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    1. Probe Sassa tender – Corruption Watch

      Explore Polity.org.za (Apr 23 2014)

      Probe Sassa tender – Corruption Watch

      Police should probe a tender awarded by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) to Cash Paymaster Services (CPS), Corruption Watch said on Tuesday.  "Corruption Watch will urge the police to undertake an investigation into allegations of bribery surrounding the Sassa contract," executive director David Lewis said in a statement.

      "The presence of irregularities in the tender process begs the question: in whose interest were these irregularities perpetrated, and why?" On Thursday, the Constitutional Court ordered Sassa to initiate a new tender process for the payment of welfare grants, but said in the meanwhile (CPS) must continue to carry out ...

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    2. Nigeria to tackle government procurement fraud with UK help

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Apr 22 2014)

      A team of British accountants will travel to Nigeria to advise the government on how to tackle procurement fraud.

      Staff from the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) will “train several government bodies to stop corruption in government procurement”.

      The project is part of an initiative by the UK government’s Department for International Development (DFID) to improve financial management in developing countries. Under DFID’s Investment Facility for Utilising Specialist Expertise (IFUSE) scheme, teams from five chartered accountancy institutes will be travelling to countries including Zambia and Ethiopia to share international best practice.

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    3. Namibia: Majority of Businesses View Corruption As a Risk

      Explore allAfrica.com (Apr 22 2014)

      THE latest Ernst & Young-Namibian Fraud & Corruption Landscape Survey shows that 79% of Namibian businesses view fraud and corruption as a big risk.

      Executive management and risk management staff of 90 Namibian companies were surveyed for their views on fraud, bribery and corruption in Namibia and their efforts to mitigate these risks.

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    4. Construction industry, government in bid to mend ‘catastrophically’ damaged relations

      Explore Polity.org.za (Apr 9 2014)

      A formal process has been initiated in an effort to rebuild trust that had been “catastrophically” destroyed between government and the construction industry in the wake of revelations of widespread collusion, Murray & Roberts (M&R) CEO Henry Laas has revealed.

      He said it would be premature to disclose who from industry and government was participating in the initiative, which was being facilitated by the South African Forum of Civil Engineering Contractors. However, Laas disclosed that two meetings had already taken place and that four Ministers had participated in the interactions, with the most recent meeting having occurred on April 8.

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    5. Uganda overhauls procurement rules to 'eliminate influence peddling'

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Apr 8 2014)

      Government procurement regulations in Uganda have been revamped to support local businesses, speed up processes and "eliminate influence peddling”.

      Under the changes bid evaluation teams will have to work to fixed time frames, and officials and ministers will not be allowed to bid for contracts with the government institution they are employed by or responsible for. A tribunal will also be established to handle complaints about the work of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA).

      The new regulations include preference schemes that give advantages to local suppliers when procuring goods, services and works.

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    6. More SASSA Officials Nabbed for Fraud

      Explore allAfrica.com (Apr 4 2014)

      Three more officials have been arrested in the South African Social Security Agency's ongoing fight against fraud and corruption.  The officials, who are based at the KwaMhlanga local office in Mpumalanga, were arrested during a joint operation on Thursday for defrauding the agency of a total amount of R752 460.

      The joint operation is between SASSA, the SA Police Service (SAPS) and the National Prosecution Authority.

      The arrest of the officials follows a report by a member of the public on 8 January 2012, who informed the agency that two beneficiaries from Verena in Mpumalanga, were receiving fraudulent disability ...

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    7. Technology agency CEO sacked after damning audit

      Explore BDlive (Apr 2 2014)

      Technology agency CEO sacked after damning audit

      TECHNOLOGY Innovation Agency (TIA) CEO Simphiwe Duma has been axed after a damning forensic audit report levelled allegations of nepotism, intimidation of external auditors, and irregular investment and procurement transactions.

      The transgressions occurred when Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele still chaired the board of the agency. Last year, Dr Ramphele dismissed the probe in TIA as a waste of taxpayers’ money.

      The Hawks have now been given the task of taking the matter forward after six staff members of the agency, including the CEO and chief financial officer Barbara Kortjass, were subjected to disciplinary proceedings.

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    8. Africa Loses U.S.$60 Billion Annually Through Illicit Financial Flows says Mbeki

      Explore allAfrica.com (Mar 31 2014)

      Monies for infrastructure and social amenities for the poor African population are being transferred to other countries via illicit financial flows.

      A former South African President, Thabo Mbeki, on Sunday in Abuja said African countries lose between $50 billion and $60 billion annually through illicit financial flow, IFF.  The former South African President was the Chairman of the panel set up by the Economic Commission for Africa, ECA, in 2012 to look into the nature of illicit funds in the continent.

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    9. Zimbabwe: Govt Introduces New Licences

      Explore allAfrica.com (Mar 28 2014)

      Zimbabwe: Govt Introduces New Licences

      The Ministry of Industry and commerce has introduced new import and export licences with special security features on selected goods as a way of curbing rampant corruption and smuggling through the country's border points.

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    10. Kenya: Grey market, bribes and power costs hurting firms

      Explore allAfrica.com (Mar 18 2014)

      Kenya: Grey market, bribes and power costs hurting firms

      The informal business sector, corruption, and electricity outages are the major impediments to the growth of private owned firms that operate in the manufacturing and retail sectors, according to a new study by a World Bank financing arm.

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    11. Nigeria: Expert Canvasses Comprehensive Legal Framework On Violations From Corruption

      Explore allAfrica.com (Mar 13 2014)

      [This Day]Legal Adviser at Amnesty International in London, UK, Dr. Kolawole Olaniyan, has canvassed for a comprehensive and complementary legal framework that addresses the criminal law dimension of the problem and contributes to holding states accountable for the human rights violations that stem from corruption.

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    12. Tesco emphasises ethics as plans to buy clothes from Ethiopia

      Explore Polity.org.za (Mar 13 2014)

      Tesco emphasises ethics as plans to buy clothes from Ethiopia

      Tesco, the world's third-largest retailer, expects to source more clothes from Ethiopia, but wants the nascent industry there to uphold high ethical standards as global chains seek to prevent factory disasters like those seen in Bangladesh.

      "Ethiopia is a very exciting potential country to grow a supply chain but needs to grow up to be a well regulated, ethical new industry," Giles Bolton, ethical trading director at Tesco, told the Retail Week Live conference on Wednesday.

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    13. Nigeria: Tinubu's Daughter Denies Accepting N20 Million Bribe

      Explore allAfrica.com (Mar 3 2014)

      [This Day]The President-General of Association of Market Women and Men in Nigeria and All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu's daughter, Mrs. Folashade Tinubu-Ojo, at the weekend denied demanding a bribe of N20 million from a set of traders in the state.

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    14. SIU gets go ahead to probe communications tender

      Explore Polity.org.za (Feb 26 2014)

      SIU gets go ahead to probe communications tender

      President Jacob Zuma has signed a proclamation authorising the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) to investigate a multi-million rand tender, which the Department of Communications awarded to Media Corner.

      The proclamation authorises the SIU to investigate the validity of the department awarding the tender to Media Corner to render services in respect of a public awareness campaign, relating to the broadcasting digital migration process project.

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    15. ‘SA companies top fraud survey’

      Explore iol.co.za (Feb 19 2014)

      ‘SA companies top fraud survey’

      South African companies experience more fraud and bribery than their counterparts elsewhere in the world, a survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has found.

      They were being hit by a higher incidence in every category of economic crime except intellectual property infringement and mortgage fraud, it said in its Global Economic Crime Survey 2014 released on Tuesday.

      Bribery and corruption had been the fastest growing economic crime category in South Africa since 2011.

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    16. Centralising Govt's Tender System Will Root Out Corruption

      Explore allAfrica.com (Feb 16 2014)

      Centralising government's tender system will go a long way in rooting out corruption in the public service, President Jacob Zuma said on Sunday.

      In an interview with the national broadcaster on Sunday, Zuma told SABC the fight against corruption would be better won when there was a central tender board in place to deal with all tenders. It would also make it easy to police corrupt officials.

      Zuma was responding to a question regarding his announcement that government had decided to establish a central tender board to adjudicate tenders in all spheres of government.

      He made the announcement during ...

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    17. Corruption Watch SA - Erosion of Trust, in Numbers

      Explore allAfrica.com (Feb 7 2014)

      In its newest report, Corruption Watch, a public advocacy NGO, has painted a picture of the endemic corruption in South Africa and it is not a particularly pretty one. Taken together with the most recent Auditor General's annual report, the description of South Africa's moral landscape is troubling.

      Corruption should always be a troubling word. It conjures up images of shadowy guys in trench coats meeting in a dark parking garage as one hands the other a brown envelope filled with cash - as ample thanks for a favour already rendered, or, perhaps, in anticipation of one to be ...

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    18. Zuma orders investigation into ‘unlawful’ conduct of SA Post Office

      Explore Polity.org.za (Feb 5 2014)

      Zuma orders investigation into ‘unlawful’ conduct of SA Post Office

      President Jacob Zuma has signed a proclamation directing the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) to investigate allegations of “serious “maladministration by the South African Post Office (SAPO), improper or unlawful conduct by SAPO officials and unlawful appropriation or expenditure of public money. 

      Allegations to be investigated by the SIU included irregularities, malpractice or maladministration in the affairs of the SAPO in relation to the management of immovable property, intentional or negligent loss of public money and damage to public property.

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    19. CESA calls for investigation of ‘blatant’ municipal tender irregularity

      Explore Engineering News (Jan 31 2014)

      CESA calls for investigation of ‘blatant’ municipal tender irregularity

      Following complaints from its member firms, Consulting Engineers South Africa (Cesa) has noted “with concern the blatant abuse of Section 32 of the Municipal Finance Management Act” and has called on the Auditor General, National Treasury and the Public Protector to investigate the deviations. According to the organisation, Section 32 dealt with the procurement of goods and services under contracts secured by other organs of State.

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    20. Zuma's ANC Is Not Serious About Fighting Corruption

      Explore allAfrica.com (Jan 24 2014)

      It has been revealed today that a number of ANC leaders who have made it onto the party's list of candidates to go to Parliament or provincial legislatures are either facing corruption charges or have already been found guilty.

      This includes former ANC Chief Whip, Tony Yengeni, who was found guilty for accepting a bribe during the Arms Deal; ANC Northern Cape Chairman, John Block, who has had criminal charges laid against him for fraud and racketeering; former Gauteng MEC, Humphrey Mmemezi, who was fired for misuse of public money and former ANCYL Treasurer, Pule Mabe who faces charges ...

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    21. Nehawu calls for state drug company

      Explore iol.co.za (Jan 20 2014)

      Nehawu calls for state drug company

      Johannesburg - A state-owned pharmaceutical company would be the best way to keep the costs of medication down, the National Education Health and Allied Workers Union (Nehawu) said on Monday.

      Spokesman Sizwe Pamla said in a statement that privately-owned drug companies were motivated by profit rather than the well-being of those who rely on their medications.  “We should also remember that these people make their money from commodifying and prolonging sickness and not from curing it"

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    22. Namibia: RA Office Tender Queried

      Explore allAfrica.com (Jan 13 2014)

      Namibia: RA Office Tender Queried

      The Namibian Roads Authority (RA), the parastatal that was embroiled in a dodgy procurement deal last year, is again in the news for awarding a tender to a highest bidder that quoted the institution N$219 million, which is N$22 million more than other bidders.

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    23. Top-class courier services more crucial than ever in South Africa

      Explore BDlive (Jan 9 2014)

      Top-class courier services more crucial than ever in South Africa

      Very few providers ‘tick all the right boxes for comprehensive and complex urgent local deliveries’, writes Evan Pickworth

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    24. Where the buck stops in supply chain management

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jan 6 2014)

      Supply chain management has been in the news lately, and not in a favorable way. Recently, Hitachi Consulting revealed that supply chains are not a major concern for many top executives who responded to its survey, a fact that is jarring to say the least, and hopefully not indicative of management sentiment generally.

      Then, there were all the reports of the horrific Bangladesh factory collapse that killed 1,100 garment workers. Those reports included one about a clothing manufacturer who claimed no responsibility for the victims. Yes, the company is part of a consortium funding safety upgrades to Bangladesh factories ...

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