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    1. Creating the New Standards of Global Business

      Explore HBR Blog Network (Feb 13 2012)

      Creating the New Standards of Global Business

      Business has become one of the primary players in structuring the global economy and, by extension, global governance.

      With corruption, many business leaders feel like it is something forced on their organization by unscrupulous politicians. But there is both a supply and demand side to corruption. You cannot have a market without both. And business is the supply side.

      Every decision to engage in corruption is reinforcing a corrosive and impoverishing practice. Every decision to resist corruption is an effort to forge a new norm for global business.

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    2. Asda buys into closer collaboration between suppliers

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Feb 9 2012)

      The retailer has launched a system to help it cut cost, waste and risk across its entire supply chain by encouraging its providers to work together.

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    3. Measure of success

      Explore cpoagenda.com (Jan 25 2012)

      What are the top procurement performance benchmarks used by CPOs and how effective are they? Measuring procurement performance can be as complex and nuanced as the value that the function can deliver. (Read Full Article)

    4. Procurement Tweeters – Purchasing Insight and Frank Rozemeijer identify the leaders

      Explore spendmatters.co.uk (Jan 17 2012)

      by Peter Smith on January 17, 2012 in Procurement Commentary Purchasing Insight, Pete Loughlin’s must-read blog, focuses mainly on purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing matters, but every so often he strays into other, and almost always, interesting territory. Recently he featured this. Frank Rozemeijer, professor of purchasing and supply management at Maastricht University, has done some really useful research in (Read Full Article)

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    5. IBM buys Emptoris

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Dec 15 2011)

      Technology and procurement outsourcing giant IBM has agreed to buy e-procurement company Emptoris. The acquisition will give IBM access to Emptoris' suite of spend analysis, e-procurement and e-sourcing tools and open up a market it had only limited exposure to. It could also improve efficiencies in its procurement outsourcing division. (Read Full Article)

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    6. Why Spend Analysis is Broken and How we Can Fix It -- Forecasting and Beyond

      Explore Spend Matters (Dec 2 2011)

      I took a quick 24-hour swing to the Bay Area this week, cramming in four separate meetings with a number of old and new faces alike. In one of these meetings, I had the chance to drill into a relatively new spend analysis application in the market. T... (Read Full Article)

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    7. The potential of social media and procurement

      Explore procurement-iu.com (Nov 24 2011)

      The potential of social media and procurement Although procurement has yet to fully grasp the opportunities of social media, there are some leaders that are extracting value from early adoption. These will be outlined in an up-coming White Paper where we report back from our most recent Roundtable on the topic in New York. The PIU is currently conducting its annual CPO Survey, which seeks to understand the full use of social media in procurement. At its core, social media is about communication and collaboration. As a vehicle for collaboration, the informal nature of social media allows for the open discussion of ideas in order to innovate ... (Read Full Article)

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    8. Procurement Mastery: Introduction

      Explore mypurchasingcenter.com (Nov 14 2011)

      Procurement organizations the world over are transforming themselves to deliver value to their companies – well beyond cost and cash advantages -- while also helping them overcome today’s challenges. Supply market volatility, supply chain disruptions, rising costs of raw materials, and talent shortages are among the thorny issues that confront today’s procurement organizations..... (Read Full Article)

    9. Tradeshift: Making E-Invoicing Free by Gunning for a Slice of the P-Card Market (Part 1)

      Explore Spend Matters (Oct 24 2011)

      Electronic Invoicing, invoice automation and supplier/buyer-based network connectivity are topics we've covered in depth on Spend Matters over the years, including a recent background analysis we've published as part of our Compass series research on... (Read Full Article)

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    10. Social media awaits the arrival of the CPO

      Explore procurement-iu.com (Oct 12 2011)

      Social media awaits the arrival of the CPO Back in August my colleague Victoria Barnato wrote a blog about how procurement can no longer afford to ignore social media. Two months later it seems that social media is still awaiting the arrival of the CPO. Operational-level procurement professionals seem to be embracing social media but the executive level seems slow to respond. What is holding them back? (Read Full Article)

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    11. Bruce Richardson Asks: Are We Ready for Social Supply Chains? (Part 2)

      Explore Spend Matters (Oct 12 2011)

      I previously shared some of Bruce Richardson's perspectives on expanding the social enterprise from sales, marketing and products through to the physical (and even virtual services) supply chain. I als... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Dell

    12. Driving Innovation in Customer-Supplier Relationships is becoming a top priority: Reflections on Research and Best Practices

      Explore Spend Matters (Oct 11 2011)

      Driving Innovation in Customer-Supplier Relationships is becoming a top priority: Reflections on Research and Best Practices Over the course of the past several years, business leaders have increasingly reported that driving joint innovation with suppliers is critical to achieving their long-term goals and, in many cases, essential for remaining competitive in their industries. Recent data suggests the trend continues -- with 62% of CEOs reporting that their business will look more to suppliers for product innovation in 2012. Vantage Partners recently undertook a study (involving an even mix of approximately 500 buy-side and sell-side respondents) to understand their practices and experiences related to joint innovation. Not surprisingly, 75% of buy-side respondents reported that innovation with their suppliers ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Vantage Partners

    13. Bruce Richardson Asks: Are We Ready for Social Supply Chains? (Part 1)

      Explore Spend Matters (Oct 10 2011)

      Perhaps the best-known analyst in ERP and supply chain history, Bruce Richardson, is finally independent again after a stint at Infor. Only a couple of months into this newfound freedom, he's launched a new blog that, well, sounds like the same old B... (Read Full Article)

    14. Procurement 'in the spotlight like never before' David Noble at CIPS Conference

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Oct 5 2011)

      David Noble told attendees at the CIPS Annual Conference and Exhibition that it is now easier for procurement to engage business leaders and for them to listen. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   London   CIPS   David Noble

    15. Examining the Reasons Electronic Invoicing Will Truly Cross the Proverbial Adoption Chasm (Part 1)

      Explore Spend Matters (Oct 5 2011)

      Courtesy of Basware, I've have the chance to recently dig into the results of the Institute of Financial Operations/IAPP 2011 E-Invoicing survey report, which examines adoption trends and needs/wants of those in the market for electronic invoicing an... (Read Full Article)

    16. My Take: Supply Chain Future

      Explore Supply Chain Shaman (Oct 4 2011)

      My Take: Supply Chain Future Take out the fat.  Get lean.  Drive the efficient supply chain of the future.  Are you shaking your head yes in violent agreement?  Let me challenge your assumptions. Let me start with a personal story.  In 2010, I stood on the Council of Supply Chain Management show floor 35 pounds heavier.  (Yes, that is me in [...] (Read Full Article)

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    17. Serendipity Happens… to Deliver Million$

      Explore dachisgroup.com (Sep 30 2011)

      Serendipity Happens… to Deliver Million$ As the world turns… social, expect to be surprised by the fruits of serendipity. When large workforces embrace working socially, or as I love to call it – in “socialworking” mode, they discover new ways of solving problems and creating opportunities. Insights are revealed in the fluid web of connections and sharing. We’ve seen a dramatic mood swing toward all things social this year. Even the naysayers have been touting the benefits of working socially recently. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   IBM

    18. Will Rearden’s Acquisition of HomeRun Become the First B2B “Social Discount” Play?

      Explore Spend Matters (Sep 29 2011)

      Amidst all the news coming out of SAP early last week with the Crossgate deal and a nasty head cold going around the office that's slowed the usual pace of developing current content, we've been slow to cover some major news at Rearden Commerce, incl... (Read Full Article)

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    19. Analyzing the SAP/Crossgate Acquisition: Customer, Product and Competitive Implications (Part 2)

      Explore Spend Matters (Sep 28 2011)

      In the first post in this series, we offered our analysis of what SAP's acquisition of Crossgate might mean for customers and future generations of products that exist in the space in between organizations and systems as well from a metadata analysis... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Oracle   SAP

    20. Analyzing the SAP/Crossgate Acquisition: Customer, Product and Competitive Implications (Part 1)

      Explore Spend Matters (Sep 27 2011)

      Last week, we covered the basics surrounding SAP's announced acquisition of Crossgate (slated to close in early November). Today, we'll turn our attention to what the announcement means for customers and prospects (as well as future potential products), specifically in the area of procurement and supplier network connectivity. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   SAP   Forrester Research

    21. Drug maker goes social to end supply chain crisis - Computerworld

      Explore Computerworld (Sep 21 2011)

      Drug maker goes social to end supply chain crisis - Computerworld Generic drug maker Ratiopharm turned to social networking tools to solve communication problems that choked the supply chain and made it difficult to respond to fluctuations in customer demand. (Read Full Article)

    22. How to be a customer of choice

      Explore cpoagenda.com (Sep 19 2011)

      Research shows that the way suppliers value their priority accounts depends only in part on the revenue they generate and there are other levers you can pull to make your organisation a more attractive customer. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   London   Toyota   DHL

    23. Procurement masters 'get strategy'

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Sep 15 2011)

      Procurement masters 'get strategy' A new generation of "procurement masters" is adding value to organisations in "unprecedented ways", new research reveals. (Read Full Article)

    24. Video blog: Ariba & Tim Minahan talks Social Media and SRM

      Explore procurement-iu.com (Sep 2 2011)

      Video blog: Ariba & Tim Minahan talks Social Media and SRM Social networking can create greater engagement with customers, partners and suppliers. In our latest video blog, Mark Perera talks to Tim Minahan, chief of marketing at Ariba, about how procurement can make the most of technology. (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Procurement Intelligence Unit

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