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    1. How Your LinkedIn Headline Could Make Or Break Your Career

      Explore Oxford College of Marketing (Mar 27 2015)

      How Your LinkedIn Headline Could Make Or Break Your Career

      LinkedIn has revolutionised the way progress our careers, both when we are actively seeking a new opportunity and when we are being headhunted for our next potential career move.

      LinkedIn is the first port of call for recruiters and employers when looking for the right candidate to fill an exciting new position, which makes the first line they read about you vitally important.

      That first line is your headline on your LinkedIn profile, and those 120 characters can help you make the best first impression possible

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    2. Can Procurement Be A Job For Life?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Feb 20 2015)

      Can Procurement Be A Job For Life?

      A job for life is something that many people find quite scary, especially in a modern world that is characterised by freedom of movement and job flexibility. But can a career in purchasing really be a job for life?

      In this guest post, Electrolux’s Gregoire Letort reflects on a career in procurement: the opportunities it presents and the skills that make for a successful procurement leader.

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    3. Job satisfaction tops salary for procurement professionals

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Feb 17 2015)

      Job satisfaction tops salary for procurement professionals

      The Reed 2015 Salary and Market Insight report showed employers needed to consider other factors than just salaries.  Procurement workers rate job satisfaction and work-life balance more highly than salary, according to a survey. The Reed 2015 Salary and Market Insight report contains results of a poll of more than 1,600 workers on their attitudes to work and career aspirations and regrets.

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    4. Five top tips: How to be a great procurement boss

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Feb 12 2015)

      Five top tips: How to be a great procurement boss

      As we enter 2015, it's time to take an in-depth look at how to be a great procurement boss. While it may be the first time in charge for some, for others it's time to learn how to become a better leader. The current consensus is procurement job hunters today are just as selective about their next boss as they are about the organisation they want to work for.

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    5. Procurement and supply management : A rewarding career

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Feb 3 2015)

      Procurement and supply management : A rewarding career

      Now is a good time to be a procurement professional. Anna Scott explains why the recruitment market for buyers is booming.

      During the recession, the inevitable focus on cost cutting gave procurement the spotlight in many organisations. As the economy picks up, companies are beginning to realise that, far from only offering ways to make savings on purchases, procurement can play a strategic role in the future direction of the company.


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    6. Procurement Salary Survey: How much do your peers earn?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jan 6 2015)

      Procurement Salary Survey: How much do your peers earn?

      Procurement Leaders’ recently launched salary survey delivered some insightful and troubling findings showing that despite an uptick in salaries at some levels, inequality remains a big issue.

      When you look closely at salaries of practising procurement professionals by level, industry sector, geography, gender and age, it’s clear that one of the key deciding factors in earning potential is still whether the employee in question is a woman or a man.

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    7. What characteristics are CPOs looking for in candidates?

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Nov 28 2014)

      What characteristics are CPOs looking for in candidates?

      The profession's increased involvement in wider business strategy has altered the skill set needed by those working in the function. Generally speaking this has manifested itself in a focus on skills related to relationship management and strategic thinking.

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    8. Procurement’s night of celebration | by Kate Ferreira

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Nov 13 2014)

      Procurement’s night of celebration | by Kate Ferreira

      The who’s who of African procurement descended on the Premier Hotel OR Tambo on 30 October for the CIPS Pan African Procurement Awards 2014. The prestigious annual event is run by The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) and in association with State Owned Enterprise Procurement Forum (SOEPF).

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    9. Procurement Salaries Are Worth Bragging About – Here's Why

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Nov 4 2014)

      Back in the days when procurement started out as a ’back-office function’, it was probably not on the average job seeker’s horizon, at least not deliberately. But this perception has changed in the last decade.

      When Procurement Leaders conducted its talent research earlier this year (members can download the report here), one of the key objectives was to understand what exactly it is that attracts people to procurement as a career today. The biggest appeal factors are ’strategic impact’ and ’variety’ and the analysis also found that people recognise a career in procurement as a ’global role

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    10. 2014 Trends in South African logistics

      Explore SmartProcurement.co.za (Aug 6 2014)

      The CSIR’s 10th Annual State of Logistics Survey for South Africa¹, released in May 2014, highlights progress made and areas for improvement in South African logistics. The survey’s results mirror Tech-Pro’s experiences in this increasingly specialised area of supply chain management, Tech-Pro tells SmartProcurement .

      Subtitled ‘Bold Steps Forward’, the survey emphasises the growing importance of the South African logistics industry, particularly as modest economic growth continues.

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    11. 'Buyers need the same passion as entrepreneurs'

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Aug 4 2014)

      Buyers should demonstrate passion for their work similar to that of entrepreneurs in order to cut costs and deliver public good, a conference was told.

      Babs Omotowa, managing director and CEO of Nigeria LNG, told delegates the world faced challenges around poverty and underdevelopment and procurement professionals were well placed to “make a difference”.  “Good procurement is good for people, good for society,” he said.

      “The world faces huge levels of poverty, huge levels of underdevelopment.

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    12. Teach Entrepreneurship to Cut Graduate Unemployment

      Explore allAfrica.com (Jul 9 2014)

      Teach Entrepreneurship to Cut Graduate Unemployment

      Africa has the most youthful population in the world, with estimates suggesting young people make up 60 to 70 per cent of the total population, but too few have access to jobs. Unemployment among graduates is becoming one of the most serious problems facing youth in the continent.

      One major factor contributing to graduate unemployment is the defective education system, which focuses too much on theoretical teaching. There is next-to none of the practical training needed to either be employed in the job market, or become self-employed

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    13. CIPS name change and chartered status - the results are in

      Explore cips.org (Jun 25 2014)

      CIPS is pleased to announce that following a majority ‘yes vote’ amongst members on 25 June 2014 at the CIPS Annual General Meeting, we can proceed to make a formal submission to Her Majesty’s Privy Council to make agreed changes to the CIPS Charter and bye-laws. This means that CIPS can offer Chartered Procurement & Supply Professional status for suitably qualified and experienced members, and change the Institute’s name to The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, once approved.

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    14. What are SCM hiring managers looking for in 2014?

      Explore SmartProcurement.co.za (May 6 2014)

      What are SCM hiring managers looking for in 2014?

      If your background includes a four-year business or science degree, you have strong technical skills and you have worked away in sub-Saharan Africa, you have a head start. Add to that, solid experience in construction or engineering, and you can speak Portuguese or French, your future is secure. If you lack any or all of these, don’t worry, just read on.

      A three-year business degree is a standard requirement, even for an entry-level position. Many companies support professional qualifications such as MCIPS, either instead of a degree or in addition to it. Now’s the time to get a ...
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    15. Self-promotion crucial for young procurement professionals to reach career goals

      Explore supplymanagement.com (May 6 2014)

      Young procurement professionals must take control of their career development and promote themselves if they are to achieve their goals, delegates at the annual Institute for Supply Management Conference heard yesterday.

      Speaking as part of a panel discussion, Tania Santiago-Mirabal, indirect sourcing manager at Pfizer, said in the second year of her career - when she worked at IBMshe took “ownership” to make sure she could work on projects she was interested in.

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    16. Procurement - Your profession of choice

      Explore cips.org (Aug 20 2013)

      If you have chosen a career in procurement and never looked back, why not spread the word and encourage more young people to join the profession. If you, or someone in your team is under 25 years of age and would like to share their story of how they got into procurement and why they are glad they did, then we’d like to hear from you. E-mail a Youtube or Dropbox link of your 30 second video clip to emma.scott@cips.org by 6th Sept and if your story is chosen for our website we’ll send you ...

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    17. Size matters for only some in procurement salaries

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jul 31 2013)

      Our latest salary survey details the relationship between company size and wages. Interestingly, for most people, salaries are unaffected by organisational size. If the organisation annual turnover is less than €300 million, or over €10 billion, the earning of buyers or category managers remain the same. However, the difference for senior levels of management is significantly more profound. For a company spending less than €300 million, CPOs would expect to chalk up an annual salary valued at a shade below €200,000 a year. At the opposite end of the spectrum, a head of purchasing earn more than double this ...

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    18. “Celebrating Procurement Excellence” in the South African Public Sector

      Explore MarketSqr (Apr 25 2013)

      “Celebrating Procurement Excellence” in the South African Public Sector

      The inaugural All About Public Procurement Awards (AAPP Awards) will take place on the 15th of August 2013 at the Emperors Palace, Johannesburg. This is an initiative of the State Owned Enterprise Procurement Forum (SOEPF) in partnership with CIPS Africa coinciding with the longstanding CIPS Annual Dinner and Awards.

      Entries are invited from all Procurement and SCM officials in all tiers of the South African government and State Owned Enterprises.


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    19. Lack of female CPOs 'a disappointment'

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Mar 7 2013)

      As International Women's Day takes place today, professionals told SM more needs to be done to increase female representation in senior procurement roles. Robyn Wright, a principal at AT Kearney said: “Women are good buyers, great managers and excellent drivers of category management – CPO [representation is] the disappointment. “For a profession that has 50/50 intake of men and women it’s a shame that this is not the case for the top executive roles. Women are not perceived as great leaders and action needs to be taken.” 

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    20. Procurement consulting: Trading places?

      Explore Google FeedBurner (Jan 30 2013)

      Feeling jaded with your current role in procurement?  Think that the grass must be greener elsewhere?  You could try your hand at procurement consulting... It’s ironic: the people who have probably done the most to scare management consultants over the last decade are joining them. But to be fair to these gamekeepers-turned-poachers, the influx of fresh thinking is revolutionising this part of the consulting industry – and may have wider implications. 

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    21. CPOs explain how to boost your career

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Oct 4 2012)

      Find a mentor, identify your strengths and enjoy the moment more was among the advice a panel of senior procurement professionals gave purchasers at yesterday’s CIPS Annual Conference.  During a lively discussion, three top CPOs offered the audience some interesting and diverse tips on how to develop their careers.

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    22. Purchasers keen to relocate abroad for career development

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Sep 18 2012)

      A survey has found more than half of buyers would consider moving overseas to further their careers, with a quarter actively pursuing the opportunity.  More than 60 per cent of respondents named the US as their preferred location, with Switzerland and Asia following closely behind with 53 per cent and 42.7 per cent respectively.

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    23. Is procurement the new marketing?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Sep 12 2012)

      Jan Piskadlo, procurement director, emerging markets, APAC & Japan at GlaxoSmithKline, is a firm believer that procurement is a career to rival more traditional options such as marketing or finance, something he expressed during an excellent presentation at the Procurement Leaders Forum in Singapore where he was discussing how to attract generation Y to procurement.

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    24. Asking Questions on a Procurement Interview

      Explore Charles' Purchasing Certification Blog (Aug 28 2012)

      I hope that you have enjoyed the article "Procurement Interviews: Questions & Stories." As alluded to in the article, hiring managers often don't limit their judgment of you to just how you answer their questions. They also judge you on the quality of the questions that you ask them! In the article, I gave examples of six questions to consider asking a manager hiring for a procurement position. Here are a few more that you may want to consider: *

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