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    1. Tenders are generally open for 21 days – but do not assume

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Sep 7 2015)

      Suppliers or service providers generally have 21 days to respond to a tender. This is the result of recent analysis from our database of more than 66 000 tenders over the past 30 months. We have analysed the number of days between the publication date and the date when tender responses are due...


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    2. 600 to 1: Central Supplier Database for government consolidates it all

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Sep 7 2015)

      600 to 1: Central Supplier Database for government consolidates it all

      The media has been rather mute on the launch of the new Central Supplier Database (CSD) for the South African government last week.  The database will combine more than 600 individual supplier databases across government and save suppliers and public servants heaps of time, effort, and hence, money.  It will further increase transparency and control over procurement transactions.  What may seem like a small step in the procurement reform process in the public sector really lays a very solid foundation for more sophisticated work that has to follow.

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    3. Government of Ghana follows the e-procurement route

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Jan 30 2015)

      Government of Ghana follows the e-procurement route

      The government of Ghana launched a new website this week aimed at improving accountability, transparency and effectiveness in government business as well as provide procurement services.  It certainly is good to see that governments in Africa are moving in this direction

      The site holds the promise of making a big contribution to the procurement processes soon however it lacked content and functionality at the time of the launch.

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    4. Are you achieving “Preferred Customer” status? | by Francois Naudé

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Mar 31 2014)

      Are you achieving “Preferred Customer” status? | by Francois Naudé

      Leading companies often take advantage of a powerful source of competitive advantage, employing preferred relationships with their suppliers. It is widely recognised that these customers receive preferential treatment from their suppliers in two important ways.

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    5. Supplier Relationships take you to the top

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Jan 29 2014)

      Supplier Relationships take you to the top

      We all want to be at the top of our industry. To achieve that we are today just as dependent on exceptional supplier relationships as we were fifteen years ago.  It as become a lot easier yet still only a few organisations get this right.  Consider the example of how Honda and Toyota started dominating the US auto market in the nineties.  Applying these principles are just as valid now but more achievable through the communication habits and tools at our disposal today.

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    6. Online supply communities - an infant promising to reshape supply chains | by Francois Naude

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Aug 14 2013)

      Online supply communities - an infant promising to reshape supply chains | by Francois Naude

      The use of social technologies in Procurement and Supply is in its infancy and holds tremendous potential for greater collaboration and improved efficiencies.

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    7. All social media networks not equal in their support to procurement

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Jan 30 2012)

      The value of Social Media and Social Networks in Procurement and Supply is fast becoming clear for many leaders in the Procurement profession.  Many a sceptic is starting to consider possible uses of social media networks in their interaction with their teams, their supplier communities and their internal stakeholders (or "end users").  The word "social" in this terminology has scared many a professional away hence here on MarketSqr we have started to use the phrase "Online Supply Communities." (Read Full Article)

    8. Lessons for SA Preferential Procurement from US Supplier Diversity efforts

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Jan 21 2012)

      The ISM Supplier Diversity Survey 2011, published on Thursday, made me realise that South Africans should learn more from Supplier Diversity efforts elsewhere. Economic transformation through procurement is such a critical part of our lives that we need to explore every avenue to make this a success.  The two aspects from this document that stood out to me were: Certification: We should strongly consider a certification to motivate and measure development of core knowledge around Preferential Procurement and Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE). Research: A deeper understanding of the approaches in various procurement units will enable us to influence ... (Read Full Article)

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    9. Infosys BPO Acquires Australia-based Portland Group

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Dec 20 2011)

      Infosys today announced the expansion of its service offerings in Australia through the acquisition of Portland Group, a leading provider of strategic sourcing and category management services. Portland Group is being acquired by Infosys BPO Limited, the business process outsourcing subsidiary of Infosys Limited. Portland Group was founded in 1999 and counts several large ASX 200 organizations as clients. It is headquartered in Sydney and has offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.  Swami Swaminathan, CEO and MD, Infosys BPO said the deal adds an outstanding team of domain specialists to Infosys BPO in Australia and will significantly deepen their capabilities ... (Read Full Article)

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    10. Supplier relationship programs – Procurement’s “Long Tail”

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Feb 15 2011)

      Supplier relationship programs – Procurement’s “Long Tail” Long-held beliefs in Procurement tie back to simple concepts. Know who you buy from. Negotiate tough but fair. Do business with as many different suppliers as you need, but not 1 more than that. By attempting to understand how “Long Tail” concepts can be applied to Procurement, we can begin to challenge some of the most basic assumptions around Procurement best practices. (Read Full Article)

    11. Has the penny dropped?

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Feb 1 2011)

      Has the penny dropped? During the begining of 2011, it has been refreshing to see a number of posts or articles appearing in the media on the topi of Social Media or Web 2.0 technologies in supply Chain Management or Purchasing.  This is an area that has been sorely neglected over the past few years as the world has adopted new ways of interacting and shaping relationships. The development of Social Media has seen a heavy emphasis on the Sales and Marketing side of business but little consideration of the immense power that the new technologies and new behaviour promises in other areas ... (Read Full Article)

    12. “Social Media in Supply” platform completed

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Jan 12 2011)

      “Social Media in Supply” platform completed MarketSqr Supply Network announced in September 2010 that the implementation of the technology platform for its professional network has been completed. The aim of this platform is to establish a professional network serving the role players on all sides of the Purchasing and Supply processes. It originated from the belief that social media can ideally support improved relationship management between buying organizations and their suppliers. It is believed that people playing different roles in organizations will all derive unique value from the solution. Purchasing people will find great value in the pooled intelligence on supplier ratings and recommendations and also ... (Read Full Article)

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