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    1. Procurement pays. And in more ways than one

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Aug 6 2012)

      If anyone needs proof of the rising status of procurement professionals, all they need to do is read the latest Procurement Leaders Salary Report. The report covers the second quarter of 2012 and it shows average total compensation - salaries and bonuses - of €110,290. On 12 April 2012, when the survey closed, that equaled $145,000.

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    2. What will be procurement's most important skills in the next decade?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jul 24 2012)

      It would be a brave CPO that would put his or her hand up and proclaim themselves ready for the next decade. Anticipating the challenges ahead means challenging themselves as individuals. Giles Breault, Novartis’s global head of productivity and business services and head of the Procurement Leaders advisory board put together an inspirational piece for the latest issue of the magazine asking what those key skills might be and how today’s leaders should be preparing for tomorrow. 

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    3. China e-commerce growth outstrips talent supply

      Explore zdnet.com (Jul 20 2012)

      China's fast-growing online business industry has put pressure on businesses, who find it hard to find staff with the related qualifications. Four in 10 companies constantly facing high pressures in hiring e-commerce talent, says a report.  Published Thursday, a report (PDF) by the China Electronic Commerce Research Center (CECRC) said another 13.6 percent of companies face a high number of employee loss, while 27.3 percent of businesses find the need to hire monthly.

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    4. Transnet aims to be an original equipment supplier – Molefe

      Explore Engineering News (Jun 28 2012)

      South African state logistics group Transnet’s aim was to become an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of locomotives within the next three to four years, CEO Brian Molefe said Thursday. “We want to build our own locomotives and trains,” he told a business briefing in Johannesburg, adding that while there were challenges ahead, he was confident that with the support of government and other stakeholders, this goal could be achieved. (Read Full Article)

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    5. Procurement Challenges Thinking

      Explore mypurchasingcenter.com (Jun 18 2012)

      Whether managing talent or suppliers, procurement professionals attending ProcureCon Indirect West in Las Vegas recently are challenging traditional thinking. This new view or recognition of procurement helps demonstrate the growing value of indirect in an…

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    6. Women in procurement paid 30% less than men

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jun 12 2012)

      Women in procurement paid 30% less than men

      A recent survey of procurement professionals has revealed stark wage differences between men and women.

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    7. Procurement profession needs more entry-level positions

      Explore supplymanagement.com (May 31 2012)

      The procurement profession needs more entry-level positions to broaden the pool of potential entrants in the future. This was the view of David Smith, commercial director at the Department for Work and Pensions and CIPS president, speaking at a roundtable hosted yesterday by recruitment agency Barclay Meade.

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    8. Are some procurement teams too big for their own good?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (May 29 2012)

      I was recently scrolling through the procurement pages of some the world’s top companies websites and was struck by how different in size procurement teams tend to be. Is it to do with budget constraints, the personal choice of a procurement chief or is it simply that the talent is not there to fill these roles?

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    9. Attracting the next generation - is procurement doomed to be stuck with mediocre talent?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (May 14 2012)

      As more procurement organisations join the fray to fight for a handful of individuals with the capabilities to take their functions forward, the message they’re selling them isn’t always one that can compete with other areas of the business. The more sophisticated procurement organisations are coming up with some clever answers to talent-related questions in order to snare the employees they need.

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    10. Employee Advocacy: The Untapped Social Business Resource

      Explore dachisgroup.com (May 4 2012)

      There is a heavy focus on advocacy in social business circles these days. Why is advocacy important? How do you find advocates? What do you do with advocates once you’ve found them? How do you measure the value of advocacy? The hunger for advocacy is driven by the dawning understanding that the best way to transform prospects into customers is through the authentic amplification and influence that only advocates can provide.

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    11. Purchasers in support services earn the highest remuneration

      Explore supplymanagement.com (May 3 2012)

      Promotion and career development are important considerations when moving jobs, according to the results of the CIPS Africa and Ernst & Young Southern African Supply Chain Survey. In terms of motivation to move jobs, the survey found buyers are more driven by career progression than by earning more money.

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    12. It’s indeed a man’s world in procurement – latest salary survey results

      Explore procurement-iu.com (Apr 18 2012)

      It’s indeed a man’s world in procurement – latest salary survey results

      A recent PIU study shows that women’s salaries still very much lag behind men’s. Following from Sanna Pearson's blog, it seems as though the careers of female procurement officers cannot breach the glass ceiling.

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    13. Break the deadlock

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Apr 10 2012)

      At some point in one’s working life a question like this arises: ‘Am I really where I want to be or has my career stalled?’ Sometimes the answer comes easily, but often there is just a general feeling of dissatisfaction ........ Here are five things you can do to help future-proof your career.

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    14. Procurement has an image problem

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Apr 4 2012)

      It must be depressing to watch the smart and the ambitious flooding past your team on to other more glamorous roles. What makes it doubly frustrating for procurement, is that where they’re missing out is often because of misconceptions about what procurement is or does. But are procurement chiefs doing enough to combat that?

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    15. Sourcing's Missing Links: People, Process

      Explore mypurchasingcenter.com (Mar 29 2012)

      Sourcing's Missing Links: People, Process

      One-size-fits-all technology doesn’t work for tough, diverse sourcing. No two companies (or sourced categories) are the same. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Then why do most procurement organizations, regardless of industry, typically use the same approach and resources to sourcing all their goods and services?

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    16. What skills do you need be successful in procurement?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Mar 27 2012)

      Easy answers all round – tomorrow’s procurement stars have soft skills and they’re able to influence the board, whilst coordinating cost-cutting ventures, deploying technological tools and understanding their supply market inside out. At least, if you talk to CPOs, they’ll tell you some variation of the above. The problem is, it may not always be a credible combination.

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    17. The End of the CPO? Why tomorrow's function will be unrecognisable

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Mar 16 2012)

      In this extract from the cover story of the latest Procurement Leaders Magazine, we ask the tough questions: Where does procurement go next once it’s achieved a reasonable level of cost savings? Does being a good purchaser make you a good function head? And is the CPO role going to go the way of the dodo?

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    18. Social media policy needed to avoid risk

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Mar 15 2012)

      "You can't stop employees using social media, you can only guide them in how to use it appropriately and explain to them the consequences if they fail to do so" Nick Thomas, a partner at law firm McGrigors.

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    19. CIPS president calls on buyers to recruit their successors

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Mar 14 2012)

      David Smith: "I'm asking you to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to consider the opportunities within procurement."

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    20. CIPS News - March 2012

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Mar 13 2012)

      Olympics drive buying change; Kraft makes giant leap with CIPS procurement academy; CIPS unveils intelligent new member information service; Celebrating success in Bangladesh; Roundup; Gold for Communisis' journey of continuous improvement; Enhancing sustainability on the regional agenda; A boost for charities

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    21. Senior buyers to share expertise at CIPS Middle East Conference 2012

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Mar 9 2012)

      Speakers from Qtel, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation and BAE Systems will be among those providing expertise and experience at the region's premiere procurement and supply chain event in Qatar on 6 May.

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    22. Procurement and the glass ceiling: salary survey shows anti-female bias

      Explore procurement-iu.com (Mar 7 2012)

      Procurement and the glass ceiling: salary survey shows anti-female bias

      It is perhaps an assumed fact of purchasing life that the profession is male dominated. But is this true of senior management levels?

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    23. What happens when procurement resources are lost from an organisation?

      Explore cpoagenda.com (Feb 28 2012)

      The cost of third-party supplies rises dramatically when companies cut their investment in professional purchasing and do not staff it appropriately.

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    24. Social recruitment of experienced hires

      Explore dachisgroup.com (Feb 28 2012)

      Online social recruitment for experienced hires Using social channels such as Facebook and Twitter for graduate recruitment has become the norm in a crowded marketplace for talent, but few organisations have been able to “crack” how to use social recruitment for more experienced hires. For these kinds of senior appointments, with the possible exception of

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