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    1. Shrink Losses Totaled $112 Billion in 2012

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Nov 12 2013)

      Shrink, comprised of shoplifting, employee or supplier fraud, organized retail crime and administrative errors, cost the retail industry more than $112 billion globally last year, according to the 2012-2013 Global Retail Theft Barometer, and represented 1.4 percent of retail sales, on average.

      The study, underwritten by an independent grant from Checkpoint Systems, Inc., was undertaken in 2013 by Euromonitor International, and was based upon in-depth phone and written survey interviews conducted in 16 countries among retailers covering 160,000 stores representing $1.5 trillion in sales in 2012.   The cost of shrink to U.S. shoppers averaged $300 per ...

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    2. Report: Adidas Leads Best "Green" Apparel Brands

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Jun 18 2013)

      Interbrand released its 2013 Best Global Green Brands report, which examines the gap between a corporation's environmental practices and consumers' perceptions of those practices. When identifying the top 50 Best Global Green Brands each year, Interbrand starts with the 100 brands that make up its annual Best Global Brands report. Interbrand then conducts extensive consumer research to capture public perception of the brand's sustainable or green practices and compares that to environmental sustainability performance data provided by Deloitte — data that is based upon publicly available information.



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    3. The Right Places to Look for Cost Reductions

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Jan 21 2013)

      Where is the opportunity to reduce costs in the supply chain? The fashion industry has driven about as much cost out of the product itself as we are going to. We keep looking for more ways to reduce material and labor costs, but these are not the right cost components. The room for further improvement in those categories is marginal at best and volatile at worst. The right places to look depend in part on where you do business. The luxury market has different rules from the specialty and commodity markets. Across the spectrum, however, business process improvements, sustainability initiatives ...

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    4. Red Prairie Commerce Suite 2012 Focuses on Customer Loyalty

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Jun 28 2012)

      Red Prairie Commerce Suite 2012 Focuses on Customer Loyalty

      The scalable suite of solutions helps retailers deliver on the vision of "Buy Anywhere Fulfill Anywhere" across the growing number of customer touch points.

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    5. Brooks Brothers Uses Analytics to Raise Online Conversion by 26 Percent

      Explore Apparel Magazine (May 8 2012)

      Brooks Brothers, the classic American retailer, has partnered with Monetate to leverage customer data and make real-time changes to its website that improve customer relevance and increase ecommerce revenue.  The retailer created a successful product badging campaign to highlight product attributes and help customers better understand each item. Learn how the retailer's partnership with analytics firm Monetate also helped increased revenue per visit by 34 percent.

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    6. The Low-cost Sourcing Buck Stops at China

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Apr 24 2012)

      With rising costs and tightening capacity in traditional low-cost or low-wage manufacturing hot spots such as China and Vietnam, where to source is one of the biggest questions for executives in the global apparel and footwear industry.

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    7. The North Face Keeps 49,000 Plastic Bottles out of Landfills

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Feb 6 2012)

      In 2010, the percentage of recycled fabric used in production was 6 percent; in 2011 that number rose to 7 percent and the company’s goal is to achieve 30 percent recycled inputs by 2015.

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    8. Fruit of the Loom Manages Products with YuniquePLM

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Jan 25 2012)

      Fruit of the Loom will use Gerber Technology's YuniquePLM to unite its Vanity Fair, Russell Athletic and Spalding divisions under one system for the creation and communication of product tech packs, tracking of individual responsibilities and workflows and communication with global suppliers. (Read Full Article)

    9. Partnership Enables Actionable Monitoring of Social Media, Reviews and More

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Jan 19 2012)

      Reflexis' and Impetus' combined solution enables retailers to monitor reviews, product buzz, and customer comments in real time and respond with best-practice action in their supply chain and stores. (Read Full Article)

    10. SAP Encourages Serious Look at Sustainability

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Dec 15 2011)

      The business software enterprise unveils new tool to help companies track their products' carbon and water footprints. Colloquially called product footprinting, SAP’s offering, co-created and co-launched with international food products conglomerate Groupe Danone, helps companies to manage the carbon and water footprints of their products and to comply with industry regulations. For example, Danone – the fastest-growing food products company in the world – tracks 35,000 products each month and identifies the impact of each product component, such as the cup and lid for each container of yogurt it produces. (Read Full Article)

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    11. Tommy Bahama Focuses on Supply Chain Collaboration

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Dec 6 2011)

      Tommy Bahama deploys PTC's FlexPLM Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software to improve operational efficiencies by enabling seamless supply chain collaboration. (Read Full Article)

    12. Beyond the Zombies: Financing SMEs to Strengthen Trade

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Nov 17 2011)

      Banks on both sides of the Pacific just aren’t lending — especially to borrowers perceived as a risk, without a stellar balance sheet, or lacking significant capital reserves. In this economy, it’s the small and medium-sized enterprises that suffer most. While the giants of industry have money on the sidelines, the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on both sides of the Pacific are hurting, unable to secure capital or credit when they need it the most. In China, lending has slowed dramatically. The Wall Street Journal reported in September that, according to central bank data, while new yuan (RMB ... (Read Full Article)

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    13. Five Reasons for Small to Mid-size Manufacturers to Adopt PLM

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Nov 17 2011)

      By implementing a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system, companies both large and small benefit by simplifying and shortening each phase of the product development process. (Read Full Article)

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    14. Demandware Announces Digital Commerce Management

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Nov 16 2011)

      Demandware reveals framework for open cloud strategy to deliver highly-branded commerce across all applications, channels and devices. (Read Full Article)

    15. Lectra announces PLM implementation at La Jolla Group

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Nov 9 2011)

      Lectra, provider of integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using soft materials—textiles, leather, industrial fabrics, and composite materials—, has announced the successful implementation of Lectra Fashion PLM at La Jolla Group. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, La Jolla Group, Inc. is one of the world’s biggest producers of surf, skate, motocross, and youth lifestyle apparel, whose portfolio includes iconic brands such as O’Neill Clothing USA, Rusty Clothing and Metal Mulisha Clothing. (Read Full Article)

    16. Swatfame Selects NGC's Extended PLM Software

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Nov 2 2011)

      Swatfame has seen a number of benefits from implementing NGC's software (Read Full Article)

    17. New Sourcing Platform Links Buyers with Socially Responsible Manufacturing

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Oct 26 2011)

      Fabrisource.com is a sourcing platform whose mission is to put an end to sweatshops, child labor and pollution and help build a sustainable textile community by connecting apparel companies with socially responsible manufacturing sources around the world. Eswara believes that most buyers of textiles, clothing and footwear want “sweat-free” products but, he says, “they find it difficult to navigate the complex global environment in which manufacturing of these goods takes place.” (Read Full Article)

    18. Fashion Designer David Chu to Implement Visual 2000 Enterprise Software

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Oct 26 2011)

      New York-based DC Design International (DCDI) has begun implementation of Visual 2000’s End-2-End fashion software, replacing a legacy ERP system and adding new PLM and supply chain management capabilities to streamline business processes and reduce costs. DCDI will implement the solution across the LINCS by David Chu, Mallory & Church, and David Chu Bespoke fashion lines. DCDI is focusing first on implementation of the Visual ERP™ suite, which will be used to manage core business operations inc (Read Full Article)

    19. s.Oliver to Streamline Design and Development with PLM

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Oct 26 2011)

      Dassault Systèmes (3DS), a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, has announced that s.Oliver has selected Dassault Systèmes’ (3DS) ENOVIA Version 6 PLM solution as its global platform for design and development. The solution will provide s.Oliver’s approximately 300 users in Germany and more than 550 users worldwide with access to up-to-date information relating to the company’s products. (Read Full Article)

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    20. The ERP-PLM Investment: How Best-of-Breed Systems Deliver Best-in-Class Execution

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Oct 25 2011)

      In apparel companies, ERP and PLM must work together to deliver a continuum of visibility into the business and enable management to attain required performance objectives. (Read Full Article)

    21. Unified ERP: The Backbone of The Modern Apparel Company

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Oct 25 2011)

      In a break from the past, many apparel companies today are opting for a more unified and modern ERP solution, one that incorporates much of the traditional PLM functionality as well as some supply chain management capabilities. (Read Full Article)

    22. "Digital Directives" Aim to Revolutionize E-Commerce

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Oct 19 2011)

      "Digital Directives" Aim to Revolutionize E-Commerce Retailers gathered at a recent conference developed seven recommendations that could improve their experience and relationship with e-commerce providers. (Read Full Article)

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    23. RedPrairie Adds Former Governor to Board of Directors

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Oct 18 2011)

      Find out which former governor, who oversaw a $50 billion state biennial budget, will lend his voice and experience to RedPrairie's board. (Read Full Article)

    24. RedPrairie Adds Former Governor to Board of Director

      Explore Apparel Magazine (Oct 18 2011)

      Find out which former governor, who oversaw a $50 billion state biennial budget, will lend his voice and experience to RedPrairie's board. (Read Full Article)

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