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    1. Sustainability Matters in the Battle for Talent

      Explore HBR Blog Network (May 20 2013)

      Sustainability Matters in the Battle for Talent

      New research shows that employees want to work for companies that make sustainability a priority.  Bain & Company recently surveyed about 750 employees across industries in Brazil, China, India, Germany, the UK, and the U.S. Roughly two-thirds of respondents said they care more about sustainability now than three years ago, with almost that many saying sustainable business is extremely important to them. Interest peaks among employees age 36 to 40 — a young group but not the youngest. Employees expect employers to step up and nurture this growing interest.

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    2. Financial Industry Falling to Meet Needs of New Graduates

      Explore procurementbulletin.com (May 16 2013)

      Financial Industry Falling to Meet Needs of New Graduates

      According to a new survey released by international research firm PwC, the financial industry needs to change its policies regarding upcoming talent or face a serious talent shortage in the years to come. The survey indicated that 55 percent of recent graduates (workers born since 1980) made compromises when they accepted jobs during the height of the recent economic recession, and many are seeking new employers or are willing to accept offers from other employers.

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    3. Red tape, skills shortage top concerns for South African business

      Explore BDlive (May 13 2013)

      Red tape, skills shortage top concerns for South African business

      Excessive regulation and red tape, and a lack of skilled workers are major concerns among South African privately held businesses, the first-quarter Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) released on Monday showed. These factors, the businesses say, are directly restricting their expansion. The report provides insights into the views and expectations of about 3,000 different privately held businesses across 44 economies each quarter. About 150 of these businesses are based in South Africa.


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    4. In-house recruitment capabilities gaining sophistication

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (May 9 2013)

      In-house recruitment capabilities gaining sophistication

      Around half of the HR professionals surveyed by Right Management in recent research stated that they would expect to use video or webcam to interview future candidates in the next three years, an increase from 24% in 2012. The increase of HR professionals’ uptake of this method is a sign of the move of parts, if not all, of the stages of the recruitment process in-house. It is now cheaper and easier for companies to reach a wider pool of prospective employees with a reduced need for external recruitment agencies. Interviewing through webcam or video speeds up the initial screening ...

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    5. Procurement Pros Focus on Education and Experience

      Explore ThomasNet News (Apr 8 2013)

      A recent study by Source One Management Services, titled “The Roles of Education & Experience in Procurement,” part of their Procurement & Sourcing Survey Whitepaper Series, finds that while a four-year college degree isn’t necessary for procurement personnel until the higher management levels, experience certainly is – fully 76 percent of procurement staffers have more than 11 years of experience.  New blood is entering the procurement field, “armed with degrees and higher education,” the study found. It predicts that if current trends continue “it will likely further the shift from old school methods rooted in tradition to new school sourcing methods rooted ...

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    6. Lack of female CPOs 'a disappointment'

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Mar 7 2013)

      As International Women's Day takes place today, professionals told SM more needs to be done to increase female representation in senior procurement roles. Robyn Wright, a principal at AT Kearney said: “Women are good buyers, great managers and excellent drivers of category management – CPO [representation is] the disappointment. “For a profession that has 50/50 intake of men and women it’s a shame that this is not the case for the top executive roles. Women are not perceived as great leaders and action needs to be taken.” 

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    7. Required skills for CPOs (walking on water optional)

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Feb 25 2013)

      Talent - finding it, nurturing it, and retaining it - is on the mind of virtually every CPO today. In fact, as one recent report from Deloitte shows, it should be on the mind of executives in every area of business.. And the concern is not only to shore up current staffs; it’s also, at least for procurement, important in terms of leaving a legacy. What kind of talent is important for procurement? The ability to walk on water would help, but not many have that talent.

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    8. Where risk management and talent management come together

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Feb 4 2013)

      Of all the risks CPOs deal with, among the least obvious is personnel. Procurement Leaders recently reported on personnel behavioural risks. Many of those risks are the result of a lack of individual ethics. But, there are other risks directly related to personnel as well. The decisions procurement staffs make - based on their knowledge and experience - on supplier qualifications, the probable direction of commodity prices, the strategy for negotiations, or any of a number of other issues are inherently risky and yet critical to an organization’s success.

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    9. 13 for 2013: Procurement Talent Observations (Part 2)

      Explore Spend Matters (Nov 29 2012)

      Continuing on with our thirteen procurement talent observations and tips as we head into 2013, we come to item number seven.   7. Look for "desperate housewives" who can whip up a mean RFQ. In all non-political seriousness, there is a great arbitrage on women in procurement who want family flexibility but not the consultant or standard travel career path that they were in previously before kids.   Please click here for Part 1 of this . series




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    10. What are CPOs' recruitment plans for next year?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Oct 30 2012)

       We hear much talk about the future of procurement in our events. We hear of ambitious schemes, radical transformations and visionary ideals. But what are people really doing about it? Is the purchasing function gearing up for a brave new world of strategic buying and value-add, or will it be more of the same with a few more well-honed sound bites?     As an early indication of intention, we asked CPOs of their talent management plans.

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    11. Global HR managers face 'pressing challenges'

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Oct 27 2012)

      Global HR managers face 'pressing challenges'

      Human resource experts report there is a "significant dichotomy" between the strategic importance and the perceived effectiveness of HR in companies today leading to "pressing challenges". KPMG’s recent survey, Rethinking Human Resources in a Changing World reveals that, around the world, the HR function currently faces a number of pressing, interconnected challenges - operating in a global, virtual working environment and the need for HR to deliver..................................

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    12. Growing demand for supplier relationship managers

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Oct 1 2012)

      Demand for supplier relationship managers has increased by 19 per cent  since this time last year, according to recruitment consultancy Badenoch & Clark. The rise in the demand for these roles includes a 5 per cent hike between June and July alone. The company’s latest Talent Spotlight report revealed three key trends in procurement and supply chain.....

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    13. The Talent Efficiency Problem: Doing more with less people

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Sep 14 2012)

      "We had to make sweeping changes, but without growing the team," the weary voice on the phone told me this week. The transformation this executive was heading up, he described, was to be the kind that doesn’t cost anything.  Well, he said, that’s what happens when your bosses have faith in you to do more with less.

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    14. Is procurement the new marketing?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Sep 12 2012)

      Jan Piskadlo, procurement director, emerging markets, APAC & Japan at GlaxoSmithKline, is a firm believer that procurement is a career to rival more traditional options such as marketing or finance, something he expressed during an excellent presentation at the Procurement Leaders Forum in Singapore where he was discussing how to attract generation Y to procurement.

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    15. The Urgent Need For Talent Upgrade in Supply Chain and Procurement

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Aug 14 2012)

      While business services organizations cannot directly control all aspects of talent management, they do have an important role to play in creating a culture that fosters talent and excellence. First, however, they need to upgrade their own talent. As noted in The Hackett Group’s global 2012 study of talent management, there’s been a large shift in the kind of talent that business services organizations need.

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    16. Procurement pays. And in more ways than one

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Aug 6 2012)

      If anyone needs proof of the rising status of procurement professionals, all they need to do is read the latest Procurement Leaders Salary Report. The report covers the second quarter of 2012 and it shows average total compensation - salaries and bonuses - of €110,290. On 12 April 2012, when the survey closed, that equaled $145,000.

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    17. What will be procurement's most important skills in the next decade?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jul 24 2012)

      It would be a brave CPO that would put his or her hand up and proclaim themselves ready for the next decade. Anticipating the challenges ahead means challenging themselves as individuals. Giles Breault, Novartis’s global head of productivity and business services and head of the Procurement Leaders advisory board put together an inspirational piece for the latest issue of the magazine asking what those key skills might be and how today’s leaders should be preparing for tomorrow. 

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    18. China e-commerce growth outstrips talent supply

      Explore zdnet.com (Jul 20 2012)

      China's fast-growing online business industry has put pressure on businesses, who find it hard to find staff with the related qualifications. Four in 10 companies constantly facing high pressures in hiring e-commerce talent, says a report.  Published Thursday, a report (PDF) by the China Electronic Commerce Research Center (CECRC) said another 13.6 percent of companies face a high number of employee loss, while 27.3 percent of businesses find the need to hire monthly.

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    19. Transnet aims to be an original equipment supplier – Molefe

      Explore Engineering News (Jun 28 2012)

      South African state logistics group Transnet’s aim was to become an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of locomotives within the next three to four years, CEO Brian Molefe said Thursday. “We want to build our own locomotives and trains,” he told a business briefing in Johannesburg, adding that while there were challenges ahead, he was confident that with the support of government and other stakeholders, this goal could be achieved. (Read Full Article)

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    20. Procurement Challenges Thinking

      Explore mypurchasingcenter.com (Jun 18 2012)

      Whether managing talent or suppliers, procurement professionals attending ProcureCon Indirect West in Las Vegas recently are challenging traditional thinking. This new view or recognition of procurement helps demonstrate the growing value of indirect in an…

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    21. Women in procurement paid 30% less than men

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jun 12 2012)

      Women in procurement paid 30% less than men

      A recent survey of procurement professionals has revealed stark wage differences between men and women.

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    22. Procurement profession needs more entry-level positions

      Explore supplymanagement.com (May 31 2012)

      The procurement profession needs more entry-level positions to broaden the pool of potential entrants in the future. This was the view of David Smith, commercial director at the Department for Work and Pensions and CIPS president, speaking at a roundtable hosted yesterday by recruitment agency Barclay Meade.

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    23. Are some procurement teams too big for their own good?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (May 29 2012)

      I was recently scrolling through the procurement pages of some the world’s top companies websites and was struck by how different in size procurement teams tend to be. Is it to do with budget constraints, the personal choice of a procurement chief or is it simply that the talent is not there to fill these roles?

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    24. Attracting the next generation - is procurement doomed to be stuck with mediocre talent?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (May 14 2012)

      As more procurement organisations join the fray to fight for a handful of individuals with the capabilities to take their functions forward, the message they’re selling them isn’t always one that can compete with other areas of the business. The more sophisticated procurement organisations are coming up with some clever answers to talent-related questions in order to snare the employees they need.

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