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    1. Earning trust top focus for procurement in 2015 – Hackett Group

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Mar 24 2015)

      Earning trust top focus for procurement in 2015 – Hackett Group

      A Hackett Group report says procurement will focus on three main transformational areas in 2015: cultivating the function’s role as a trusted advisor; investing in next-generation training and development and harnessing big data.

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    2. How to build a sustainable supplybase in Africa

      Explore Responsible Procurement (Mar 17 2015)

      How to build a sustainable supplybase in Africa

      Very few companies have an active strategy towards procuring in Africa. I wonder why, because Africa is one of the worlds largest and fastest growing marketplaces both when it comes to need and opportunity. Many procurement professionals are resisting the temptation.

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    3. NLP in Procurement - For Purchasing Teams

      Explore Category Management (Mar 5 2015)

      Provides guidance on how procurement specialists can use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to improve their communication skills and their ability to influence stakeholders and suppliers.

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    4. New IBM Procurement Study Points to New Value Proposition

      Explore Supply Chain 24/7 (Feb 27 2015)

      Will this be the year procurement finally evolves from its “cost center” image to one that will gladden the hearts of corporate CFOs worldwide? Researchers at the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) think so, and present a compelling argument that change in perception is well underway.

      In “The journey to value – Transforming procurement to drive the enterprise agenda,”  IBM reveals how it worked with The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to obtain management feedback on the current state of procurement. While most of the answers were hardly startling, a new pattern is clearly emerging in the global marketplace

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    5. SA and India should take advantage of growth in each other’s economies

      Explore SA News (Feb 26 2015)

      Pretoria - South African and Indian companies should take advantage of the growth and economic development in each other’s countries, says Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Mzwandile Masina.

      “There are great opportunities offered by both countries to be explored in manufacturing, agriculture and infrastructure development. Telengana, as a new state, has a massive infrastructure plan that our companies could take part in and collaborate with the local Indian companies,” said the Deputy Minister.

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    6. Why Procurement Is No Longer Just a Numbers Game

      Explore Supply Chain Management (Feb 9 2015)

      Why Procurement Is No Longer Just a Numbers Game

      CPOs are contributing real value to the organization. Is this really true?

      If a new CPO study from IBM’s Institute for Business Value is to be believed, it’s actually starting to happen. The firm surveyed just over 1,000 companies – a sampling that was exceeded only by IBM’s study from the prior year, according to author and research lead Steve Peterson. All of the respondents were companies with annual revenues of $1bn or more.


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    7. A project based approach to procurement

      Explore pppmanagement.blogspot.com (Feb 6 2015)

      Project management methodologies are built upon structures that review and report progress, provide direction and represent the business. By establishing an organisational structure, with senior management representation and a governance board effective management of the procurement activity in line with the corporate expectations is enabled. 

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    8. Africa: Million Pixels For Africa - An entrepreneur's answer to start-up funding

      Explore allAfrica.com (Feb 4 2015)

      Africa: Million Pixels For Africa - An entrepreneur's answer to start-up funding

      Zimbabwean entrepreneur Vuyo Sakala has always dreamed big and wanted to develop and provide great products and services for Africa. After studying Architecture in Australia, and noticing the lack of information he had access to about what was happening back home in Zimbabwe and the rest of the African continent as a whole, he came up with the idea of designing and building five regional information portals that would cover the continent; one each for north, south, east, west, and central Africa.

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    9. How To Build A World-Class Global Procurement Organization

      Explore forbes.com (Jan 27 2015)

      How To Build A World-Class Global Procurement Organization

      Procurement is often a company’s biggest cost item, in some industries accounting for as much as 80% of total costs. And it is often one of the first areas companies target for cost savings. However, when companies set out to gain those benefits, they often find themselves face to face [...]

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    10. Five ways pitching out creative briefs will kill your brand

      Explore Marketing and Media in South Africa (Jan 26 2015)

      Over the past few years, we have witnessed an ever-growing trend, in which large FMCG brands attempt to generate savings through aggressive procurement policies. In the marketing industry, this means 'pitching out' design projects to as many agencies as possible.

      This may seem sensible when dealing with an apples-for-apples comparison of hardware, or a measurable service, but there are a number of good reasons why pitching out creative design will eventually destroy your brand.

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    11. Nigeria: New Innovation Hub to Create 50,000 Direct Jobs

      Explore allAfrica.com (Jan 15 2015)

      Nigeria: New Innovation Hub to Create 50,000 Direct Jobs

      [This Day]Promoters of the SmartCity Innovation Hub technology project have promised to create 50,000 direct employments in the next five years. The hub is designed to promote economic diversification and to move the country towards a knowledge-based economy.

      The project is a bold move to bring together technology, government and society in ways that promote the culture of innovation and the competitiveness between allied businesses and knowledge-based institutions.

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    12. Trade facilitation: The key to unlocking Africa’s trade potential

      Explore Polity.org.za (Jan 9 2015)

      Trade facilitation: The key to unlocking Africa’s trade potential

      Trade facilitation, defined as the simplification and harmonisation of international trade procedures with the objective of minimising obstacles to the movement of goods across borders,(2) is high on the global trade agenda.

      The elimination of trade restrictions in the form of institutional and regulatory reform and improved customs and port efficiency is particularly pertinent to the African region, which, though relatively open with a trade-GDP ratio of 55.7% in 2009, currently accounts for a paltry 3% of global trade.

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    13. The Wrong Way To Get Cost Reduction

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Dec 15 2014)

      The Wrong Way To Get Cost Reduction

      There’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything. Bullying suppliers into slashing their prices, as alleged in this report last week, is the wrong way to control costs. While the report concerns a UK company in the retailing industry, the practice of bullying is in no way restricted to that industry or country. US automotive manufacturers were notorious in the past for their hardball tactics with suppliers, though today they see the value of collaboration. Some miners in North America were bringing heavy pressure on suppliers to slash prices last summer.

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    14. Procurement contributes to annual savings of £1.1 billion at BBC

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Nov 28 2014)

       "Savvy” procurement saved the BBC more than £70 million on goods and services this year, a report into the broadcaster's efficiency has stated. Total category spend of £655 million across 11 ...

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    15. Supply Chain “Aspirations”

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Nov 17 2014)

      Supply Chain “Aspirations”

      Does your procurement/supply management department have a truly strategic role in your company? Does it get invited EARLY on new initiatives, new projects, acquisition evaluations, new plant sites, etc.? Or, is your department generally involved at the stage when some paperwork needs to be taken care of?

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    16. Lessons at the dinner table from an old pro

      Explore BDlive (Nov 16 2014)

      Lessons at the dinner table from an old pro

      ONE of the country’s most experienced corporate leaders, Mark Lamberti, says South Africa’s problems are structural, not cyclical — and turning things around will take time.

      The CEO of Imperial Holdings, the R100bn-a-year logistics and industrial services company, is determined to be optimistic about South Africa’s chances no matter what — and walks out of dinner parties if the talk is too downbeat.

      But, he says, urgent action is required.  If the government does not “hammer away” at the National Development Plan

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    17. Procurement’s night of celebration | by Kate Ferreira

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Nov 13 2014)

      Procurement’s night of celebration | by Kate Ferreira

      The who’s who of African procurement descended on the Premier Hotel OR Tambo on 30 October for the CIPS Pan African Procurement Awards 2014. The prestigious annual event is run by The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) and in association with State Owned Enterprise Procurement Forum (SOEPF).

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    18. Banking Innovation: Exorcising Procurement's Demons

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Nov 13 2014)

      Banking Innovation: Exorcising Procurement's Demons

      Think of the exorcist: I bet what you come up with is a far cry from the corporate world of suits and boardrooms. But when we talk of a function undergoing somewhat of a transformation, the strange parallels become clear.
      80% of banks now partner with current suppliers for innovation, according to the latest Innovation in Retail Banking study, put together by Efma and Infosys, and the growing presence of start-up partnerships in the supply chain is now well documented.


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    19. Global A.T. Kearney Study Reveals New Procurement Trends

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Oct 15 2014)

      Leading company procurement organizations reap double the measurable cost reduction versus other companies, while also driving competitive advantage through supplier-driven innovation and risk management. While procurement organizations for leading companies have continued their upward trajectory, most companies only sustained the gains they made between 2008 and 2011.

      These findings were reported in a study released today by A.T. Kearney titled “Procurement Powered Business Performance: Assessment of Excellence in Procurement (AEP) Study 2014.” This year’s AEP is the eighth edition in a series that started in 1992.


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    20. The Dark Side of Efficient Markets

      Explore HBR Blog Network (Oct 15 2014)

      It is generally accepted that efficiency represents the optimal, aspirational state for any market. Efficient markets, which feature many buyers and sellers and perfect information flowing between them, determine the “right price” and hence allocate society’s resources optimally.

      Those are indeed positive features. But every good thing is like a face caressed by the sun. The rays that light and warm the face automatically cast a dark shadow behind it. The shadow of an efficient market is increased price volatility — quite the opposite of what we expect from efficient markets.

      Think about how markets evolve. We’ll take the ...

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    21. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Grand Challenge Partners Commit to Innovation with New Investments in Breakthrough Science

      Explore allAfrica.com (Oct 7 2014)

      Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Grand Challenge Partners Commit to Innovation with New Investments in Breakthrough Science

      Seattle —  A consortium of partners including Brazil, Canada, India, Norway, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States will fund a new phase of Grand Challenge initiatives.

      At an event in Seattle commemorating the tenth anniversary of Grand Challenges, a group of international partners today announced three new initiatives aimed at creating breakthroughs in science.

      This anniversary event, attended by scientists and researchers from around the world, celebrates a decade of progress since the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's launch of the initial Grand Challenges in Global Health initiative. This original US$450 million research initiative was created to ...

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    22. Unilever Partners To Win

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Sep 30 2014)

      It seems as if this represents a real change from it being a privilege to do business with Unilever to it being a privilege for Unilever to do business with suppliers, especially those who share your values and commitments.

      Read this inspiring interview with CPO Dhaval Buch where he discusses Unilever’s strategic approach to supplier relationship management and it’s Sustainable Living Plan.


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    23. Procurement delivers seven times return on investment, says CIPS

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Sep 16 2014)

      A study conducted by AT Kearney, the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) and CIPS found leading teams generate almost £1 million in financial benefits per procurement employee each year. Building the ...

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    24. Winners CIPS Supply Management Awards 2014

      Explore CIPS Supply Management Awards (Sep 12 2014)

      Winners CIPS Supply Management Awards 2014

      The winners of the CIPS Supply Management Awards 2014 were announced on 11 September.  The even took place at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London.

      Take a look at the category winners and runners up.


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