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    1. SA aerospace manufacturers ink three-way deal with Airbus

      Explore BDlive (Sep 16 2014)

      SA aerospace manufacturers ink three-way deal with Airbus

      Agreement between Airbus, Denel Aerostructures and Aerosud Aviation an effort to increase South Africa’s competitiveness in the aerospace manufacturing industry

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    2. Former Boeing Procurement Officer Pleads Guilty to Fraud

      Explore cporising.com (Jul 28 2014)

      Ten days ago, former Boeing procurement officer, Deon Anderson, 47 of St. Louis, MO, pled guilty to three counts of federal procurement fraud, including taking bribes in exchange for competitive information and setting a pricing scheme for that information. Between November 2009 and February 2013, Anderson conspired with William Boozer, 59, owner of Globe Dynamics International, which produces machine parts and complex components for aircraft, to sell confidential information about competitors’ bids on purchasing contracts from Boeing. The two used a coding system via phone calls and emails to set prices for competitive information. Boozer used that information to win ...

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    3. Denel, Armscor highlight benefits of multibillion-rand manufacturing deal

      Explore Engineering News (Sep 30 2013)

      Denel, Armscor highlight benefits of multibillion-rand manufacturing deal

      A ten-year multibillion-rand Armscor contract, which would see State-owned Denel produce over 200 armoured vehicles for the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), was expected to “significantly and permanently” change the South African defence industry. 

      The full-scale manufacture of the Badger New Generation Infantry Combat System would deliver direct and indirect jobs, while enabling enterprise development opportunities and increasing skills development and retention in the defence industry.

      “This is the most significant defence contract signed with a South African company in at least the last ten years and demonstrates government’s and the SANDF’s confidence in the ability of ...

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    4. Armscor chair, deputy chair sacked

      Explore iol.co.za (Aug 14 2013)

      Armscor chair, deputy chair sacked

      Cape Town - Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula on Wednesday sacked arms procurement parastal Armscor's board chair and deputy chair.  Chairman Lt-Gen Moreti Motau and deputy chairwoman Refiloe Mokoena were told to vacate office in terms of section 8c of the Armaments Corporation of SA Limited Act, her spokesman Sonwabo Mbananga said in a statement.  This section allowed the minister to terminate services if “good cause” was shown. Mbananga said the axing was related to “matters of governance”.  “In order to carry out their function, the chair and deputy chair have to efficiently support government and particularly the department of defence ...

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    5. South Africa: Further Update On the Arms Procurement Commission

      Explore allAfrica.com (Aug 7 2013)

      President Jacob Zuma amended the Presidential Minute appointing the members of the Arms Procurement Commission allowing it to continue as a two-person commission, led by Justice Willie Seriti as its Chairperson and Justice Thekiso Musi as a member, in the interim period.  President Zuma is still considering whether or not to appoint a third member of the Commission.  The Presidency regrets any inconvenience arising from the earlier statement.  In October 2011, President Jacob Zuma appointed a Commission of Inquiry into the allegations of Fraud, Corruption, Impropriety or Irregularity in the Strategic Defence Procurement Package, or the Arms Procurement Commission.


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    6. SA spends much less on defence in GDP terms than the global average

      Explore Engineering News (Apr 9 2013)

      SA spends much less on defence in GDP terms than the global average

      South Africa today spends about 1% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on defence, in comparison to the global average figure of 2.5%, reported auditing and consultancy firm Deloitte on Tuesday. This low level of defence spending is exemplified by the fact that the South African Air Force has placed 12 of its 26 Gripen fighters in long-term storage. In the 1980s, defence expenditure absorbed 4% of the country’s GDP.

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    7. SA’s involvement in a foreign war demands an explanation

      Explore BDlive (Mar 26 2013)

      SA’s involvement in a foreign war demands an explanation

      The reasons given for South Africa’s deployment of troops to the perpetually unstable Central African Republic fall short of the sort of questions they should have proactively answered, writes Songezo Zibi. Had President Jacob Zuma been leading a country that took an active interest in the deployment of its armed forces in foreign lands, he would be regretting the terse statement his spokesman, Mac Maharaj, sent out on January 6. Instead of a full briefing to explain what in effect was a full combat deployment, Maharaj issued a statement that said relatively little about Zuma’s instruction to send ...

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    8. 10 Companies Profiting the Most from War

      Explore Spread Liberty News (Mar 12 2013)

      10 Companies Profiting the Most from War

      Based on the SIPRI report, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the 10 biggest weapons companies. Arms were defined as sales to military customers, either for procurement or for export, but do not include sales of general purpose items, such as oil or computer equipment. We looked at sales figures for two years through 2011, among other metrics. Here are the 10 companies that profit the most from war:

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    9. Nigeria: My Private Jet Story, By Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

      Explore arTiFiCiaL EnTErTainmEnT (Dec 4 2012)

      Nigeria: My Private Jet Story, By Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

      The birthday gift of a private jet presented by a member of Word of Life Bible Church, Warri and chairman of the committee of the procurement of the jet, Kevin Nwachukwu, to Pastor Ayodele Joseph Oritsejafor, the head of the church and the national president of Christian Association of Nigeria, on Saturday, November 10, has generated a lot of controversy. In this interview, Oritsejafor tells the story of how the jet was acquired.

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    10. 11 Russian Procurement Network Members Charged and Arrested

      Explore Criminal (Oct 4 2012)

      On October 3, 2012, the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York announced that a Russian agent and 10 other members of a procurement network for the Russian Military and Intelligence were arrested while operating in the United States. The microelectronics are strictly controlled by the U.S government because they can be used in military systems like radar, surveillance systems, guidance systems for weapons, and detonation triggers.

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    11. Local company close to winning extra work on A400M aircraft

      Explore Engineering News (Sep 17 2012)

      Denel Aerostructures (DAe) is very close to concluding a contract to manufacture the ribs, sword and spars for the vertical tail planes for the Airbus Military A400M military transport aircraft. These parts are manufactured largely from composites. This work would be in addition to the components the local company already manufactures for the European aeroplane.

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    12. Airbus signs $2bn aluminium supply deal

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (May 28 2012)

      Airbus signs $2bn aluminium supply deal

      Planemaker Airbus has signed a $2bn multi-year agreement with aluminium provider Constellium to support all its aircraft programmes. Under the new agreement, Constellium will supply Airbus with a broad range of aluminium rolled products.

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    13. Global aircraft MRO market to reach $48.8bn in 2012

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (May 25 2012)

      Global aircraft MRO market to reach $48.8bn in 2012

      The global value for the aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul market will reach almost $50bn this year, new research predicts.  A Global Information report notes that, after a number of years of slow growth, the market is showing "encouraging signs of recovery", fuelled by the introduction of a multitude of new aircraft.

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    14. Supply chain risk threatens commercial aviation sector

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (May 14 2012)

      Supply chain risk threatens commercial aviation sector

      The aerospace and defence industry experienced a strong 2011, but supply chain risks pose a serious danger to the sector. Neil Hampson, global aerospace and defence leader, PwC, said: "This year, we expect continued growth in commercial aerospace resulting from strong and steady demand for global aviation and increased commercial aircraft production.

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    15. SA defence industry products attracting Chilean attention

      Explore Engineering News (Apr 12 2012)

      South African defence systems are under consideration by the Chilean Navy as an option for the modernisation of its frigate force."South Africa is one of the countries the Chilean Navy is looking at, searching for cost-effective solutions," Vice Admiral Kenneth Pugh, the Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Navy's First Naval Zone, told Engineering News Online at the Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS), in Cape Town, on Thursday.

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    16. Iran arms-sale probes ‘already under way’

      Explore Home - BusinessDay (Mar 16 2012)

      The National Conventional Arms Control Committee has launched an investigation of claims published last weekend that South Africans were involved in arms sanctions-busting on behalf of Iran, it emerged yesterday.

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    17. Former MoD buyer pleads guilty to accepting bribes

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Feb 22 2012)

      William Marks, who previously worked as a deputy senior commercial officer at the UK Ministry of Defence, has admitted receiving £66,500 in bribes to favour a supplier in CCTV tenders.

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    18. US abandons bribery prosecution

      Explore iol.co.za (Feb 21 2012)

      US abandons bribery prosecution

      The Obama administration threw in the towel on one of its biggest bribery cases in the military equipment business, which it had touted as part of its campaign to crack down on corruption, moving to dismiss charges against 16 defendants. Twenty-two people were arrested in early 2010 on charges that they had tried to bribe a supposed African defense minister by padding their bids to supply military equipment to his country.

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    19. Commission ‘hard at work’ preparing for arms deal inquiry

      Explore Home - BusinessDay (Feb 21 2012)

      THE arms deal commission of inquiry, formed to lay to rest allegations of corruption against the government, is still "setting up the infrastructure" for the work ahead, four months after its formation was announced in October. (Read Full Article)

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    20. UK's MoD to encourage ''exportability' through procurement

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Feb 2 2012)

      The Ministry of Defence (MoD) plans to use procurement to boost exports of UK-produced defence equipment, a white paper has revealed.

      Bidding suppliers may be expected to suggest a cheaper, lower specification version of a product so it can be sold abroad.

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    21. Collaborative fuel purchasing takes off at African airlines

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Jan 19 2012)

      Industry body AFRAA believes a joint purchasing deal will result in cheaper prices, better quality fuel and a more reliable supply for nine African carriers. A group of nine African airlines, including operators in Angola, Mozambique and Namibia, will buy fuel worth $1.5 billion together to get a cheaper, better quality and more reliable supply. (Read Full Article)

    22. Military urged to take aim at procurement

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jan 5 2012)

      Defence-sector organisations should boost procurement efficiency by adopting a cost-wise readiness methodology, according to a consulting firm. (Read Full Article)

    23. MoD in dock over consultancy spend

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Nov 18 2011)

      MoD in dock over consultancy spend The UK's Ministry of Defence has come under pressure for spending almost £600m on external consultants over the past two years. According to the Guardian newspaper, the department "routinely" breached government guidelines put in place to control this type of expenditure. The figures, which were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act and have been confirmed by the MoD,... (Read Full Article)

    24. UK MoD considers outsourcing defence procurement

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Nov 17 2011)

      A private sector organisation could run the UK's defence procurement under proposals being considered by the Ministry of Defence. The outsourcing of defence purchasing is being considered as a way of reforming the MoD’s Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) organisation in a bid to prevent procurement delays and cost inefficiencies. A government-owned contractor-operated solution is one of three options put forward by the MoD’s chief of defence materiel Bernard Gray. (Read Full Article)

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