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    1. Government tenders - worth giving fresh consideration

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Sep 14 2015)

      Government tenders - worth giving fresh consideration

      To succeed at government tenders, small business have to learn to jump the hoops but it may be well worth the effort. Last week we shared a news article where a senior government official advised small businesses not to shy away from the public sector as a target.

      Many small businesses have given up hope of winning business with government. The perceived challenges often seem insurmountable and not worth the financial gain.  Considering the relative size of this industry and the lack of skills in many organs of state, SMME's may do well to take another look at this ...

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    2. How to win a govt tender, according to govt

      Explore Polity.org.za (Sep 8 2015)

      How to win a govt tender, according to govt

      Downplaying criticism of government's public procurement and tender policy, Eastern Cape Treasury audit and risk management chief director Andries Louw has argued that small, medium-sized and microenterprises (SMMEs) are easily able to access the opportunities afforded through the public tendering system, if well versed in the basic requirements of the process and able to detect certain inherent procedural failings.

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    3. Should I Stay or Should I Go?

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Sep 8 2015)

      In the 1990s and 2000s, companies went to China out of fear of being left behind, not necessarily because they had made an informed decision based on data about the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Now it seems they are coming back for fear of being left behind again.

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    4. Tenders are generally open for 21 days – but do not assume

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Sep 7 2015)

      Suppliers or service providers generally have 21 days to respond to a tender. This is the result of recent analysis from our database of more than 66 000 tenders over the past 30 months. We have analysed the number of days between the publication date and the date when tender responses are due...


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    5. 600 to 1: Central Supplier Database for government consolidates it all

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Sep 7 2015)

      600 to 1: Central Supplier Database for government consolidates it all

      The media has been rather mute on the launch of the new Central Supplier Database (CSD) for the South African government last week.  The database will combine more than 600 individual supplier databases across government and save suppliers and public servants heaps of time, effort, and hence, money.  It will further increase transparency and control over procurement transactions.  What may seem like a small step in the procurement reform process in the public sector really lays a very solid foundation for more sophisticated work that has to follow.

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    6. Why Social Media Is a Key Element for the LEGO Success

      Explore Innovation Upgrade (Sep 6 2015)

      Why Social Media Is a Key Element for the LEGO Success

      I just read an interesting article in Jyllands-Posten, a Danish daily, on how LEGO requires that every employee who is representing the company through social media take a “social media driving license” – even on the executive level.

      One of the key reasons for this initiative also explains much of the success for LEGO. The company prides itself for a very high level of communication, internally as well as externally, and at the core of this, they have “the LEGO way”.

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    7. Who manages your tech procurement?

      Explore Home - Enterprise Times (Sep 4 2015)

      Who manages your tech procurement?

      Wax Digital survey shows that IT departments drastically over estimate their own importance when it comes to tech procurement.

      The survey showed that 32% of IT departments felt they had the ultimate authority over IT spend. The procurement department sees this differently...

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    8. SA government tenders more accessible to businesses

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Aug 7 2015)

      SA government tenders more accessible to businesses

      The new tender advertising portal from the South African National Treasury is starting to assist potential suppliers and service providers to government at all levels.  The portal went live on 1 April 2015 but it took some time for departments to start posting their adverts there.  This was refreshing news for all business people who aim to do business with the South African government.  The portal is now fully operational and there is no cost attached although the information is still far from complete and you may want to reply on an external notification service in the mean time.

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    9. Planning Software: Insights on User Satisfaction

      Explore Supply Chain Shaman (Jul 21 2015)

      Planning Software: Insights on User Satisfaction

      As a research analyst, I am studying things that are incredibly difficult to measure. The topics may sound easy, but they are not. In my research, I answer questions like: The answer to these questions requires the analysis of many factors. As a student of the social sciences, on this blog, I want to continually share insights to drive new levels of thinking. While each technology provider wants the endorsement of their approach, I remain independent.

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    10. DA: Geordin Hill-Lewis says irrational new tender policy only serves ANC’s narrow-based re-enrichment scheme

      Explore Polity.org.za (Jul 21 2015)

      DA: Geordin Hill-Lewis says irrational new tender policy only serves ANC’s narrow-based re-enrichment scheme

      The proposed amendments to the Preferential Procurement Regulations which govern the tender process to be followed by government are irrational and ought to be scrapped. I will today write to the Minister of Finance, Nhlanhla Nene, requesting him to withdraw the amendments with immediate effect.

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    11. Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon aims to make waves among local suppliers

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Jul 21 2015)

      Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon aims to make waves among local suppliers

      A series of supply chain events for suppliers wanting to get involved with the £1 billion Tidal Lagoon infrastructure project in Swansea has launched. The “awareness events” are aimed at introducing Welsh construction and advanced manufacturing businesses to tier one delivery partners of the scheme by Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay, and for suppliers to understand what opportunities are available. The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project is being developed by Tidal Lagoon Power.

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    12. BEE gains weight in state tender proposals

      Explore BDlive (Jul 21 2015)

      GOVERNMENT tenders up to R10m will in future be evaluated only 50% on price and 50% in terms of black economic and women’s empowerment and other criteria, say draft regulations published for comment by the Treasury last week. The amendment to the regulations under the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act of 2000 has been an intense lobbying point for black business since they were first passed in 2011.

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    13. As BEE pressure ratchets up, attention turns to endgame

      Explore BDlive (Jul 21 2015)

      THE government and black business want to see a new wave of black economic empowerment (BEE) and are pulling the levers to get it started. But as the pressure ratchets up, the old debates are sure to arise: must firms continuously do new deals to maintain their ownership levels? Is BEE about redress and redistribution or about transformation? And what is the endgame for BEE in the economy? A new assertive phase of BEE kicked off on May 1.

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    14. Suppliers Are Key to Disruptive Innovation, Study Finds

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Jul 20 2015)

      Suppliers Are Key to Disruptive Innovation, Study Finds

      Exclusive research among global sourcing & procurement executives finds an increasing focus on Supplier-Enabled Innovation (SEI).

      Procurement is a key enabler of corporate innovation thanks to the connectivity it enjoys with suppliers and key business stakeholders. These are the findings of Procurement Leaders research announced on Monday.

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    15. 3 Things that Keep Global Procurement Execs Up at Night

      Explore Buyers Meeting Point (Jul 20 2015)

      3 Things that Keep Global Procurement Execs Up at Night

      If there was any doubt that managing the supply chain is also an exercise in managing risk, just ask someone who works in procurement – particularly the world of direct procurement. These professionals patrol the front lines of the manufacturer-supplier relationship, overseeing their company’s purchasing activity, executing purchase orders, and working with multiple stakeholders to ensure the right materials make it to the right place at an optimal cost.

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    16. How company culture is changing spend management

      Explore Welcome to Business Review Australia (Jul 20 2015)

      How company culture is changing spend management

      Enforcing strict expense management policies is essential for companies looking to save on expenses but runs the risk of making employees feel disenfranchised and micromanaged. Companies that use technology to monitor staff spend can achieve better expense management without damaging employees’ trust. Matt Goss, managing director – Australia & New Zealand, Concur, said, “Businesses need to keep a close eye on expense-related issues such as taxes, labour regulations and return on investment.

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    17. Fin24.com | Bidvest flushes bid from SAA

      Explore fin24.com (Jul 18 2015)

      An approach by an SAA director requesting that Bidvest transfers 30% of its aircraft-toilet-cleaning subsidiary business to an SAA-nominated black-owned small business has been politely but firmly kicked into touch.

      This seems to be a very similar request to that from Eskom to a number of service providers reported recently which may indicate a strategy from South African SoE's.

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    18. Visibility: What Does it Mean for Suppliers?

      Explore cporising.com (Jul 17 2015)

      Like category managers, suppliers need to have “eyes on” many different internal and external variables in order to maintain operations and keep serving their markets. Common market trends that the two must monitor include commodity levels, price fluctuations, commodity supply and demand, recent or future innovations, governmental regulations, and all associated risks, like legal, political, natural, reputational, etc.

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    19. Vendor Management: What Marketing Knows That Procurement Doesn’t

      Explore RFP Software Simplified (Jul 17 2015)

      Vendor Management: What Marketing Knows That Procurement Doesn’t

      Why should a CPO take advice from a Marketer?

      • The crux of Inbound Marketing is investment: genuinely understanding and caring about the needs of your target, and working to solve their problems and empower them.

      • Inbound marketing works because investment nurtures long-term relationships.

      • And it’s crucial procurement learn from this mentality, because too often vendors are treated as disposable rather than as partners worth investing in.

      Inbound Marketing can teach us 3 secrets of building those effective long-term partnerships.

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    20. How Companies Must Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

      Explore 15inno by Stefan Lindegaard (Jul 16 2015)

      “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” What if we put this into the context of corporate functions and the rise of collaboration and the shared economy? Production / supply chain: Companies learned to make their products and services by themselves; then they unlearned part of this in order to become even better through outsourcing and supply chain systems.

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    21. The Unlikely Source of Your Next Big Breakthrough

      Explore inc.com (Jul 15 2015)

      The middleman just might be the vanguard of your next innovation strategy. It's time to reimagine the role of supply chains in our creative thinking. The truth is that the suppliers we all depend on are greater than the parts they provide. Supply chains are more than places where orders are fulfilled or materials are assembled. They are untapped sources of innovative potential and growth.

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    22. Three things you should know about big data and analytics

      Explore supplychainquarterly.com (Jul 15 2015)

      The terms "big data" and "analytics" are widely used but often are not clearly defined. The explanations presented in this Supply Chain Quarterly article is the best summary we have seen to help managers understand what these concepts really mean and how they can use them to improve their supply chains.

      This is not breaking news but we thought our community will benefit from this information.

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    23. Eskom asks suppliers for IP rights

      Explore iol.co.za (Jul 15 2015)

      Eskom asks suppliers for IP rights

      Further the the article from yesterday on Eskom's plans to take an equity stake in suppliers, the utility also has plans to take over intellectual property (IP) rights developed during the course of any work that its contractors are currently performing on its sites. The startling claims are contained in the minutes of what appeared to be a heated meeting between the power utility and three major industrial suppliers – Actom, Babcock and Steinmuller – that was held at its Megawatt Park headquarters on May 8.

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    24. Take or pay deals shield Transnet

      Explore BDlive (Jul 15 2015)

      THE pain of depressed export coal prices in the coming year will be cushioned for Transnet Freight Rail as it had signed up 95% of its coal volumes on "take or pay" contracts, Transnet group acting CEO Siyabonga Gama said on Tuesday. "We wanted to be at 98% but negotiations were tough," Mr Gama said at a presentation of the group’s results for the year to March.

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