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    1. Local government buyers are the best-practice experts

      Explore (Nov 16 2011)

      "Whitehall civil servants say power needs to be grabbed centrally, but every day I find local government best practice." (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   John Collington   CIPS

    2. Joint buying celebrated at public procurement awards

      Explore (Nov 16 2011)

      The key to success was collaboration for many of the winners at this years SOPO awards, held to honour public sector purchasers. (Read Full Article)

    3. Council awards £4.9 million deals without competitive tender

      Explore (Nov 15 2011)

      Kent County Council awarded £4.9 million of contracts through non-competitive processes, a Freedom of Information (FOI) request has revealed. The data, acquired by the local paper’s website Kent Online, showed that between April 2009 and March 2011, 26 contracts with a combined value of £4.9 million were awarded without following the standard competitive process. (Read Full Article)

    4. Asian tech companies look to neighbours for supply

      Explore (Nov 14 2011)

      As China and Japan’s dominance in the high-tech component supply market recedes, companies in the region will source more from emerging countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam. That’s the finding of the Change in the supply chain survey, published last week by global logistics company UPS. It discovered that the number of companies sourcing most of their supplies from China and Japan – including domestic businesses – would reduce over the next three to five years, while it will rise in other countries. Asked what destinations they sourced most of their supplies from, 66 per cent of respondents identified ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Taiwan   India   Japan

    5. Small businesses slate UK government support

      Explore (Nov 14 2011)

      UK SMEs call for increased government aid to assist in tender process. Many small UK businesses believe the government is failing to help them compete for contracts effectively, according to research. A poll of 311 small firms, commissioned by, found 70 per cent say they suffer from a lack of support from the government in helping them secure public and private sector business. One in five who received invitations to tender in the past year said they did not bid for the business because they were concerned they would be unable to deliver the goods or services required ... (Read Full Article)

    6. Buying hub bids for social care savings

      Explore (Nov 13 2011)

      Buyers at a collaborative hub are looking at novel ways to make savings from social care spend. As social care purchasing lead at Pro5, the national local government purchasing organisation made up of five buying consortia, past CIPS president Ian Taylor has gone out to tender for cards that are pre-loaded with individual care users’ budgets for them to directly spend on personal care. He also plans to tender for an online marketplace where care users would view and choose the services they want, including care homes and recreational activities. Those requiring care, such as the disabled, elderly and their ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   England

    7. Hitachi cuts costs with Taiwan buying boost

      Explore (Nov 13 2011)

      The electronics giant is to spend "no less" than $2 billion on supplies made in Taiwan. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Taiwan   India   China

    8. When is SME policy not a policy? When it is an aspiration

      Explore (Nov 12 2011)

      Conflicting ambitions in policies and party pledges have left confusion over government targets for SME spend, according to a former UK central government purchaser. "If you're a civil servant in Whitehall you know that an aspiration actually means no policy whatsoever," said Colin Cram. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   John Collington

    9. Employers seek buyers with networking skills

      Explore (Nov 10 2011)

      Effective relationship building and stakeholder engagement are seen as essential at all levels. Stakeholder engagement is the focus of procurement functions, second only to cost savings, according to recruitment firm Barclay Meade. The recruiter’s client survey of 120 purchasers revealed the majority (59 per cent) are concentrating on stakeholder engagement and are keen to employ staff with great networking skills. Russell Soan, associate director of procurement and supply chain at Barclay Meade, said: “One of the key interpersonal skills for many employers is effective relationship building and the ability to engage stakeholders at all levels of an organisation.” (Read Full Article)

    10. Procurement is key to tapping into the growing global middle class

      Explore (Nov 10 2011)

      "This explosion of spending power has the potential to make a significant contribution to a sustained global economic recovery" says a report. By 2030 the global middle class population will have increased by three billion and companies must adapt their procurement strategy to take advantage of the new business opportunities, according to a report. Innovating for the next three billion, published this week, by Ernst & Young finds that the middle class, particularly in emerging economies, is growing at a substantial rate. The total global figure stands currently at 1.8 billion and is set to reach 4.9 billion over ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   China   Indonesia   Adam Leach

    11. Risk alignment with outsourcing suppliers is essential

      Explore (Nov 9 2011)

      Firms should talk openly to suppliers about risks in different locations. Procurement professionals and their outsourcing suppliers are unclear as to where the responsibility for risk management and due diligence lies between them, leaving both parties exposed. (Read Full Article)

    12. South Africa public works buyers blocked after improper contracts

      Explore (Nov 9 2011)

      Procurement staff in the SA public works department must have their tenders signed off by acting director-general Mandla Mabuza. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   South Africa   Department of Public Works   Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde

    13. Financial advice to SMEs is welcome but more is needed

      Explore (Nov 9 2011)

      Taking action against late payments to small-to-medium-sized enterprises would provide more assistance, said the Forum of Private Business. It has welcomed a UK government campaign promoting financial fitness among SMEs but said taking action against late payment would be more helpful. The campaign, launched today, will provide advice and support on financial management to small-to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). While the FPB said that any such assistance is “welcome news”, it pledged to increase pressure on businesses to pay on time. Alex Jackman, a senior policy adviser at the FPB, said: “It’s high-time the government put the spotlight on the ... (Read Full Article)

    14. Procurement fraud identified by local councils quadruples

      Explore (Nov 9 2011)

      While the number of cases identified has dropped, the amount of money obtained by fraudsters has greatly increased. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   China

    15. Procurement propelled to new heights

      Explore (Nov 8 2011)

      "Its not just business as usual, it's business as unbelievable," says AT Kearney report. The urgent need for companies in all sectors across the globe to cut costs has propelled procurement to new heights. According to the AT Kearney 2011 Assessment of Excellence in Procurement Study, published this week, 90 per cent of the 185 global companies surveyed believe the procurement function has taken on a more strategic role, actively participating in developing business strategy. The report said: “It’s not just business as usual, it's business as unbelievable.” (Read Full Article)

    16. UK Health department frees data for NHS IT buying

      Explore (Nov 8 2011)

      Joint initiative gives NHS trusts access to info for better IT buying: The UK Department of Health (DH) plans to make its data more transparent and available to help NHS trusts buy IT more effectively. As part of initiatives announced yesterday, DH will make more information, such as a supplier database, available to NHS commissioners and trusts to ensure their local IT buying decisions deliver greater value for money. A joint initiative with eHealth Insider (EHI) will give local commissioners and trusts access to data about IT systems and suppliers used across the NHS. Accessible via the EHI website, it ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Department of Health

    17. Classic court report: Hedley Byrne & Co Ltd v Heller & Partners Ltd (1964)

      Explore (Nov 8 2011)

      Is there a duty of care to prevent economic loss? Hedley Byrne was an advertising company that asked its banker for a report on the financial position of one of its clients, whom it was doing work on credit for. Hedley’s banker asked the client’s banker (Heller) for a report. Crucially, there was no contractual relationship between Hedley Byrne and Heller. Heller provided a report that was stated to be given “without responsibility” to Hedley’s bankers and showed the client to be in a strong financial position. Hedley’s bankers sent the report to Hedley, which relied ... (Read Full Article)

    18. CIPS Update - November 2011

      Explore (Nov 8 2011)

      Birmingham to host ceremony; Valuable rewards for Microsoft UK and Ireland; CIPS and AUPO launch new development initiative; Q&A Osborne Chidzanga, logistics officer, Save the Children; Roundup; CIPS spreads the word in Zimbabwe; Supplier awareness strong in UK nuclear industry; FCIPS event attracts record numbers for launch initiative (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   London   John Collington   David Smith

    19. Cooking up a new deal

      Explore (Nov 8 2011)

      What are the key criteria to consider when 
carrying out a catering contract tender? Have a clear view of the following factors to determine the most appropriate route to market: (Read Full Article)

    20. Out in the open

      Explore (Nov 8 2011)

      The 2008 case of Letting International v LB Newham marked a watershed in disclosure and transparency in UK public procurement practice. Several European cases emphasised the need for disclosure of criteria and weightings used to award public contracts, but Letting was the first time a UK court fully addressed the issue. In Letting, EU principles of transparency and equal treatment were held to take precedence over the commercial justifications put by Newham for non-disclosure of parts of its evaluation methodology. The court adopted a broad definition of “criterion” and held that there must be sufficient publication of what matters are ... (Read Full Article)

    21. Crossing the divides

      Explore (Nov 8 2011)

      Africa has a population of one billion potential new consumers set to more than double by 2050, and consumer spending is expected to hit 
US$1.4 trillion (£872 billion) by 2020. However, Africa attracts only 5 per cent of the world’s foreign direct investment. Companies are attracted by the potential lower costs in areas such as land, equipment and labour, and many international brands are already established in southern Africa, with some using these operations as springboards. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   India   European Union   Africa

    22. 5 Tips on awarding deals to SMEs

      Explore (Nov 8 2011)

      Several aspects of UK public procurement rules can be criticised for encouraging contracting authorities to award large contracts rather than smaller deals that are generally ‘SME friendly’. The rules only apply in full when the contract value is above the specified threshold. There may be a temptation to unbundle the requirement into a number of smaller contracts, each of which would be under the threshold, but the general rule on valuing public contracts states that where a contracting authority “has a single requirement for goods or services … and a number of contracts …are to be entered into to fulfill that ... (Read Full Article)

    23. Your president needs you

      Explore (Nov 8 2011)

      New CIPS president David Smith explains to 
Rebecca Ellinor how he plans to make procurement and supply management a career of choice for all ages. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   David Smith   CIPS   David Noble

    24. Broadening the supply base

      Explore (Nov 8 2011)

      An examination of the changes in purchasing rules in South Africa. Public purchasers in South Africa will have to take account of new rating criteria that measures suppliers’ broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) from 7 December. The government has changed purchasing rules so that vendors will now be ranked on a much wider set of criteria – such as employment, skills development and their own employment – rather than just black ownership. The regulations now also cover those buyers working at the country’s state-owned enterprises, who will have to follow the rules. A vendor’s BBBEE score should be taken into ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   South Africa

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