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    1. What Hiring Managers are Looking for Today

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Jan 23 2012)

      What Hiring Managers are Looking for Today Which skills and competencies are hiring managers emphasizing in their job openings today? How well are the universities preparing students for a career in logistics and supply chain management? A new survey from SCMR and Logistics Management reveals some of the answers. (Read Full Article)

    2. 'Significant rise' in demand for UK procurement professionals

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jan 4 2012)

      Recruitment experts have reported a "significant rise" in demand for supply chain and procurement professionals over the last quarter. (Read Full Article)

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    3. Thought Leaders: Navigating the growing talent crisis

      Explore Procurement Blog (Dec 19 2011)

      At a recent CPO event in London, I posed the question of what was the biggest challenge being faced by the attendees. The responses contained a mix of the usual suspects – cost reduction, risk mitigation, etc. However, only one challenge raised had the whole group enthusiastically nodding in agreement - finding talent. While recruiting and managing talent is always a challenge, the fact that it was unanimously highlighted was telling, especially during a time of economic malaise and uncertainty. (Read Full Article)

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    4. Lean Sourcing Maturity: Stage Three

      Explore Spend Matters (Dec 12 2011)

      At the "Advanced" or "Level 3" maturity phase for lean sourcing, we see a mild transformation take place in the resident skills of procurement and supply chain. Often times at this level, the... (Read Full Article)

    5. Fighting the War for Talent - Focus on Career Management!!!

      Explore Sourcing Innovation (Dec 12 2011)

      Today's guest post is from Anne Kohler of The MPower Group and is the fourth in a series of seven posts on Competency Based Talent Management. We've been hearing about the "War for Talent" in the Sourcing / Supply Chain space for quite some time and it does not seem to be improving. In our previous posts, we explored how the lack of a holistic approach to competency based talent management ("CBTM") is the root cause of the problem. In addition, we have advocated that to be sustainable, CBTM must cover ALL five ... (Read Full Article)

    6. Highest purchasing salaries on offer in financial services

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Dec 8 2011)

      Procurement salaries in the financial services sector rise by 5 per cent, while the rest of the market remains static. Performance-related bonuses are bumping up the earnings of buyers working in financial services, which pays purchasers more than other sectors. (Read Full Article)

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    7. Yes, Abby, there is a Santa Claus

      Explore Supply Chain Shaman (Dec 6 2011)

      Happy holidays to all. I started this blog in 2010, and have grown the readership to over 3000 regular readers.  At first, very few people would post back.     As the blog matured, it attracted a different [...] (Read Full Article)

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    8. Chasing cars

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Dec 6 2011)

      As Jaguar Land Rover gears up for the biggest recruitment drive in its history, Paul Snell looks at 
how purchasing has become the firm's fastest growing function and the staff it's hoping to attract. (Read Full Article)

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    9. Procurement staff in demand from financial services sector

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Dec 5 2011)

      Procurement staff in the UK finance sector are being rewarded far better than most others in the sector relative to their salaries. (Read Full Article)

    10. Mind the Gap - Training vs Competencies

      Explore Sourcing Innovation (Dec 5 2011)

      Designing your talent management program and implementing a recruiting plan are only parts of a larger Competency Based Talent Management (CBTM) program. You have hired the people you needed. So what? How can you make sure they are integrated into your organization and are able to hit the ground running, creating the optimum amount of impact? Not only do you need ... (Read Full Article)

    11. Sugar sours procurement professionals

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Nov 29 2011)

      Buyers respond to Lord Sugar's views on UK businesses winning UK government deals. Lord Sugar made a number of bold statements, including a call for public sector pay to match that of the private sector. He likened fragmented purchasing done by those without the right skills to “kids running riot in a sweet shop”. Sugar also said the UK government should have fought “tooth and nail” to award a contract for new trains on the Thameslink project to Bombardier, which owns the UK’s last train manufacturing plant in Derby, instead of German company Siemens. Following the speech, a ... (Read Full Article)

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    12. Jaguar Land Rover wants ''rich mix'' of purchasing experience

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Nov 28 2011)

      The automotive manufacturer wants to bring in buyers from outside the sector as part of a large recruitment programme. Brian Davy, purchasing director, facilities, materials and services, said the opportunities for people with ambition are “unlimited” and the automotive manufacturer is not restricting the pool of potential candidates to those with experience in the sector. (Read Full Article)

    13. Talent development starts with you

      Explore Procurement Blog (Nov 28 2011)

      There has been a lot of talk, including in this column, about the skills and knowledge that the next generation of procurement professionals will need to succeed, and how CPOs can attract and develop that future talent. But what about the skills and knowledge that current procurement managers need? CPOs need to address that issue too. And they can start by looking in the mirror. (Read Full Article)

    14. Purchasing Salaries Rise in 2011

      Explore mypurchasingcenter.com (Nov 25 2011)

      More than 77% of procurement professionals saw an increase in compensation in 2011, according to results of the American Purchasing Society’s Annual Report of Salaries and Employment Trends. (Read Full Article)

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    15. Lord Sugar: ''Pay public buyers private sector wages''

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Nov 24 2011)

      The peer and businessman urges government to match private sector salaries in procurement to attract more highly skilled purchasers. (Read Full Article)

    16. Analysis: Selling procurement to top graduate talent

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Nov 22 2011)

      Analysis: Selling procurement to top graduate talent Figures released in the UK last week revealed that unemployment had risen to 2.62m - with the current rate of 8.3% representing the highest recorded figure since 1996. (Read Full Article)

    17. How much is your CPO worth?

      Explore procurement-iu.com (Nov 22 2011)

      How much is your CPO worth? Executive pay has been a leading issue in the business press over the past year. But how important is it? And can procurement make a contribution? A year-long investigation by the UK High Pay Commission reported today that executive pay has increased by 4,000% over the last 30 years. The equivalent rise in the average wage was three-fold. (Read Full Article)

    18. Executive Education

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Nov 18 2011)

      Executive Education Executive education programs today are focusing on the "hot" supply chain topics. Here's a look at what's available in the USA and how you can take advantage of these offerings. (Read Full Article)

    19. Are You Strange Enough? (Repost)

      Explore Sourcing Innovation (Nov 17 2011)

      This post originally aired four years ago (on Nov 30, 2007) and is being reposted because it complements Monday's post by Dalip Raheja on The Difficulty of Finding Qualified Supply Management Candidates very well. In Dalip's post, he noted that you will never find a good candidate if you can't define what qualified is. And, if you want a successful organization, qualified needs to capture the skills you want talent to possess -- and these skills are highly dependent upon the outcomes that you want. In this classic Wharton article, which excerpts part of chapter four ... (Read Full Article)

    20. ISM Ready to Introduce New Certification

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Nov 16 2011)

      Educators and industry analysts suggest this might be a new way for professionals to “build” careers in management and procurement. According to spokesmen, this new certification option allows a broad range of practitioners to demonstrate knowledge and expertise in supply management, regardless of whether they have a degree. Effective November 15, 2011, eligible candidates can register through ISM for the CSM Exam, and will have one year from the date they register to schedule their computer-based exam. (Read Full Article)

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    21. The Difficulty of Finding Qualified Supply Management Candidates

      Explore Sourcing Innovation (Nov 14 2011)

      Difficulty of Finding Qualified Supply Management Candidates is the headline of a major research project by CAPS Research. I am glad that they are bringing renewed attention to this issue. My problem is that if you go back in the history of our profession, this issue has been in the top three issues of EVERY poll, research, think tank pronouncement, conference, ... (Read Full Article)

    22. Paul Teague: A tender approach

      Explore Procurement Blog (Nov 14 2011)

      There were several memorable phrases in the presentations at last week’s Procurement Leaders Forum and Masterclass in Boston. But for me, one of the most memorable phrases came from Nick Gunn, vice president of global procurement for HP, when he described what he called the talent imperative in procurement: “When hiring, we have to look beyond red-meat-eating negotiators,” he asserted. (Read Full Article)

    23. Employers seek buyers with networking skills

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Nov 10 2011)

      Effective relationship building and stakeholder engagement are seen as essential at all levels. Stakeholder engagement is the focus of procurement functions, second only to cost savings, according to recruitment firm Barclay Meade. The recruiter’s client survey of 120 purchasers revealed the majority (59 per cent) are concentrating on stakeholder engagement and are keen to employ staff with great networking skills. Russell Soan, associate director of procurement and supply chain at Barclay Meade, said: “One of the key interpersonal skills for many employers is effective relationship building and the ability to engage stakeholders at all levels of an organisation.” (Read Full Article)

    24. Keeping the Powder Magazine Doors Closed and the Gun Turrets Firing: A Lesson in Talent Management

      Explore Spend Matters (Nov 10 2011)

      As the demand for highly skilled people has increased, the supply of these types of people has not kept pace. This gap is felt keenly in procurement organizations, which require both wide and deep skill sets. A wide skill set consisting of analytical skills, relationship management, communications, and understanding of the businesses they support and a deep knowledge of categories and the marketplace are all critical skill sets to building a World Class procurement organization. Apart from hiring professionals with 10-15 years of experience, CPOs don't have many choices when they are building their organizations. The challenge then becomes ... (Read Full Article)

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