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    1. Davies pushes for more local procurement

      Explore Engineering News (18 hours, 26 min ago)

      Davies pushes for more local procurement

      Trade and Industry Minister Dr Rob Davies has assured that the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) would be “playing its part” in ensuring that government procured 75% of its goods and services from local companies, announcing on Tuesday the next designation of products for government procurement. These included steel, conveyance pipes, transformers, building and construction materials and rail signalling and components.

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    2. Top tips on procuring hotel accommodation

      Explore supplymanagement.com (18 hours, 51 min ago)

      This is the perfect time of year to review sourcing strategies and remember what an important role they play when procuring hotel accommodation. The hotel market is fragmented and highly complex which means that many companies often lack the necessary analysis tools and benchmark information needed to obtain and negotiate an efficient hotel programme.

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    3. Palladium poised for record annual high

      Explore BDlive (Jul 22 2014)

      Palladium poised for record annual high

      Palladium will reach its highest yearly price on record this year and could top that in 2015 as the expectation for lower South African output combines with a recovery in demand and doubts over Russian supply, a Reuters poll showed.

      Palladium, which has averaged $777/oz in the first half, is expected to average $805.50/oz in the full year, up more than 10% from 2013 and its highest since Reuters data began in 1984, a survey of 31 analysts and traders showed.

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    4. Top 20 Supply Chain Management Software Suppliers

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Jul 22 2014)

      The market for supply chain management (SCM) software, maintenance and services posted another year of solid growth, generating $8.944 billion in 2013, including applications for procurement software. That represented a nearly 7.4% increase over 2012 revenues, according to Chad Eschinger, vice president of supply chain with research firm Gartner (gartner.com).

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    5. How Do Leading Procurement Professionals Allocate Their Time?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jul 22 2014)

      How Do Leading Procurement Professionals Allocate Their Time?

      Alongside our usual analysis on key category and organisational plans, we are taking a concerted look at the time management of CPOs. Recent interviews with CPOs reveals, if you read between the lines, that there are many different approaches and concerns that pull CPOs in different directions, but also that, like most of us, procurement executives and managers would be more effective if they could focus their resources on key activities.

      We have seen from other surveys, most noticeably from McKinsey, how CEOs spend their time. Generally, it seems, their responsibilities are divided between many disparate activities, from strategy-setting, to ...

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    6. Minister hints at legislation review for small business

      Explore SA News (Jul 21 2014)

      Small Business Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu has hinted at reviewing legislation and regulations that make it difficult for small businesses to survive.

      The minister says her department will, over the next few months, put a microscope over these regulations to see how they can be improved.

      She said this when she briefed journalists in Pretoria ahead of delivering her department’s budget vote tomorrow.

      “We will do this in consultation with all stakeholders. We will focus on creating an enabling environment for small business to grow and thrive,” she said.

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    7. The Age of Socially-Sourced Talent in CWM

      Explore cporising.com (Jul 21 2014)

      We all may be sick of hearing the phrases “the war on talent” or “the talent wars,” however, the very truth of contemporary contingent workforce management (CWM) dictates that talent is a primary focus for achieving core business objectives through temporary labor.

      It’s no great secret that the CWM industry has been evolving for quite some time; a space that was once an afterthought before the economic downturn of last decade has now become a vital component of the average enterprise. In fact, Ardent’s latest research has discovered that this industry will grow by nearly 30% over the ...

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    8. Striking South African metalworkers lower their wage demand – union

      Explore Polity.org.za (Jul 21 2014)

      Striking South African metalworkers lower their wage demand – union

      Labour unions representing striking South African metalworkers have submitted a lower wage demand to employers, two union representatives said on Sunday, to try to end the walkout battering Africa's most developed economy.

      More than 200 000 metal and engineering workers downed tools at the start of the month demanding wage increases of between 12% to 15% and disrupting the supply of auto components and construction work at two crucial power stations.

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    9. Govt considers legislation to incentivise municipalities – Gordhan

      Explore Polity.org.za (Jul 18 2014)

      Govt considers legislation to incentivise municipalities – Gordhan

      The Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) is considering introducing legislation to incentivise positive behaviour among municipalities, Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Pravin Gordhan said on Thursday.

      Such positive behaviour would include ensuring a minimum maintenance allocation of 7%, undertaking reviews of implementation capabilities and implementing ten-year infrastructure plans on a regional basis, he pointed out during his 2014/15 Budget Vote to Parliament.

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    10. CPO Rising 2014: Convergence – Top Challenges in 2014

      Explore cporising.com (Jul 18 2014)

      CPO Rising 2014: Convergence – Top Challenges in 2014

      The report presents a comprehensive, industry-wide view into what is happening in the world of procurement and captures the experience, performance, perspective, and intentions of 273 Chief Procurement Officers and other procurement executives. As we do every year, we interview many Chief Procurement Officers (24 procurement leaders in total) to add context to this research effort. The report is available (with registration) from several sponsor sites including hereherehereherehere, or here.

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    11. Are You Doing It Wrong?

      Explore Sourcing Innovation (Jul 18 2014)

      Comprehensive Category Management

      Spot buying individual categories at market lows or evening running reverse auctions at opportune times is not category management. And for that matter, neither is an event that covers the entire category. At this point you probably think that the doctor is losing it a little, because how could it not be category management if you are addressing the whole category?

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    12. Incentivising agency performance

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jul 17 2014)

      One of the hot topics that gets a good deal of airtime at conferences and in the trade press is the use of incentive-based payment methodologies when engaging advertising and media agencies.

       Recently, in the US there has been a lot of noise from search consultants advising agencies to steer clear of incentive-based compensation for various reasons, including measurement and the fairness of the process. I think part of the challenge for search consultants is their lack of a commercial focus that is the bedrock of a good procurement professional.

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    13. Eskom hopes Medupi schedule will weather protracted strike

      Explore BDlive (Jul 17 2014)

      Eskom hopes Medupi schedule will weather protracted strike

      ESKOM has put in place short-term measures to limit the effects of the disruption the labour strike in the metal and engineering sector has caused to the construction of its Medupi power station.

      But the power utility expressed concern on Wednesday that if the three-week-old industrial action persisted it could delay the completion date.

      The commissioning of Medupi, already postponed several times over several years, is critical to easing power supply constraints that have held back South Africa’s economic growth and caused periodic load-shedding.

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    14. Security industry bill may open sector to small, local firms

      Explore BDlive (Jul 17 2014)

      Security industry bill may open sector to small, local firms

      SMALL security companies are poised to cash in on the possible divestment by the industry’s large players should President Jacob Zuma sign the bill compelling dominant players to cede majority shares to locals.

      The newly formed Progressive Security Providers Association (PSPA) maintains that the signing of the Private Security Industry Regulation Amendment Bill into law would open up an industry "controlled by a small number of foreign and white-owned players".

      Representing 10% of the R50bn sector, the foreign-owned companies, including subsidiaries of major multinationals, have been up in arms over the bill, introduced by former police minister Nathi Mthethwa ...

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    15. The Customer-Centric Supply Chain

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Jul 16 2014)

      The Customer-Centric Supply Chain

      The old assumptions driving supply chain design and strategy were focused on achieving the lowest possible cost of goods and the most efficient distribution to stores. Today, a new model is emerging, not driven by enterprise technology or supply chain innovations - but by customers. In the omnichannel retail world, almost every single store-driven assumption about supply chain is being challenged and getting replaced by a digital-driven future.

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    16. Time to wise up to internal alignment

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jul 16 2014)

      As procurement moves to focus on strategic issues, the degree of difficulty goes up dramatically. Why? One of the key reasons is internal alignment.  A good example of this is the move away from focusing solely on direct spend to looking also at indirect materials and services.

       As procurement moves into the indirect space, there is an increasing requirement to ’sell the benefits’ of the function to individual stakeholders who have been ‘ordering’ these goods and services for years. They will be concerned that this new initiative will cause delays, increase bureaucracy and damage functioning relationships. But the real issue ...

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    17. Why Are There No World Class Procurement Organizations in Asia Pacific?

      Explore Sourcing Innovation (Jul 16 2014)

      A recent brief by Bain on Winning With Procurement in Asia, released last December, in which they summarize the results of interviews conducted with 60 business heads and CPOs throughout Asia-Pacific, stated that while many of these business heads and CPOs report their Procurement capabilities as fair, or even good, none report their Procurement capabilities as great. Why?

      According to the article, procurement teams in Asia-Pacific often (1) lack organizational support and prominence,

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    18. Happy 40th birthday to the barcode - but is it time for a change?

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Jul 15 2014)

      Happy 40th birthday to the barcode - but is it time for a change?

      On 26 June 1974 - just over 40 years ago - a pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit chewing gum became the first item to be scanned at a supermarket checkout, a year after the retail industry adopted the GS1 barcode as a unified standard for identifying and tracking products. Today, barcodes are still an integral retail technology and part of the high street experience.

      According to GS1, the not-for-profit organisation that monitors demand chain standards, the barcode has created huge efficiencies in the supply chain, enabling 21 per cent shorter lead times for warehouse operators, 42 per cent lower costs for ...

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    19. Samsung finds child labour at China supplier

      Explore BDlive (Jul 14 2014)

      Samsung finds child labour at China supplier

      Samsung Electronics said it halted business with a supplier in China over suspected use of child workers, the first time it has taken such a step, after criticism that its monitoring of labour practices at suppliers was inadequate.

      The decision, announced on Monday, comes less than a week after US-based China Labour Watch said it found "at least five child workers" without contracts at the supplier and called Samsung’s monitoring process to halt such practices "ineffective."

      Samsung, the world’s biggest smartphone maker, said it conducted three audits since last year of the supplier, a wholly owned subsidiary of ...

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    20. Mining sector suppliers bear brunt of Numsa strike

      Explore BDlive (Jul 14 2014)

      Mining sector suppliers bear brunt of Numsa strike

      PROSPECTS for South Africa’s mining and manufacturing sectors have long been grim, and deteriorate with every crippling strike. For firms supplying the sectors, achieving profit growth has become a daunting challenge.

      For Invicta and Hudaco, the National Union of Metalworkers of SA (Numsa) strike now under way has forced closure of all their Gauteng facilities, many of which have been extensively vandalised by strikers. A number in KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape have also been closed or disrupted.

      The manufacturing sector strike led by Numsa has the potential to do multiple times the damage of the platinum strike, says ...

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    21. Auto manufacturers start to feel Numsa strike impact

      Explore Engineering News (Jul 14 2014)

      Auto manufacturers start to feel Numsa strike impact

      As the National Union of Mineworkers of South Africa-led metal and engineering sector strike continues, vehicle manufacturers have started halting production at some plants as car component supply is interrupted. Toyota, which maintained full production for the first 14 days of the strike, owing to contingency build-up, was set to shut down two production lines on Tuesday.

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    22. Benchmarking Is Great - But Only With The Right Benchmarks

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Jul 14 2014)

      Benchmarking – comparing your performance against others of equal size and in similar industries – is a favored practice for many business functions, including procurement. But CPOs take the practice one step further than most: They monitor average commodity prices as a marker for what prices their companies can be expected to pay in the market.

      But what happens if you use the wrong benchmark?


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    23. SA platinum miners ‘need to regain customer trust’

      Explore BDlive (Jul 14 2014)

      SA platinum miners ‘need to regain customer trust’

      A CONCERTED effort by the major platinum companies is needed to bring mines back into production as quickly as possible to restore confidence in the sector, says Derek Engelbrecht, who has retired after 22 years as head of marketing for Impala Platinum (Implats).

      In addition to denting South Africa’s reputation as a reliable and sustainable platinum supplier, the strike by the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union had reduced above-ground stocks of the metal, Mr Engelbrecht said in an interview marking his retirement.

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    24. Supply Managers are the Rock Stars of the Coming Resource Revolution … But

      Explore Sourcing Innovation (Jul 13 2014)

      Supply Managers are only heroes in those leading organizations that were forwarding looking enough to let Purchasers gain influence in both the inbound and outbound supply chain and raise the profile of the organization in the eyes of both customers and suppliers. Their new practices, global view, and risk mitigation not only raised their profile, but also the profile of the organization as a whole. They were given more respect and authority, and soon after were the heroes of their organization.

      But not every organization had the foresight of these leading organizations and, as a result, it is still only ...

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