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    1. Boards Aren’t as Global as Their Businesses

      Explore HBR Blog Network (Oct 28 2014)

      Boards Aren’t as Global as Their Businesses

      There’s a growing consensus that companies need strong, independent boards full of qualified directors if they are to sidestep risks and seize opportunities in our complex and dynamic international economy. Being generally “impressive” is no longer enough—investors and corporate watchdogs expect a well-defined rationale for each appointment, an articulation of how the board member will provide meaningful oversight and counsel on critical issues.

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    2. Why Procurement Effectiveness is the Foundation of Sustainable Success

      Explore cporising.com (Oct 27 2014)

      Why Procurement Effectiveness is the Foundation of Sustainable Success

      When we start focusing on Procurement effectiveness things start to fall into place. Too many Procurement functions give overriding focus to the numbers, an understandable trait given that we operate in a numbers-driven commercial world. Even in organizations with leading purchasing practices, Procurement success still typically imbibes the amount of savings delivered. When we focus too much on the numbers we fail to leverage the power of our collective imagination and converged effort when channelled towards building sustainable capability.

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    3. Govt to table procurement review in November

      Explore Polity.org.za (Oct 22 2014)

      Govt to table procurement review in November

      Government’s plans for reining in the country’s public procurement would be outlined in the Public Procurement Review, which will be published next month.

      Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene told Parliament on Wednesday that the document would “clearly” outline the reforms to be implemented within the next five years.

      This emerged as the 2014 Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) revealed that government’s modernisation of its procurement systems had gained traction with the pilot expected to start at selected provinces and large national departments within the next few months.

      The design of a national price-referencing mechanism had also been completed ...

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    4. Let Your Suppliers Complain

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Oct 20 2014)

      Let Your Suppliers Complain

      As uncomfortable as it may be, procurement needs to hear from unhappy suppliers. In fact, giving suppliers the opportunity to complain or otherwise rate the way they are treated is a vital part of effective supplier relationship management (SRM).

      Procurement Leaders, citing news stories in other media, reported last week that suppliers to giant UK food retailer Tesco are unhappy with the company’s organization and certain business practices, branding the firm as leaderless and difficult to work with. It’s a stunning indictment, all the more so since it turns the table on the usual paradigm of buyers complaining ...

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    5. Visibility: What Does It Mean for CPOs? (Part I)

      Explore cporising.com (Oct 17 2014)

      The modern procurement executive and Chief Procurement Officer often lists “improve visibility” on their corporate to-do list nearly everyday. For some organizations, this goal is often a pipe dream or something they “feel” they should be doing in the greater scheme of supply management. However, top-tier CPOs realize that improving visibility isn’t a simple goal on a list crowded with other objectives: it’s a formidable, real target that must be achieved in order for procurement to drive true value across the greater enterprise.

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    6. Clampdown On Slavery In Supply Chains - Five Key Tactics

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Oct 16 2014)

      Clampdown On Slavery In Supply Chains - Five Key Tactics

      At the start of 2014, independent research showed that less than 50% of large UK businesses were regularly auditing their Tier 1 suppliers on whether they used slave labourers. That figure fell to 36% at Tier 2. Since then, we have seen multi-national buyers advance significantly their efforts to address slavery within their supply chains.

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    7. Global A.T. Kearney Study Reveals New Procurement Trends

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Oct 15 2014)

      Leading company procurement organizations reap double the measurable cost reduction versus other companies, while also driving competitive advantage through supplier-driven innovation and risk management. While procurement organizations for leading companies have continued their upward trajectory, most companies only sustained the gains they made between 2008 and 2011.

      These findings were reported in a study released today by A.T. Kearney titled “Procurement Powered Business Performance: Assessment of Excellence in Procurement (AEP) Study 2014.” This year’s AEP is the eighth edition in a series that started in 1992.


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    8. Develop A Mindset For Innovation Or Get Left Behind

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Oct 14 2014)

      Develop A Mindset For Innovation Or Get Left Behind

      Innovation may require investment and progressive thinking but it gets the attention of the business and is a crucial step in maintaining a competitive procurement function.

      Today the procurement function faces a longer list of tougher challenges than ever before. Long gone are the days when a CPO could get cost savings targets signed-off and then put his or her feet up.

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    9. Better Supply Chain Information Processes Ensure Peace Of Mind

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Oct 9 2014)

      Better Supply Chain Information Processes Ensure Peace Of Mind

      Eliminating fraud from our food supply chains is imperative but it’s easier said than done. Modern supply chains have become increasingly intricate and larger supply chains inevitably have a greater exposure to risk.

      In this guest post, Procurement Leaders invites Charles Morrison from supply chain management solution provider NQC to look at tactics being used to tackle supplier fraud and with precise data.

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    10. Why Supplier Management Is The Real Goal For Procurement

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Oct 7 2014)

      Why Supplier Management Is The Real Goal For Procurement

      There are changes afoot, and what’s most important is not necessarily just the ascent to board-level recognition as much as it is a growing understanding of what procurement does and where its potential lies.

      I admit a certain level of cynicism whenever I read about the c-suite increasingly viewing procurement as a strategic function.

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    11. IT Security: Whose Job Is It Anyway?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Oct 3 2014)

      IT Security: Whose Job Is It Anyway?

      JPMorgan Chase announced yesterday that the customer information of 76 million households may have been compromised. The personal data, which was under its care, was stolen in a hacking attack.

      Currently, the bank is undergoing the blame game. Who is at fault? The risk guys? The compliance guys? Procurement?

      The disclosure had come at the hands of a long-lasting hack. It was discovered in July, but criminals were accessing the names and contact details of households and over six million businesses since June. In total, they hacked into 90 servers.

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    12. Discipline In Operations And Strategy Alignment Will Earn Suppliers' Trust

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Sep 26 2014)

      Discipline In Operations And Strategy Alignment Will Earn Suppliers' Trust

      How do you become a customer of choice?

      Udesh Kaul, VP of global supply management at Delphi Electronics and Safety, told Procurement Leaders’ Boston Forum: "First, earn the trust of the suppliers."

      But earning trust requires a disciplined approach to supplier relationship management.

      Kaul said: "We see our suppliers as our biggest asset, and we help them by discussing our growth plans so they can grow with us. We bring our business leaders to discussions with suppliers."

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    13. SCM textbooks for Africa - Sasol and PanAvest initiative

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Sep 24 2014)

      SCM textbooks for Africa - Sasol and PanAvest initiative

      A series of supply chain management books, aimed at assisting with executive supply chain management leadership development, will be published by Professor Douglas Boateng in partnership with Sasol and the PanAvest Group.


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    14. The leader in you - aspiration and vision | by Dr Gerhard van Rensburg

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Sep 24 2014)

      The leader in you - aspiration and vision | by Dr Gerhard van Rensburg

      If we would allow our emotions to take control of us in times of hardship or times of major disappointment, we would never be able to grow into people who can make significant contributions to society – however talented we might be.

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    15. Procurement delivers seven times return on investment, says CIPS

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Sep 16 2014)

      A study conducted by AT Kearney, the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) and CIPS found leading teams generate almost £1 million in financial benefits per procurement employee each year. Building the ...

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    16. Characteristics of a best in class CPO

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Sep 15 2014)

      15 September, 2014  The most successful CPOs “have highly developed interpersonal skills” and create an environment that “fosters the development of trust”. CPOs in ...

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    17. Winners CIPS Supply Management Awards 2014

      Explore CIPS Supply Management Awards (Sep 12 2014)

      Winners CIPS Supply Management Awards 2014

      The winners of the CIPS Supply Management Awards 2014 were announced on 11 September.  The even took place at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London.

      Take a look at the category winners and runners up.


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    18. Fundamentals for dealing with engineers

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Sep 8 2014)

      Fundamentals for dealing with engineers

      Successful executives in any firm are those who can win the trust of others and then capitalize on that trust to collaborate on projects. Those who do that achieve their own objectives while helping their colleagues achieve their objectives. Some might call efforts to win trust nothing but politics. Maybe it is. But, no function requires such trust building and collaboration (and politicking) more than procurement

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    19. Sustainable Supply Chains - 3 Ways To Reduce Procurement Risks

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Aug 29 2014)

      Sustainable Supply Chains - 3 Ways To Reduce Procurement Risks

      What do companies like Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, Wilmar International and Mars have in common? They’ve all made public commitments to implement a zero-deforestation policy throughout their supply chains. With several of these announcements happening over the last few months, it’s clear that major corporations are recognizing what’s good for the environment can also be good for the bottom line.

       When done right and systematically, sustainability and zero-deforestation policies lead to improved brand image and build stronger business relationships with other organizations and customers.

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    20. Lack of ability to manage relationships is a key skills gap in procurement – survey

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Aug 28 2014)

      Relationship management is the primary skill missing from procurement teams, according to a survey.

      More than half (60.3 per cent) of the 120 purchasing professionals surveyed by ProcureCon Europe, cited it as a skills gap in their organisation, followed by risk analysis (51.7 per cent), and supply chain analysis (39.7 per cent).

      The poll emphasised the importance of building relationships in order to achieve sustainable success, not only internally with stakeholders but also externally with suppliers.

      Roger Davies, group head of procurement at Marks & Spencer, told the survey that relationship management and influencing skills were core to ...

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    21. The five features of intelligent category management

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Aug 21 2014)

      The five features of intelligent category management

      Procurement has a role in delivering value and smart cost reduction is about buying the products and services you need at a competitive price without exposing your business to risk or failure. If you are value driven, it goes beyond getting what is just cheaper, because cheaper in some industries could mean disaster. There’s a lot more to being a category manager than being a buyer – they need to take account of the consequences of their actions and recommendations.

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    22. Telkom takes 'collegiate' approach with top suppliers to save 'as much as possible'

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Aug 19 2014)

      Telkom takes 'collegiate' approach with top suppliers to save 'as much as possible'

      The head buyer at Telkom has said he will be working with core suppliers in a “collegiate” way to cut costs by “as much as possible”.

      Ian Russell, who has been CPO at the South African telecoms firm for six months, said in the past the company had “tactical and transactional” relationships with suppliers but he wants to treat them “more thoughtfully and carefully”.

      In the last financial year Telkom spent R17 billion (£961 million) with around 2,400 suppliers, but 80 per cent of that spend was with 23 suppliers. Total revenues in the period were R32.5 billion ...

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    23. How World-Class Procurement Organizations Outperform

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Aug 18 2014)

      World-class procurement organizations outperform their peers by striving to providing unique value beyond cost reduction, including becoming a trusted advisor to the business, driving supplier innovation, and focusing on risk management, according to new research from The Hackett Group, Inc.

      According to The Hackett Group’s research, world-class procurement organizations now operate at nearly 20 percent lower cost as a percentage of spend than typical companies.  They also have 27 percent fewer employees. 

      World-class procurement organizations now generate purchased cost savings equal to more than 9x the cost of procurement, according to The Hackett Group’s research.

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    24. Study Prompts Bigger Discussion About Value Over Savings

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Aug 18 2014)

      Recent research from The Hackett Group claims that procurement’s ability to generate big savings is declining dramatically. Despite what you might think, that’s good news.

      It’s not that savings are unimportant. Of course, they’re important, and they always will be. They are a large part of what organizations expect from procurement. But, as every CPO knows, they aren’t the only things procurement can provide.
      For example, in manufacturing companies, procurement can identify suppliers who can suggest alternatives to new product designs that can accomplish the design intent more cost effectively.

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