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    1. High costs hinder adoption of 3D printing

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Dec 15 2014)

      High costs hinder adoption of 3D printing

      The poll of 330 purchasers of the technology by research organisation Gartner found 60 per cent said high acquisition costs had delayed their adoption of the technology “While the technology is already in use across a wide range of manufacturing verticals from medical to aerospace, costs remain the primary concern for buyers," said Pete Basiliere, research director at Gartner.

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    2. How to fix IBM

      Explore Technology News and Analysis (Oct 28 2014)

      How to fix IBM

      Given IBM’s earnings miss last week and the impact it had on company shares I thought rather than just criticizing the company it might make better sense to consolidate my ideas for how to fix IBM. Here they are.

      Early in his tenure as CEO, Sam Palmisano made changes that created IBM’s problems today. IBM customers are buying fewer products and services. Revenue has dropped each quarter for the past ten.

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    3. Study Prompts Bigger Discussion About Value Over Savings

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Aug 18 2014)

      Recent research from The Hackett Group claims that procurement’s ability to generate big savings is declining dramatically. Despite what you might think, that’s good news.

      It’s not that savings are unimportant. Of course, they’re important, and they always will be. They are a large part of what organizations expect from procurement. But, as every CPO knows, they aren’t the only things procurement can provide.
      For example, in manufacturing companies, procurement can identify suppliers who can suggest alternatives to new product designs that can accomplish the design intent more cost effectively.

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    4. Thinking about TCO? Context is everything | by Dion de Gruchy

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Aug 12 2014)

      Thinking about TCO? Context is everything | by Dion de Gruchy

      Total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis was popularised by the Gartner Group in the late 1980s to assist clients in quantifying the financial impact of deploying IT products. A decade later, McKinsey applied the TCO approach to asset intensive industries in South Africa

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    5. Samsung finds child labour at China supplier

      Explore BDlive (Jul 14 2014)

      Samsung finds child labour at China supplier

      Samsung Electronics said it halted business with a supplier in China over suspected use of child workers, the first time it has taken such a step, after criticism that its monitoring of labour practices at suppliers was inadequate.

      The decision, announced on Monday, comes less than a week after US-based China Labour Watch said it found "at least five child workers" without contracts at the supplier and called Samsung’s monitoring process to halt such practices "ineffective."

      Samsung, the world’s biggest smartphone maker, said it conducted three audits since last year of the supplier, a wholly owned subsidiary of ...

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    6. The hidden costs of software licenses

      Explore Technology News and Analysis (Jul 8 2014)

      The hidden costs of software licenses

      We're all familiar with software licenses. It's the bit you ignore when installing a new program, right? But what's less understood is the difficulty they cause for businesses. New research by IDC sponsored by Flexera looks at the latest trends in software licensing, virtualization and the compliance issues involved.

      The report points out that the software license supply chain is one of the most opaque, difficult to understand and complex to manage. As a result, the relationship between application producer and customer has often suffered in the past.

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    7. General Electric eyes Alstom’s energy assets

      Explore Engineering News (Apr 30 2014)

      General Electric eyes Alstom’s energy assets

      Alstom on Wednesday said it was considering a binding offer from General Electric (GE) to acquire its energy assets, leaving the France-headquartered company to expand its transport sector activities. The deal, representing an equity value of €12.35-billion and an enterprise value of €11.4-billion, comprised the Alstom’s thermal, renewable and grid power sectors, as well as its related corporate and shared services.

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    8. Questions to Consider Before You Sign an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement

      Explore Spend Matters (Apr 23 2014)

      Questions to Consider Before You Sign an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement

      For some companies, an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) is ideal. It allows them to pay a single fee up-front to get as many licenses as they need for certain Oracle products over a set period of time. Under the right circumstances, signing a multi-year ULA with Oracle may grant the business the flexibility they need to support growth. However, there are risks to consider. Not every client needs or will benefit from a ULA. In many cases, a ULA is a fast path to overspending.

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    9. Telkom rises on report of cost-cut plans

      Explore iol.co.za (Apr 9 2014)

      Telkom rises on report of cost-cut plans

      Shares of South Africa's Telkom SA rose on Wednesday after its chief executive told a newspaper he aims to cut 1 billion rand in annual costs for the next five years, as part of a drive to turn around the operator.

      Telkom, South Africa's largest fixed-line operator, will not be able to avoid job cuts, Sipho Maseko told Business Day, adding he would begin discussions with trade unions next week on possible job cuts.

      “It's clear in my mind that Telkom will shed a bit of weight,” the newspaper quoted Maseko as saying.

      “We are way out ...

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    10. Top tips to drive change in procurement

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Apr 3 2014)

      Close collaboration with other divisions in the company and earning your seat at board level are key to creating a successful procurement function.  That’s according to Simona Pavelescu, head of global sourcing services office at Ericsson, who was speaking at the ProcureCon Indirect conference in London this morning.

      Pavelescu told delegates how she took a consultancy approach to sourcing after understanding the complex nature of the different departments at the company. “We have a chocolate box of assorted chocolates from which you can choose and pick what suits you best,” she said.

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    11. Ansys awarded Transnet dashboard contract

      Explore BDlive (Mar 31 2014)

      Ansys awarded Transnet dashboard contract

      ANSYS, an AltX-listed engineering company, has been awarded a R188m Transnet contract for the supply of an integrated dashboard display system for locomotives.

      The black-owned and controlled group, which develops products for the rail, mining, industrial and defence markets, had already designed a prototype display that had been "rigorously tested" on Transnet locomotives.

      This comes after Transnet earlier in March awarded R50bn worth of contracts to two Chinese and two North American railway groups to build 1,064 electric and diesel locomotives as part of its R308bn market-demand strategy to 2019.

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    12. First E-Government Phase in Ghana Complete

      Explore allAfrica.com (Mar 20 2014)

      The integration of 20 agencies into a one-stop administration service centre will facilitate the delivery of Government services to citizens under the e-Government programme delivered today.

      Among these agencies are Ghana Post, Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) and Ghana Police Service (GPS).


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    13. Companies paying too much for IT equipment

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Mar 18 2014)

      Businesses are still paying too much for IT equipment, according to a benchmarking survey by technology firm Mercato Solutions.

      The research found average margins to be between 11 per cent and 39 per cent, against the recommended industry standard of just 3 per cent. Mercato surveyed 200 IT managers with annual budgets of more than £50,000.  

      The study revealed the banking sector pays the highest margins on IT equipment at an average of 39 per cent. This is followed closely by the leisure sector at 33 per cent, insurance at 25 per cent and education at 19 per cent.

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    14. Banks to miss deadline to upgrade ATMs

      Explore iol.co.za (Mar 18 2014)

      Banks around the world, consumed with meeting more stringent capital regulations, will miss a deadline to upgrade outdated software for ATMs and face additional costs to Microsoft to keep them secure.

      The US software company first warned that it was planning to end support for Windows XP in 2007, but only a third of the world’s 2.2 million ATMs that use the system will have been upgraded to a new platform, such as Windows 7, by the deadline next month, according to NCR, one of the biggest ATM makers.

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    15. Seeking answers to energy trilemma

      Explore iol.co.za (Mar 10 2014)

      Seeking answers to energy trilemma

      Africa’s energy sector has long been working to widen energy access to unlock the continent’s vast potential. Energy access remains a critical priority for this dynamic region.


      Africa’s energy sector has long been working to widen energy access to unlock the continent’s vast potential. Energy access remains a critical priority for this dynamic region.

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    16. Kenya's Safaricom Beats Google, Facebook in Innovation

      Explore allAfrica.com (Feb 18 2014)

      Kenya's mobile network operator Safaricom has been rated number 9 in innovation globally by Fast Company magazine due to its role in bridging the healthcare gap with telecoms services.

      The magazine noted that Safaricom's Daktari 1525 which helps connect the doctor and patient had improved the lives of millions of Kenyans by making them healthy.

      "In Kenya, where more than half of citizens live on less than a dollar a day, medical care can be a far-off luxury. But local telecom giant Safaricom has built a vital bridge between doctor and patient. This year, it's boosting marketing ...

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    17. Ericsson bets on 3G in Africa telecoms

      Explore fin24.com (Feb 1 2014)

      Ericsson bets on 3G in Africa telecoms

      The world's top mobile infrastructure supplier Ericsson is betting that the fast-growing African mobile broadband market will remain dominated by 3G services over the next years as the newest 4G smartphones remain too expensive for local consumers.

      Africa's rapid telecoms expansion has come to symbolise the continent's economic growth, with the World Bank estimating a 10% increase in broadband coverage could add 1.4 percentage points to economic output.

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    18. IBM sells Intel server business, company is doomed

      Explore Technology News and Analysis (Jan 23 2014)

      IBM today sold its Intel server business to Lenovo, yet another example of Big Blue eating its seed corn, effectively dooming the company for the sake of short-term earnings. It’s a good move for Lenovo and an act of desperation for IBM. Wall Street analysts may see this as a good move but then Wall Street analysts typically aren’t that smart. They’ll characterize it as selling-off a low-margin server business (Intel-based servers) to concentrate on a higher-margin server business (Z-series and P-series big iron) but the truth is IBM has sold the future to invest in the ...

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    19. 3D printing: exciting, but flawed

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Dec 6 2013)

      For years now procurement departments across the world have been facing the challenge to reduce costs, do things quicker, source more locally, support SMEs and become more sustainable. When a much-heralded technology like 3D printers comes along, you might well ask if it can solve some of these challenges. Well potentially yes, but it also brings risk too, raising difficult questions around intellectual property and liability.

      According to Google trends 3D printers reached the maximum 100% in interest in May 2013; suddenly the world has woken up to the possibilities of 3D printing and certain industries will have given the ...

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    20. MTN Selects Intracom Telecom's Point-to-Multipoint System for Its Network Advancement

      Explore PR Newswire (Nov 12 2013)

      Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunications systems vendor, announced today the signing of a Frame Agreement with MTN, a world-class telecommunication services provider operating in 22 countries across Africa, Middle East and Asia, to supply its innovative Point-to-Multipoint wireless system, WiBAS.

      Intracom Telecom's WiBAS system will enable MTN operators to decrease their annual spending on fees for operating frequencies, reduce the expenses for site rental and enhance their network coverage, and offer high-quality, reliable broadband services to its corporate subscribers across MTN's countries of operation.

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    21. 'Bring IT back in-house and save millions'

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Oct 9 2013)

      A breakfast debate on the principle of outsourcing IT was told the number of deals dropped during 2012 and luxury car maker Daimler saved €150 million (£127 million) by “insourcing” IT. Philip Joss, director at 4C Associates, which organised the debate, said there was a 34 per cent year on year drop in ITO deals in the final quarter of 2012. He cited surveys of CIOs that revealed disillusionment with IT outsourcing deals, with changing technology needs and fewer benefits than expected the most common complaints.

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    22. Purchasing and supply blog | Supply Management » Seven quick wins (and eight longer-term tactics) to cut IT costs

      Explore Purchasing and supply blog (Sep 5 2013)

      Purchasing and supply blog | Supply Management » Seven quick wins (and eight longer-term tactics) to cut IT costs

      There are various small commercial changes that, if applied in a timely manner, can produce a significant effect on end IT costs. Here are some tips and pointers for IT sourcing professionals to make reductions. Quick wins 1. Audit the software that you use. You might be paying maintenance on software that you no longer use. 2. Review your software licence numbers. If you have more than you need, shelve some and renegotiate the maintenance costs. 3. Check the level of support that you need.

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    23. The death of IT peripherals?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Aug 16 2013)

      Demand for IT equipment is changing. Sales of desktops and laptops are diminishing and in its place the tablet is taking over. Recent Forrester research has shown that the market for tablets is growing more than desktop computers ever has, predicting that sales of tablets will grow at a compound rate of 25.6% annually up until 2017 reaching 318 million.   Along with tablets, the growing demand for touch screen smart phones is increasing the need for new and simpler ways of interacting with IT that do not involve a keyboard and mouse.

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    24. Apple supplier accused of violating worker rights

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Jul 29 2013)

      A key supplier to Apple has been accused of violating the rights of its workers, including insufficient training and underage labour. An investigation carried out by campaign group China Labor Watch (CLW) into three Chinese factories operated by Pegatron, which produces computers and parts for the iPhone, accused the company of 86 separate labour violations, 36 legal and 50 ethical. Allegations in the report Apple’s Unkept Promises, claimed a series of commitments made by Apple to root out worker violations from the supply chain were broken.

      A key supplier to Apple has been accused of violating the rights of ...

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