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    1. Banks to miss deadline to upgrade ATMs

      Explore iol.co.za (Mar 18 2014)

      Banks around the world, consumed with meeting more stringent capital regulations, will miss a deadline to upgrade outdated software for ATMs and face additional costs to Microsoft to keep them secure.

      The US software company first warned that it was planning to end support for Windows XP in 2007, but only a third of the world’s 2.2 million ATMs that use the system will have been upgraded to a new platform, such as Windows 7, by the deadline next month, according to NCR, one of the biggest ATM makers.

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    2. Grindrod to raise capital for R10bn infrastructure project pipeline

      Explore Engineering News (Feb 27 2014)

      Freight and logistics service provider Grindrod had a R10-billion project pipeline planned for sub-Saharan Africa, said Grindrod CEO Alan Olivier on Thursday. He told Engineering News Online that the capital expenditure for some of these projects had already been approved by the Grindrod board – R1.6-billion from 2014 to 2016.

      The remaining projects were in various stages of development, and, for example, had either already been costed, or were awaiting regulatory approval or commitment from customers, said Olivier.

      All the projects were aimed at creating new or replacement infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa, allowing Grindrod to better service trade flows on ...

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    3. SA banks maintain appetite for renewable energy projects

      Explore Polity.org.za (Feb 11 2014)

      SA banks maintain appetite for renewable energy projects

      South Africa has enough liquidity to finance the next round of renewable-energy projects, with local banks maintaining their appetite in the emerging industry, a panel said at the Solarplaza conference, held in Sandton on Tuesday.

      The panel, which comprised Standard Bank investment banking senior manager for power and infrastructure Bhavtik Vallabhjee, Vantage GreenX Fund MD Alastair Campbell and Fieldstone Private Capital Group MD Jonathan Berman, noted that, in terms of the nation’s energy needs, the four big banks were well positioned to finance long-term, large-scale projects.

      South Africa’s portfolio of the Department of Energy-led Renewable Energy Independent Power ...

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    4. Standard Bank, Massmart set up R20m assistance facility for BEE contractors

      Explore Engineering News (Jan 22 2014)

      Standard Bank, Massmart set up R20m assistance facility for BEE contractors

      Standard Bank has joined forces with construction materials group Massbuild to provide a R20-million credit facility for select black economic-empowerment (BEE) building contractors, aimed at enabling them to establish sustainable businesses and improve their ability to deliver as preferred suppliers to government.

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    5. Supply chain disruption remains top concern for global insurance firms

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Jan 15 2014)

      Supply chain disruption, natural catastrophes, and fires or explosions are the risks that global insurance companies are most concerned about in the coming year.

      The Allianz Risk Barometer 2014 found that 43 per cent of corporate insurance experts are worried about business interruption and supply chain risk. This is down slightly from last year’s 46 per cent.   Natural catastrophes (storms, floods, earthquakes) are second on the business risks list.


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    6. Cyber security insurance grows in popularity

      Explore Technology News and Analysis (Nov 15 2013)

      Cyber security insurance grows in popularity

      It's possible to insure against most things these days, but cyber security insurance is a relatively new field and findings by NSS Labs show that it's becoming more popular. The report rounds up a number of recent surveys which put cyber insurance adoption at around one third of large US businesses.

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    7. Absa commits R10.8bn to REIPPPP round 3 projects

      Explore Engineering News (Nov 11 2013)

      Absa commits R10.8bn to REIPPPP round 3 projects

      Absa Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) on Monday said it would provide R10.8-billion of debt funding to a total of six projects, comprising wind, solar photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP), under the third round of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP).

      Absa CIB committed about one-third of the total debt committed overall by South Africa’s commercial banks for the REIPPPP’s third bidding window, with the projects supported by Absa totalling a combined yearly power output of 635 MW.

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    8. Standard Bank backing another R10bn worth of SA renewables projects

      Explore Engineering News (Oct 14 2013)

      Standard Bank backing another R10bn worth of SA renewables projects

      Standard Bank Corporate and Investment Banking reports that it is backing projects worth R10-billion as part of South Africa’s third renewable-energy bidding round, which is currently in the final stages of adjudication. CEO David Munro says the projects have a combined capacity of more than 1 000 MW and that the bank, which was a leading funder of projects during the first two rounds, is eagerly awaiting the outcome of the adjudication process.

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    9. Tackling the talent crisis

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Oct 1 2013)

      Tackling the talent crisis

      A CPO from the financial services industry talks about the benefit of using best practice to assess skills needs in her procurement team. Training remains a much discussed topic in the procurement community. Procurement Leaders recently ran a global benchmarking study, which revealed that investment in staff training goes up as procurement functions mature – from an average of 3.7 days per year at the least advanced companies up to 8.4 days at the most advanced companies. 

      But at the same time, there is a limit to the benefits of continued investment, often coming down to a much dreaded ...

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    10. Prasa names BEE firms for consortium

      Explore iol.co.za (Aug 2 2013)

      Prasa names BEE firms for consortium

      The Passenger Rail Agency of SA (Prasa) has selected three black economic empowerment (BEE) firms to partner the Gibela Rail Transport consortium, which is leading its R51 billion rolling stock fleet renewal programme.

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    11. Marcus: SA prospects have weakened

      Explore iol.co.za (Jul 26 2013)

      Marcus: SA prospects have weakened

      South Africa's economic growth prospects have weakened and constraints in electricity supply pose further downside risks, Reserve Bank Governor Gill Marcus said on Friday. Inflation was seen remaining within a 3-6 percent target band despite an expected temporary breach in the third quarter of this year, but was “uncomfortably close” to the top of the range, Marcus told the bank's annual general meeting. “Against the backdrop of a volatile currency responding to domestic and global developments, we can expect a challenging year ahead for monetary policy,” she added.

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    12. Investec Bank confirms R8bn in firepower for next renewables round, as it builds energy portfolio

      Explore Engineering News (Jul 23 2013)

      Investec Bank confirms R8bn in firepower for next renewables round, as it builds energy portfolio

      Banking group Investec is gearing up to participate in a range of new private electricity projects in both South Africa and the rest of Africa having already expanded its exposure to six projects with a combined investment value of R20-billion. The group has approved debt funding worth R6.5-billion for the projects, five of which are in South Africa, with the sixth being in Mozambique.

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    13. EY Africa ‘has $40m to acquire consulting businesses’

      Explore BDlive (Jul 14 2013)

      EY Africa ‘has $40m to acquire consulting businesses’

      Professional services firm EY Africa (previously Ernst and Young) says it has about $40m to spend on acquisitions in South Africa, Angola and Nigeria and is also looking to increase its investments in skills development.  "We are still looking for acquisitions in South Africa, Nigeria, Angola and we are significantly increasing our investments in skills development by developing the pipeline of future accounting, tax professionals and IT consultants," EY Africa CEO Ajen Sita said in an interview last week.  EY Africa was looking to acquire consulting businesses dealing in IT, supply chain and customer relationships, and aims to help develop ...

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    14. G8: It’s time for action on money laundering

      Explore space for transparency (Jun 11 2013)

      G8: It’s time for action on money laundering

      The UK Government has announced that transparency and anti-corruption will be key elements at the G8 summit this year. Much needed action on money laundering provides an opportunity to live up to that promise. Corrupt money flows through the UK – in particular through our financial services industry. Why don’t we know how much money is laundered, or who owns it? There are three reasons. First, those who hope to benefit from the proceeds of corruption try very hard to hide their money.....................

      , but it is [...]

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    15. Procurement and supply chain management within a rapid response environment

      Explore purchasinginsight.com (May 23 2013)

      I’ve often said, somewhat provocatively, that e-procurement doesn’t work. It does work of course but often only in the most straight forward of environments. Keeping the stationery cupboard stocked up isn’t the most challenging of business situations and even when you can address lots of spend, getting people to comply is a change management challenge that, in some corporate cultures, is impossible to overcome. Step outside of the office and you face new challenges. How, for example, do you impl (Read Full Article)

    16. Companies will "gamify" training content

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Feb 20 2013)

      Companies will "gamify" training content

      Gartner predicts that by 2015 40% of Fortune Global 1000 companies will be using gamification in some aspect of their business. The analyst house states that businesses and training providers have taken to "gamifying" their training material. By transforming boring data into fun games, fixed corporate objectives can be achieved more easily. For instance, Thomson Reuters has recently put compliance training firm True Office under contract to create gamified training material for its employees. It will be used to enhance skills in fields such as regulation and compliance of the international financial services industry. 

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    17. HSBC outsources FM across property portfolio

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jan 28 2013)

      HSBC outsources FM across property portfolio

      This is the largest facility management contract awarded to a single provider on a global basis by a financial services firm, according to HSBC.The practice of outsourcing non-core real estate functions to dedicated third-party experts has increased in recent years as service providers have attempted to expand their abilities to deliver consistent services across broader geographies and corporations have better understood the productivity benefits of outsourcing, according to Jones Lang LaSalle. 

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    18. Barclays turns to open source software for savings

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jan 8 2013)

      Barclays turns to open source software for savings

      Reports by Computer Weekly suggest that the bank will cut its software development costs by up to 90%, equal to billions of pounds worth of savings, but the plan will also bring many other benefits. Barclays plans to introduce a Linux system, which removes the need to pay a license fee such as those needed to use a Microsoft or Oracle system.............    

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    19. Standard Bank commits to renewables

      Explore iol.co.za (Nov 7 2012)

      Standard Bank commits to renewables

      Standard Bank has emerged as the leading investor in the first round of the renewable energy independent power producer (REIPP) procurement process‚ backing a total of 11 wind and solar projects. Standard Bank said on Wednesday it will provide comprehensive corporate and investment banking services to all its clients‚ including underwriting R9.4-billion worth of debt‚ providing interest and currency hedges‚ carbon trading credits‚ and corporate bonding and guarantee facilities.

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    20. Review urges World Bank to support developing nation vendors

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Oct 15 2012)

      The financial institution should change its procurement guidelines so suppliers in developing countries have a better chance to win contracts, according to Eurodad.

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    21. Lloyds Procurement / Invoicing fraud – manager sent down for 5 years

      Explore spendmatters.co.uk (Oct 14 2012)

      Lloyds Procurement / Invoicing fraud – manager sent down for 5 years

      We recently featured the case of the Lloyds TSB senior manager who was accused of fraud. Jessica Harper was found guilty and last week she was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Jessica Harper - going down...Previous reports explained how she had falsified invoices to her own benefit and had received around £2.5 million from the bank through this means. That’s a pretty well known and basic fraud, but there was one new aspect that came out in court that added a slightly different slant to this case.

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    22. Big banks: Where does the buck stop?

      Explore space for transparency (Sep 28 2012)

      Big banks: Where does the buck stop?

      After four years of economic crisis and financial scandal, finally some good news. Eighty-five per cent of bank employees surveyed believe that their companies have an ethical duty to fight corruption. That is a finding from our survey of 3,000 businesspeople in 30 countries: Putting Corruption out of Business .....

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    23. Bankserv, a very private company

      Explore BDlive (Aug 29 2012)

      A great deal is going on in the banking sector, some of it reported, much not. That’s because, as Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan was quoted in this newspaper as saying, the financial sector operates an "opaque" fee structure.

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    24. Euro & oil dip, no respite for Spain

      Explore iol.co.za (Jul 20 2012)

      Euro & oil dip, no respite for Spain European shares edged away from four-month highs while oil eased afer 8-week peak. ||| European shares edged away from four-month highs and Spain's borrowing costs hovered around their seven percent pain threshold on Friday despite the expected approval of its bank bailout plan later in the day. Oil prices also eased after hitting an eight-week peak on supply concerns linked to rising Middle East tension, but the rally in soft commodities, which has seen corn and soybean prices soar to record highs, showed no signs of abating. The FTSEurofirst 300 index of top European companies was down 0.25 percent ... (Read Full Article)

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