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    1. Traditional or agile: resilient supply chains in manufacturing | by Elaine Porteous

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Jan 14 2015)

      Traditional or agile: resilient supply chains in manufacturing | by Elaine Porteous

      The overall engineering and manufacturing (E & M) sector faces a myriad of issues around supply chain volatility, including dealing with natural disasters and supplier disruptions.

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    2. Telkom to cut its R17bn procurement bill

      Explore Engineering News (Aug 5 2014)

      Telkom to cut its R17bn procurement bill

      Embattled telecommunications giant Telkom is eyeing significant procurement cost cuts as part of actions to return the group to sustainability. In the 2014 financial year, Telkom spent roughly R17-billion with suppliers, chief procurement officer Ian Russell said at an investor presentation earlier this week.

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    3. Eskom mulls restart of some suspended savings schemes in wake of load shedding

      Explore Engineering News (Mar 11 2014)

      Eskom mulls restart of some suspended savings schemes in wake of load shedding

      Outgoing Eskom CEO Brian Dames reported on Tuesday that the utility was considering restarting some of the energy-saving programmes that were suspended in late 2013 as a result of funding constraints. Speaking at a briefing hosted by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dames said he had requested the integrated demand management (IDM) unit to prepare a proposal for board for approval.

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    4. Top tips on how to use data analytics in the supply chain

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Jan 10 2014)

      Top tips on how to use data analytics in the supply chain

      In the not so distant past, a supply chain was simply the road from a farmer’s field to the market. Fast forward to 2014 and the picture has changed completely. Supply chains are now extremely complex global networks, strained by increasing consumer demands. The simple A to B path has been replaced with interdependent routes involving many suppliers, intermediaries and localities.

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    5. Woolies takes lead in farming for future

      Explore BDlive (Oct 31 2013)

      Woolies takes lead in farming for future

      WOOLWORTHS is pioneering a new method of farming that sets out to help the farmers grow quality produce while protecting the environment, preserving natural resources and reducing dependence on synthetic fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides — all without adding anything to the price that the consumer pays.

      Between 88% and 92% of the Cape Town-based chain’s fresh produce is grown locally, and its policy is to import only when it cannot obtain produce in SA.

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    6. DoE to approach small power producers for REIPPPP before year-end

      Explore Engineering News (Apr 9 2013)

      DoE to approach small power producers for REIPPPP before year-end

      The Department of Energy (DoE) will, before the end of this year, advertise for small power producers, with projects under 5 MW, to participate in its small-generator programme under the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP), DoE deputy director-general of energy for programmes and projects Dr Wolsey Barnard said on Tuesday. Speaking at the Power & Electricity World Africa conference, in Sandton, on behalf of Energy Minister Dipuo Peters, he noted that the small-generator programme was designed to stimulate participation of small and emerging project developers.

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    7. Limpopo mine drawing power from 1 MW solar plant

      Explore Engineering News (Feb 13 2013)

      Limpopo mine drawing power from 1 MW solar plant

      A 1 MW off-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) facility has officially been integrated into the electricity supply system at Cronimet’s chrome mine, in South Africa’s Limpopo province. The mine, which forms part of a larger international enterprise that supplies and recycles stainless steel raw materials, has introduced the PV facility in an effort to reduce its reliance on diesel generators.

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    8. Solar developer sees project scope beyond DoE-led programme

      Explore Engineering News (Dec 7 2012)

      Solar developer sees project scope beyond DoE-led programme

      South Africa’s much-praised Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme (REIPPP) should be seen as only one part of the nation’s renewable-energy opportunity, large-scale solar power plant developer Ciel & Terre South Africa business development manager Yoann Joyeux argues. Addressing industry stakeholders and members of the French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry this week, Joyeux said that South Africa’s Department of Energy (DoE) was starting to replicate successful foreign renewable-energy initiatives through the REIPPP.

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    9. Beyond Price Benchmarking: Spend Benchmarking (Part 1)

      Explore Spend Matters (Jul 20 2012)

      Spend Matters welcomes a guest post series from The Hackett Group's Pierre Mitchell. We strongly encourage Spend Matters practitioner readers to take advantage of the offer Pierre will share in Part 2 of the series next week. Most procurement org... (Read Full Article)

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    10. The New Normal for the Procurement Organizations

      Explore Spend Matters (Jul 17 2012)

      As a result of the 2008 global recession, many companies were forced to abandon collaborative sourcing approaches in order to obtain immediate cost reductions. While there is no doubt that generating immediate savings has a substantial impact to a company and its financial wellbeing -- it is a short-term gain that typically is not sustainable. As the economy recovers, procurement's value proposition is resurfacing with a stronger focus on sustainability and governance.

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    11. Capital gains

      Explore cpoagenda.com (Feb 28 2012)

      How can procurement develop the capabilities to deliver on the organisation's capital investment agenda?

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    12. Procurement to tackle £3.5bn loss at Lloyds

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Feb 24 2012)

      Procurement to tackle £3.5bn loss at Lloyds

      Advances in group sourcing at embattled British bank Lloyds will be a core strategy for addressing at least some of its massive £3.5bn loss, according to its latest results statement.

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    13. Balancing Demand and Supply in a Rapidly Changing World:

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Feb 23 2012)

      This is the first of a four-part weekly series, “Are You Ready for the Megatrends?”

      The premier supply chain organizations are those that do the best job at balancing supply and demand across multiple products and locations.  The best companies can do this because they are either able to anticipate and address small-scale imbalances before they become larger problems, or because they are capable of responding very quickly, after-the-fact, when inevitable spikes or dips in demand or supply occur.

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    14. Too Bad the US Post Office Did Not Follow Royal Mail's Lead

      Explore Sourcing Innovation (Feb 23 2012)

      The US Post Office is in dire straits. So dire that, as per the transcript of this PBS.org Newsmaker Interview from December 5, 2011, on how the U.S. Postal Service Faces Big Changes Amid [its] Struggle to Deliver on Profitability, the post office is planning to shutter almost half of the nation's mail processing centres next spring. Given that it is currently 15 Billion in debt and owes about 5 Billion for retiree health benefits, it needs to save 20 Billion fast and it's solution is a significant restructuring that it hopes will allow it to ...

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    15. Fertiliser industry passes price risk to supply chain

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Feb 18 2012)

      Greater transparency between manufacturers, wholesalers, farmers and traders would reduce price volatility.

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    16. Measure of success

      Explore cpoagenda.com (Jan 25 2012)

      What are the top procurement performance benchmarks used by CPOs and how effective are they? Measuring procurement performance can be as complex and nuanced as the value that the function can deliver. (Read Full Article)

    17. Four Key Strategies for Supply Chain Managers in 2012

      Explore Supply Chain Nation (Jan 16 2012)

      Demand variability, globalization, new product introduction and increasing customer expectations will all contribute to continued volatility in 2012. That being said, supply chain managers should seek strategies that deliver profitability, reliability and agility. This requires synchronization across two dimensions: 1) … (Read Full Article)

    18. In Search of Supply Chain Excellence

      Explore Supply Chain Shaman (Jan 6 2012)

      In Search of Supply Chain Excellence 2012 is the Thirtieth Anniversary of Supply Chain Management. 2012 is a big year. Time to Celebrate the Pioneers. We are currently training the fourth generation of supply chain leaders. The first generation is passing the baton. They are leaving the workforce. This generation fought for a place at a table–any table– to talk about supply chain management. (Read Full Article)

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    19. Can you demand manage your way out of a crisis?

      Explore procurement-iu.com (Dec 20 2011)

      Can you demand manage your way out of a crisis? For many CPOs, demand management is a leading priority. Even though recent PIU research has revealed that there is only a limited concern with procurement leaders at the moment. However, as a precautionary measure, purchasing functions may be gearing up new demand management programmes in anticipation for another round of belt tightening within the corporate world. Yet, there may be opportunities to increase expenditure. In many areas we have seen collapse in prices for commodities recently. Early in the year, we even witnessed dramatic crashes in the price of gold and silver. The cost of shipping has remained consistently low ... (Read Full Article)

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    20. CPO Agenda and KPMG Global Procurement Excellence Benchmarking Survey

      Explore cpoagenda.com (Dec 20 2011)

      Headline Findings

      • While it is broadly recognised procurement’s overall value creation has progressed hugely, the research suggests that for many organisations this has stagnated.
      • Even after 20 years since the birth of category management and strategic sourcing, there are still few organisations that achieved ‘excellence’ rating...
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    21. Lean Sourcing Maturity: Stage Three

      Explore Spend Matters (Dec 12 2011)

      At the "Advanced" or "Level 3" maturity phase for lean sourcing, we see a mild transformation take place in the resident skills of procurement and supply chain. Often times at this level, the... (Read Full Article)

    22. ISM semiannual report calls for continued economic growth in 2012

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Dec 8 2011)

      ISM semiannual report calls for continued economic growth in 2012 While the economic recovery is showing some encouraging signs of late, it received another one this week in the form of the Institute of Supply Management’s Semiannual Economic Forecast. (Read Full Article)

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    23. Of the "10 Supply Chain Concerns for 2011"... 5 Are Clearly in Procurement's New Wheelhouse (Part 1)

      Explore Spend Matters (Nov 29 2011)

      Over on Supply Chain Digital, I came across a recent post quoting the study highlights from a consultancy, Crimson & Co, examining the top ten supply chain concerns of 2011. Curiously enough, we count at least five that are clearly in procurement's w... (Read Full Article)

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    24. Trends I am Watching

      Explore Supply Chain Shaman (Nov 28 2011)

      It is that time again:  ring out the old and ring in the new.  The end of the year is a good time to reflect on the most significant trends of the past year and launch research into new areas.  Here I share both: Significant Trends of 2011 Supply Chain Disruptions:  With the floods in Thailand, [...] (Read Full Article)

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