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    1. The true costs of self booking travel

      Explore SmartProcurement.co.za (Mar 5 2013)

      The true costs of self booking travel

      Shirley Le Roux, MD of TraveluXion gives SmartProcurement her take on the true cost of self booking and, in turn, what clients should be prepared to pay for ‘self-booked transactions’.  Self booking for this purpose means that a company has access to a self-booking tool that enables them to preview, select, and finalise an itinerary of their choice – termed ‘online booking’. In most instances this is rolled out in conjunction with their Travel Management Company (TMC).



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    2. Global Airports Survey 2013-2014 - Market Trends, Buyer Spend and Procurement Strategies

      Explore ResearchMoz (Jan 30 2013)

      This report is the result of an extensive survey drawn from ICD Researchs exclusive panel of leading global airport industry executives; it provides data and analysis on buyer expenditure, procurement, and developments within the global airports industry. The report includes key topics such as global airport industry buyer expenditure and procurement behaviors and strategies, and identifies the threats and opportunities within the global airport industry. 

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    3. SAA ready to overcome challenges

      Explore iol.co.za (Nov 14 2012)

      SAA ready to overcome challenges

      A successful national airline is a key contributor to local economic growth . With the global airline industry going through a rough patch, during which many airlines, including practically all local players, have taken strain, it is not surprising that so much has happened, been said and written about SAA in the past few months. Yet despite the challenging times it has faced, the national airline continues to play its key and unique roles to the benefit of the South African and regional economies.

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    4. New low-cost African airline to sell first tickets next week

      Explore Engineering News (Nov 5 2012)

      New low-cost African carrier Fastjet would start selling tickets next week, ahead of its first flight later this month, the company, which is featuring the African grey parrot as its logo, said on Monday. Aim-listed Lonrho, which owns 67.4% of Fastjet, said in a statement that the airline would launch a website next week, providing information on routes and fare schedules, as well as allowing tickets to be bought using credit/debit cards.

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    5. Demand for business travel in Africa rises

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Sep 28 2012)

      Economic growth across Africa is increasing demand for business travel across the region, with African carriers cutting cross-continental routes to make way for more flights to cities in Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana.  According to travel management company Hogg Robinson Group (HRG) demand is particularly strong in countries other than South Africa,

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    6. Business travel spend to bounce back in 2013

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Jun 12 2012)

      The UK, Germany and France will all see increases next year, following subdued growth in 2012.

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    7. Buyers baffled by airline charges

      Explore procurement-iu.com (May 30 2012)

      Buyers baffled by airline charges

      Managing business travel spend is becoming increasingly challenging due to the multiplication in fare types on top of new airline ancillary fees and credit card booking charges. This means that buying business travel, whether as a business traveller, in-house travel manager or external travel agent is becoming more complex.

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    8. Why Do Some Organizations Adopt One-Card Programs and Some Do Not?

      Explore mypurchasingcenter.com (Mar 30 2012)

      Why Do Some Organizations Adopt One-Card Programs and Some Do Not?

      As the name implies, a commercial One Card program brings a mix of purchase types together within one program. An organization can provide one piece of plastic to an employee, allowing P-Card-like purchases (i.e., goods/services), travel and entertainment …

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    9. Spot buying becomes more popular with travel buyers

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Mar 1 2012)

      Business travel managers and purchasers are moving away from negotiated corporate deals in favour of spot buying, even though the purchasing process is becoming more professional. (Read Full Article)

    10. Business, first class travel grows within Africa

      Explore iol.co.za (Feb 20 2012)

      Business, first class travel grows within Africa

      Formerly strong growth in first class and business class air travel between Africa and Europe, the Far East and Middle East dipped over the year to December, according to the latest International Air Transport Association survey but it rose within Africa, due to strong economic growth in several countries, and between Africa and the southwest Pacific area. Premium travel fell by 7.9 percent between Africa and the Far East, by 5.7 percent between Africa and the Middle East and by 4.8 percent between Africa and Europe.

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    11. Don't pay for uneaten breakfasts, travel buyers told

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Feb 7 2012)

      "Make sure you are not paying for limo transfers that aren't needed and breakfasts that aren't eaten," Sarah Makings, KPMG's European category manager.

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    12. Higher travel costs expected this year

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Feb 7 2012)

      Delegates at the Business Travel Show in London were told Asia's hotel prices will rise dramatically in 2012, particularly in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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    13. Travel buyers want to erase Ryanair

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Dec 27 2011)

      Asked which person, place or thing associated with business travel purchasers would most like to expunge, the Irish budget airline came top. (Read Full Article)

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    14. Travel and legal deal to save NZ public sector $178 million

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Dec 17 2011)

      The deal, struck with airlines and law firms, is available to all agencies in the public sector including up to 2,500 schools. Announcing the deal this week, minister for economic development Steven Joyce, said it showed the power of the whole government when contracting services. “We’ve shaved an average of 18 per cent off the $100 million [£49 million] annual external legal services bill, a great result,” he said. The legal services contract covers a panel of law firms that are large, medium and small. The government said robust monitoring will for the first time enable agencies to ... (Read Full Article)

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    15. UK Local government buyers to access better travel rates

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Dec 14 2011)

      A national deal for air, rail, hotels, serviced apartments and conferences services will be available to local authorities from 1 January. (Read Full Article)

    16. Tackle fare unbundling travel buyers tell UK government

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Dec 7 2011)

      More than three-quarters of travel buyers want the state to do more over the transparency of ancillary charges. Some 77 per cent of the 82 business travel purchasers in the UK & Ireland who responded to a survey by the Institute of Travel & Meetings (ITM), said the government is not doing enough to address the transparency issues facing buyers who pay for hidden ancillary charges on top of flight fares offered by airlines. An increasing number of airlines are now splitting up fares, with charges for items such as baggage and other items falling outside traditional business travel systems. “These results ... (Read Full Article)

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    17. Travel buyers blast airline unbundling

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Nov 23 2011)

      Travel purchasers believe airlines are trying to avoid putting ancillary charges through systems by unbundling services. (Read Full Article)

    18. Analysis: Travel spend on the rise despite fears over economy

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Nov 15 2011)

      Travel spend is traditionally one of the first spend areas to be cut back when the going gets tough - but is that still the case? (Read Full Article)

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    19. MindClick SGM Announces Progress Toward Aligning Its Hospitality Sustainable Purchasing Index (HSPI) with the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED® Rating System

      Explore PR Newswire (Nov 9 2011)

      Sustainability consultancy MindClick SGM, founder and leader of the Hospitality Sustainable Purchasing Consortium, is working with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to advance the shared mission of a sustainable future for hospitality. The rapidly growing Consortium, comprised of more than 25 global companies, is creating a scorecard rating system to measure the sustainability performance of suppliers of hotel furnishings and supplies. The scorecard, known as the Hospitality Sustainable Purchasing Index (HSP Index) measures corporate social responsibility, product, and environmental sustainability performance. Consortium members are currently evaluating the HSP Index to ensure that it meets the information and measurement ... (Read Full Article)

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    20. Travel buying in Namibia '100 per cent clueless'

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Oct 31 2011)

      "Too much trust is placed in what travel agents say. The result is they are charging more even doubling prices charged by airlines and hotels," Monique Swart, founder of ABTA. (Read Full Article)

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    21. Sustainability loses out to cost cutting in business travel

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Oct 19 2011)

      An annual survey shows that only 4 per cent of respondents believe their company is cutting travel for CSR reasons. (Read Full Article)

    22. More Power to Travel Procurement Pros

      Explore mypurchasingcenter.com (Oct 17 2011)

      More Power to Travel Procurement Pros .... about ancillary fees charged by airlines and how companies are handling them. The explosive growth of the fees is particularly frustrating for customers, he said. A source of the frustration: A lack of visibility into traveler spending on the fees for checked baggage, meals, upgrades and the like. With the proliferation of data on travel spending financial institutions like BMO are much more a part of the travel data ecosystem than they had been just a few years ago, he said. What keeps his team busy--in addition to integrating recent acquisition Diner’s Club--is making sure data that’s available ... (Read Full Article)

    23. SABC probes car lease report

      Explore iol.co.za (Oct 11 2011)

      SABC probes car lease report The SA Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has launched an investigation into the alleged breach of a moratorium on leasing of new vehicles, spokesman Kaizer Kganyago said on Tuesday. “We are acting on the matter, we are speaking to people,” he said. He was responding to an Eyewitness News report that the public broadcaster spent R20 million on luxury vehicles for its news team. According to the report, 86 new vehicles were sourced from the SABC’s current suppliers in September for R20 million, despite a moratorium being in place while a new tender process was underway. Eyewitness News reported that in ... (Read Full Article)

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    24. Procurement should boost travel policy compliance

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Oct 1 2011)

      Advice is issued to tackle out-of-policy business travel spend. (Read Full Article)

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    25. Travel Buyers Sentiment Very Positive

      Explore mypurchasingcenter.com (Oct 1 2011)

      This annual survey of travel buyers takes a detailed look at their economic expectations for the business travel industry.Topics covered include general business conditions, average company travel spend, change in travel spend for 2011, and anticipated changes in the cost of airfare, lodging, and car rentals. For the first time, this study also looks at outbound international travel spend, including the anticipated changes in total spend, cost for international coach and business class airfare, and lodging..... (Read Full Article)

    26. US splurges on business travel but not for long

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Sep 21 2011)

      US companies are more likely to reimburse business travellers for fitness centre and entertainment fees. (Read Full Article)

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