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    1. Burma, Bangladesh and Cambodia have world's lowest labour costs

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Feb 24 2015)

      Burma, Bangladesh and Cambodia have world's lowest labour costs

      Burma, Cambodia and Bangladesh have topped an index of the world's lowest labour costs. Businesses with supply chains and operations in Burma, Bangladesh and Cambodia are benefiting from the world’s lowest labour costs, according to a new global ranking.

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    2. Why Mobile Applications Will Be a Boon for Events Management in 2015

      Explore cporising.com (Feb 23 2015)

      The marketing function has evolved significantly over the years, so much so that it is difficult to pinpoint the moving target that is its focus during any point in time. However, as company brands shift towards new consumers and markets, and outward messaging is delivered by fresh and exciting means, the ultimate goal of marketing will never truly be altered: drive more business and drive more individuals towards the enterprise’s products and services.

      The world of meetings and events management, like its “showrunner” in marketing, has also experienced dramatic changes over the past few years.

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    3. Spend Under Management - What does that even mean?

      Explore Procurious (Feb 19 2015)

      Spend Under Management - What does that even mean?

      When we as procurement people look internally and attempt to analyse the performance and effectiveness of our own function – ‘spend under management’ is normally the metric we turn to and I’m not convinced this is a smart move.

      I’m not going to argue that a procurement team that actively manages a large part of its spend is not positioning itself for success, that logic is sound. But, I do feel the spend under management metric (in its current interpretation) is a little misleading.

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    4. Manage the Impact of Commodity Price Swings on Your Business

      Explore World's Largest Professional Network (Feb 16 2015)

      Manage the Impact of Commodity Price Swings on Your Business

      A couple years ago KRM conducted a study to determine how the cost structure of manufacturers and food processors has been changing since 2003. The study uncovered three fundamental shifts. Leaders who understand these shifts will be empowered to position their companies to better compete in the marketplace. This article freshens up the study and includes more solutions to tackle the problem caused by the changing landscape. We shed new light on ...

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    5. Events teams not working closely with procurement departments

      Explore citmagazine.com (Feb 10 2015)

      Events teams not working closely with procurement departments

      When polled, only 4% of the audience at the ‘Procurement – challenges and opportunities in 2015’ session claimed to view the procurement department as a "friend".

      The panel, lead by Sasha Frieze, managing director of The Business Narrative, cited possible reasons for the lack of a close relationship between the procurements department and the events team, including the idea that events teams want to work more independently and make their own choices about suppliers, and sometimes feel like new processes are forced upon them.

      However, the panel agreed it was important to develop a better relationship between the procurement and events ...

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    6. Do Category Managers Know What Your Business Really Needs?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Feb 10 2015)

      Do Category Managers Know What Your Business Really Needs?

      The first—and arguably most overlooked—opportunity to improve procurement decisions is to take the time to understand and challenge what the business needs. As a category manager, this may seem obvious to you, but I invite you to step back, take a deep breath, and consider asking different questions.

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    7. Swords to dinosaurs: Meet the Google of public procurement

      Explore Home - Good News from Finland (Feb 10 2015)

      Swords to dinosaurs: Meet the Google of public procurement

      The database of Oppex includes more than 3.5 million public sector tenders and more than a million are added every year. The company believes it is already the world’s largest source of tenders.

      Sometimes it takes being boring to be successful. This is what Ville Heinonen and Mikko Lehmuskoski have found after co-founding Oppex, the “world’s largest source of public procurement notices”.

      Public procurement is a totally boring area for a startup which is exactly why we thought there must be something great about it,” says Oppex CEO and Co-Founder Ville Heinonen with a laugh.

      In practice ...

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    8. Purchasing – The Function that Buys the Pencils?

      Explore Home | SUPPLY CHAIN MINDED (Feb 9 2015)

      That was the question asked of me by a CEO of a large multinational corporation. I was sitting next to him at a dinner event, looking forward to talking about how I was working to develop capability within his procurement team. “Ah Procurement… the function that buys the pencils” he said.

      I replied, “No, the function that that could make a dramatic contribution to your bottom line but one that needs your full support to do so.” The problem here is not just a CEO who is out of touch with his organization but rather a common and inhibiting mindset ...

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    9. Supply Chain and Single Source Suppliers

      Explore Home | SUPPLY CHAIN MINDED (Feb 5 2015)

      Supply Chain and Single Source Suppliers

      Supply chain management fosters strategic alliances along with operational efficiencies to differentiate itself from other companies.   Raw material sourcing is one of these opportunities to minimize risks, reduce operating expenses and ensure continued operations in the face of a supply chain disruption. Single suppliers present companies a chance to reduce procurement expenses through material cost reductions and volume discounts. However, procurement with a single provider has attached to it significant risks such as higher costs and lower profits due to supplier disruptions.

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    10. Treasury calls for reform of public sector procurement, SCM practises

      Explore Engineering News (Feb 4 2015)

      Treasury calls for reform of public sector procurement, SCM practises

      Noting that the South African public sector spent an “enormous” R500-billion on goods and services and construction works in the 2013/14 fiscal period, National Treasury has called for various reforms of government’s strategic sourcing, procurement and supply chain management (SCM) practises.

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    11. McDonald’s and the Challenges of a Modern Supply Chain

      Explore Harvard Business Review (Feb 3 2015)

      McDonald’s and the Challenges of a Modern Supply Chain

      Recently, McDonald’s, the world’s iconic largest food service provider, has been (forgive the cliché) through the grinder. Poor performance has led to the departure of its CEO and plenty of critical attention in the business pages. Part of this story relates to the provenance, or origins, of its products: Chains that provide more upmarket “fast casual” dining such as Panera, Chipotle, and Steak Shack have brands that speak of freshness, health, and trustworthy sourcing.

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    12. The three roles that CIOs will be asked to take on next includes corporate procurement

      Explore CIO UK (Feb 2 2015)

      The three roles that CIOs will be asked to take on next includes corporate procurement

      It's clear that CEOs recognise the strength of their CIO and are giving them responsibility in other areas of the business.

      Corporate procurement - There has been a steady rise in the percentage of CIOs that take responsibility for procurement and vendor management.  The fact is that IT has always done a lot of sourcing so CIOs generally find themselves well equipped to broaden their responsibilities here.

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    13. The Evolution of Purchasing

      Explore Sourcing Innovation (Feb 2 2015)

      Over the years, purchasing has become more strategy-oriented, rather than transactional. Purchasing professionals have evolved from the processing of traditional purchase orders and similar responsibilities to involvement in higher value and higher impact ROI projects.

      So sit back, buckle up, and get ready to navigate through a number of drastic transformations....

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    14. Navigating The Complex IT Supply Chain

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jan 30 2015)

      Navigating The Complex IT Supply Chain

      The commodity IT market is a challenging one for buyers, with a conveyor belt of products endlessly entering the market.

      Keeping tabs on these new advances is difficult for any buyer with a need to know everything from the impact of future market trends to what will be business critical for them tomorrow.

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    15. Five ways pitching out creative briefs will kill your brand

      Explore Marketing and Media in South Africa (Jan 26 2015)

      Over the past few years, we have witnessed an ever-growing trend, in which large FMCG brands attempt to generate savings through aggressive procurement policies. In the marketing industry, this means 'pitching out' design projects to as many agencies as possible.

      This may seem sensible when dealing with an apples-for-apples comparison of hardware, or a measurable service, but there are a number of good reasons why pitching out creative design will eventually destroy your brand.

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    16. 4 Key Takeaways From A Recent Hospital Procurement Study

      Explore Medical Equipment Companies (Jan 25 2015)

      4 Key Takeaways From A Recent Hospital Procurement Study

      Medical procurement can be a complex, multifaceted endeavor with many options and factors to consider.  One area to think about is delivery: you need to know where your products will be sent and how they will be setup and installed once they are received at your building.  In order to get the best sense of how your hospital or medical facility should handle this aspect of procurement, consider the results from a recent direct-to-site delivery study conducted by Hospital Associates.

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    17. Bring procurement early into your marketing planning

      Explore Marketing (Jan 22 2015)

      Bring procurement early into your marketing planning

      It is clear that procurement will be playing an increasing role in the marketing process.

      A World Federation of Advertisers survey done amongst marketers last year showed that in 2014, 51% of respondents said that procurement led the agency remuneration process as opposed to 2011 – where only 43% said so.

      While this initially did not sit well with agencies, who tended to oppose the cost-cutting tendencies of procurement, the trend is slowly gaining favour with marketers.

      Madhav Nayak, the marketing director for fabric conditioners – Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand – at Unilever, said that he sees procurement getting involved in ...

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    18. Firm wins army tender denied it over ‘bias’

      Explore iol.co.za (Jan 14 2015)

      Firm wins army tender denied it over ‘bias’

      Pretoria - A judge in the High Court here has questioned the fact that the tender board of the SANDF refused point blank to accept the preferred bid for its national codification system – which was R229 million cheaper than the bidder’s competitor.

      The SANDF’s central procurement board several times refused to accept the recommendation that the IT company CFIT Ltd be awarded the tender.  This was despite the SANDF’s procurement services centre clearly recommending this company.

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    19. Uncertainty mars tender for digital TV

      Explore BDlive (Jan 7 2015)

      Uncertainty mars tender for digital TV

      A STATE entity is forging ahead with a R4.3bn tender for the manufacture of television set-top boxes without the government having finalised its policy on the devices.

      The Universal Services and Access Agency of SA (Usaasa) issued the tender to comply with the International Telecommunications Union’s rules that analogue broadcasting be replaced with digital worldwide by June.

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    20. Supply chains shape the business models of the future

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Dec 17 2014)

      Supply chains shape the business models of the future

      Taking the long view on environmental sustainability can seem somewhat remote from the day job of most people working on the front lines of procurement and supply chain. However, embedding this thinking into business strategy and management has never been more important to improving resilience and competitive advantage. Labour productivity and cost has improved over the past decades thanks to ICT, mechanisation and moving production to low-cost countries.

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    21. Sourcing: The Second Strategic Sourcing Pillar

      Explore cporising.com (Dec 9 2014)

      We introduce the idea that there are four primary “pillars” that mark the foundation of the modern strategic sourcing program – spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, and supplier performance management. All four are critical sub-processes of strategic sourcing that, when automated, can elev.ate a sourcing team’s performance  and that, when connected, can transform an entire operation

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    22. African cotton farmers demand end to government subsidies

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Dec 4 2014)

      African cotton farmers demand end to government subsidies

      The West African nations – named the 'Cotton-4' by the World Trade Organization (WTO) – are seeking cuts in subsidies and tariffs to allow them to compete internationally and for other nations to “slash policies that distort markets” as part of WTO trade negotiations. Weaker demand from China and more stock on the market has led to a recent fall in cotton prices. In October, the fibre was trading at 155.07 cents/kilo, whereas three months ago it was 184.4 cents/kilo.

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    23. Procurement contributes to annual savings of £1.1 billion at BBC

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Nov 28 2014)

       "Savvy” procurement saved the BBC more than £70 million on goods and services this year, a report into the broadcaster's efficiency has stated. Total category spend of £655 million across 11 ...

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    24. Five things that will help you develop a circular supply chain

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Nov 20 2014)

      Despite the virtues of the global economy, production has now outstripped planetary boundaries and the environment is now contending with mass-scale pollution. Decades of effort focused on sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives have struggled to make a difference. One area that could have a significant impact on our sustainability is how we think about “goods” and what constitutes a modern supply chain.

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