyer know about it?

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