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    1. Platinum strike highlighting huge potential opportunity loss for economy

      Explore MiningWeekly.com (8 hours, 2 min ago)

      The prolonged strike of the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) in the platinum belt is highlighting the colossal potential opportunity loss to the South African economy should the country lose out on its platinum patrimony, which has an amazingly bright latent future. Platinum has the potential to tick all the important economic boxes for a South Africa that is striving to add maximum value to its metals and minerals. A fuel cell industry, ...

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    2. Adidas ends contracts with nine suppliers over non-compliance

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Apr 22 2014)

      Sportswear and equipment brand Adidas terminated contracts with nine suppliers in 2013 due to non-compliance issues, according to its 2013 Sustainability Progress Report Fair Play.

      The majority of the businesses were based in Asia, with two in the Americas region, and one in EMEA.

      “We work closely with our suppliers to help them improve their performance. However, where we face situations of severe or repeat non-compliance we can and do terminate business relationship with suppliers,” the report said. “In 2013, we terminated agreements with nine suppliers for compliance reasons."

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    3. The Legacy Of A True Professional

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Apr 22 2014)

      The Legacy Of A True Professional

      At American Airlines, John MacLean - retiring this month (April) - expanded purchasing and supply chain management to new heights, piloting the company through some of the worst storms in the airline industry’s history.

      "Get in the game early. Don’t sit on the sidelines."

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    4. EU Calls For Cutting Red Tape in Supply Chain

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Apr 15 2014)

      At the 6th European Logistics Summit in Brussels last month, Charlie Dobbie, Executive Vice President for Global Network Operations at DHL Express presented European Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potocnik with key recommendations to ensure comparable, simple and valuable environmental and carbon reporting for the logistics sector. Speaking on behalf of the Alliance for European Logistics (AEL), Dobbie called for the promotion of a consistent global standard for carbon calculation and reporting in the transport of goods, ensuring Europe’s approach is fully aligned within existing international frameworks


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    5. ‘Not impossible’ for retailers to source responsibly

      Explore Home - Supply Business (Apr 15 2014)

      Retailers should put their own checks in place when sourcing from other countries and not blame governments for a lack of regulation, says Tesco’s group director of ethical trading.

      According to Giles Bolton: “It is not impossible if you are a responsible retailer - regardless to what else is going on in the industry - to make sure you are sourcing responsibly.”

      He added companies should not blame governments for not doing enough in terms of regulation. “If you want to trade from that country the responsible thing to do is to make sure that you have your own systems in ...

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    6. What is the future of sustainable procurement?

      Explore Home - Supply Business (Apr 11 2014)

      What is the future of sustainable procurement?

      Sustainability within supply chains has been an important issue for some time, as more and more companies include corporate social responsibility in their business model. The Sedex Global conference on responsible sourcing in London on Wednesday highlighted the need for transparency and collaboration if businesses are to successfully reach their sustainability goals.

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    7. Strikes and port costs ‘threaten Ford SA’s expansion’

      Explore iol.co.za (Apr 11 2014)

      Labour instability is a potential handbrake to further investment by the Ford Motor Company in the expansion of its manufacturing capacity in South Africa as its seeks to take advantage of growth opportunities in Africa.

      Stephen Odell, the executive vice-president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said this week that Ford had created a stand-alone Middle East and Africa business from the beginning of this year because this was a growth area in terms of population, wealth creation and wealth spread


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    8. Map your supply chain to highlight slavery risks

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Apr 9 2014)

      Businesses should map their supply chains, review supply chain practices and hold their suppliers accountable to control anti-trafficking risks in their operations.

      These recommendations are in a briefing aimed at tackling modern-day slavery by not-for-profit organisation Sedex Global. It includes information from Verité and Sedex on the causes of modern-day slavery, how workers are affected, and indicators of forced labour in factories and on farms.

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    9. Top tips to drive change in procurement

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Apr 3 2014)

      Close collaboration with other divisions in the company and earning your seat at board level are key to creating a successful procurement function.  That’s according to Simona Pavelescu, head of global sourcing services office at Ericsson, who was speaking at the ProcureCon Indirect conference in London this morning.

      Pavelescu told delegates how she took a consultancy approach to sourcing after understanding the complex nature of the different departments at the company. “We have a chocolate box of assorted chocolates from which you can choose and pick what suits you best,” she said.

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    10. Continental Earns 2013 Toyota Supplier Diversity Award

      Explore PR Newswire (Apr 1 2014)

      Continental, a leading international automotive supplier, was recognized with the Supplier Diversity Award from Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. (TEMA) at its Annual Supplier Business Meeting (ABM) on March 11. Held at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center in Covington, ABM brings together approximately 1,000 Toyota and supplier representatives from across North America.

      TEMA's Supplier Diversity Awards are presented to companies who successfully implement diversity activities and exceed Toyota's minority sourcing targets. Continental was recognized specifically with Special Recognition of MBE Development.

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    11. Worldwide Manufacturing Supply Chain 2014 Top 10 Predictions

      Explore PR Newswire (Mar 31 2014)

      This IDC Manufacturing Insights report presents annual top 10 supply chain predictions.

      "In the context of the 3D value chain, operational resiliency is clearly dependent upon being demand aware and data driven, but it is also about digital execution: leveraging data to broaden and extend 'supply chain intelligence'; so IDC Manufacturing Insights expects that for 2014, operational resilience will come to the forefront and underpin manufacturers supply chain strategy moving forward," says Simon Ellis, practice director, Global Supply Chain Strategies for IDC Manufacturing Insights.

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    12. Drug maker GSK to invest in African factories, research

      Explore BDlive (Mar 31 2014)

      Drug maker GSK to invest in African factories, research

      DRUG maker GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) plans to invest up to £130m in Africa over the next five years as it bets on the importance of the continent in driving long-term demand for medicine.

      The decision reflects the pharmaceutical industry’s growing interest in Africa, given improved economic growth and rising demand for treatments against chronic diseases that are becoming more common among urban middle classes.  France’s Sanofi has also highlighted Africa as a promising growth market.

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    13. The New Supply Chain Manager - Global and Local

      Explore Sourcing Innovation (Mar 30 2014)

      Supply Chain Digital recently published an interesting piece on three core trends impacting UK supply chain skills in 2014 where they noted that, even across the Atlantic, globalization is taking a new spin. According to the article, complex supply networks are now deployed to offset inventory risk, balancing low production costs of far away places with short-lead time replenishment from factories closer to market.

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    14. Zimbabwe: Govt Introduces New Licences

      Explore allAfrica.com (Mar 28 2014)

      Zimbabwe: Govt Introduces New Licences

      The Ministry of Industry and commerce has introduced new import and export licences with special security features on selected goods as a way of curbing rampant corruption and smuggling through the country's border points.

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    15. Chinese suppliers don't deserve reputation for poor quality, say buyers

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Mar 27 2014)

      Two-thirds of the Supply Management Jury believe Chinese suppliers no longer deserve a reputation for poor quality.  A poll conducted via the SM Readers LinkedIn group also echoed these views, with 58 per cent of respondents siding with the eight Jury members who voted ‘no’.

      Lee Parkinson, director of Parkinson Procurement, said Chinese suppliers have improved their processes and quality management systems. “Major brands such as IKEA have built strong relationships with Chinese suppliers who provide very high quality products in an environment where standards and facilities for workers have improved dramatically,” he said.

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    16. Managing for Supply Chain Catastrophes

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Mar 27 2014)

      Five elements of a resilient supply chain

      Supply chain managers tend to rely heavily on data to support decision-making processes. Data proves helpful in planning for risk but is insufficient in light of the massive number of scenarios that could disrupt a supply chain. Developing a plan to deal with so many unknowns requires a slightly different set of priorities. There are five key elements that distinguish a resilient supply chain:

      1. Prepared: Designing a supply chain that is prepared for a catastrophic disruption involves understanding the risks, maintaining deep visibility into the supply chain resources, and developing operational readiness ...

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    17. Rules Of Thumb For Sourcing

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Mar 24 2014)

      It’s widely acknowledged in product-development circles that about 80% of the final cost of a product is baked in during the engineering and design stages. Designing for manufacturing is one of the strategies for lowering that cost, something that many engineers strive to do. Procurement helps largely by choosing suppliers of components, materials, and manufacturing services who can suggest design alternatives that make final manufacturing more efficient and less costly.

      So, analyzing suppliers’ capabilities is a critical job, no matter the industry. That’s why procurement professionals  spend so much time on supplier selection.

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    18. SA manufacturing ambitions boosted by new R150m cable facility

      Explore Engineering News (Mar 18 2014)

      SA manufacturing ambitions boosted by new R150m cable facility

      Government’s efforts to advance South Africa’s manufacturing capability and boost the country’s international competitiveness through incentive mechanisms was in evidence on Tuesday, as a new high-voltage (HV) cable manufacturing facility – partly funded by government – was officially introduced to the market.

      The R150-million CBI electric: African Cables (CBI) facility, in Vereeniging, would become the first in sub-Saharan Africa to design and manufacture HV underground electric cables up to 275 kV with conductor sizes of up to 2500 mm²

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    19. Tesco emphasises ethics as plans to buy clothes from Ethiopia

      Explore Polity.org.za (Mar 13 2014)

      Tesco emphasises ethics as plans to buy clothes from Ethiopia

      Tesco, the world's third-largest retailer, expects to source more clothes from Ethiopia, but wants the nascent industry there to uphold high ethical standards as global chains seek to prevent factory disasters like those seen in Bangladesh.

      "Ethiopia is a very exciting potential country to grow a supply chain but needs to grow up to be a well regulated, ethical new industry," Giles Bolton, ethical trading director at Tesco, told the Retail Week Live conference on Wednesday.

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    20. Hulamin asks for tariffs on aluminum imports

      Explore iol.co.za (Mar 12 2014)

      Hulamin asks for tariffs on aluminum imports

      Hulamin, Africa’s biggest maker of fabricated aluminum products, has asked South African trade authorities to impose tariffs on aluminum sheet imports, mainly from Brazil.

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    21. Hope returns to clothing, textiles sector

      Explore iol.co.za (Mar 10 2014)

      Hope returns to clothing, textiles sector

      The clothing and textile industry had slowly regained its strength and if supported, South Africa would be able to compete with global manufacturers, Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel said last week.


      Johannesburg - The clothing and textile industry had slowly regained its strength and if supported, South Africa would be able to compete with global manufacturers, Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel said last week.

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    22. SA Manufacturing activity rises in February

      Explore BDlive (Mar 3 2014)

      SA Manufacturing activity rises in February

      Activity in South Africa’s manufacturing sector picked up in February‚ according to latest Kagiso purchasing managers index.

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    23. Global factory growth stumbles as demand falters

      Explore iol.co.za (Mar 3 2014)

      Global factory growth stumbles as demand falters

      Manufacturers across Europe and Asia changed down a gear last month.


      London/Beijing - Manufacturers across Europe and Asia changed down a gear last month as falling demand from abroad hurt Chinese output and European factory growth dipped from January's 2-1/2 year high.

      But while the surveys across Asia were more downbeat, data from the euro zone showed output rose in all of the bloc's four biggest economies for the first time in almost three years.

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    24. Imperial first-half profit increases

      Explore iol.co.za (Feb 26 2014)

      Imperial first-half profit increases

      Imperial Holdings, owner of South Africa’s biggest car dealership network, said first-half profit increased 10 percent as sales and operating margin at its logistics unit rose.

      Net income for the six months through December gained to 1.73 billion rand, compared with 1.58 billion rand a year ago, the Johannesburg-based company said in a statement today. Sales grew 13 percent to 51.36 billion rand.

      Imperial said operating margin at its logistics division rose to 5.3 percent from 4.5 percent in the same period in 2012.

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