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    1. The five features of intelligent category management

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Aug 21 2014)

      The five features of intelligent category management

      Procurement has a role in delivering value and smart cost reduction is about buying the products and services you need at a competitive price without exposing your business to risk or failure. If you are value driven, it goes beyond getting what is just cheaper, because cheaper in some industries could mean disaster. There’s a lot more to being a category manager than being a buyer – they need to take account of the consequences of their actions and recommendations.

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    2. Exxaro coal exports shoot up by 43%

      Explore BDlive (Aug 21 2014)

      Exxaro coal exports shoot up by 43%

      EXXARO Resources, South Africa’s fourth-largest coal producer and the biggest supplier of coal to Eskom, said trading conditions during the past six months were challenging as the average price of export coal dropped more than expected.

      The company, which released its results on Thursday, said export volumes for the six months ended June 2014 increased by 43% to 2.7-million tonnes compared with the year-earlier period.

      "Demand in the domestic market for metallurgical, power station and steam coal, however, was lower than in the corresponding period," it said.

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    3. State set for tighter control of Eskom

      Explore BDlive (Aug 21 2014)

      State set for tighter control of Eskom

      ESKOM, under newly appointed CEO Tshediso Matona — currently the director-general of the Department of Public Enterprises — will be more tightly controlled by the department in future.

      Not only will Mr Matona want to improve on what he says was Eskom’s failure to account properly, but he will have to ensure that the utility complies with a proposed bill that the department is working on.

      The Government Shareholder Management Bill, which the department hopes to submit to Parliament by the end of the fiscal year, will set the legislative framework in which all state-owned companies will have to function.

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    4. Cabinet appoints Matona as Eskom’s new CEO

      Explore BDlive (Aug 20 2014)

      Cabinet appoints Matona as Eskom’s new CEO

      THE Cabinet decided on Wednesday to appoint Department of Public Enterprises director-general Tshediso Matona as the new CEO of Eskom.

      Mr Matona will take up his new position from September 1. Eskom has been under the stewardship of acting CEO Collin Matjila since April.

      In making the announcement, Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown said she had “absolute faith” in Mr Matona who brought with him a wealth of experience and was conversant with the challenges facing Eskom.

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    5. Innovation Needed to Deliver Services in the Public Sector

      Explore allAfrica.com (Aug 20 2014)

      Innovation Needed to Deliver Services in the Public Sector

      Public Service and Administration Minister Collins Chabane says the public sector must challenge itself to be creative and embrace innovation as a new way of doing government business more smartly.

      Speaking at the Centre for Public Service Conference at the Westin Hotel in Cape Town, the Minister said this was because the public service needed to move to a space where crucial government deliverables such as education, health, provision of water and sanitation, among others, are done more effectively, efficiently and quicker.

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    6. Telkom takes 'collegiate' approach with top suppliers to save 'as much as possible'

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Aug 19 2014)

      Telkom takes 'collegiate' approach with top suppliers to save 'as much as possible'

      The head buyer at Telkom has said he will be working with core suppliers in a “collegiate” way to cut costs by “as much as possible”.

      Ian Russell, who has been CPO at the South African telecoms firm for six months, said in the past the company had “tactical and transactional” relationships with suppliers but he wants to treat them “more thoughtfully and carefully”.

      In the last financial year Telkom spent R17 billion (£961 million) with around 2,400 suppliers, but 80 per cent of that spend was with 23 suppliers. Total revenues in the period were R32.5 billion ...

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    7. SAP in U.S.$500 Million Investment to spur Africa's Innovation and Growth

      Explore allAfrica.com (Aug 19 2014)

      SAP in U.S.$500 Million Investment to spur Africa's Innovation and Growth

      SAP has announced a seven-year plan to up-skill local African talent and drive sustainable innovation and growth in Africa.

      With more than 1,300 customers across the continent, SAP is already enabling African businesses and governments of all sizes to grow, scale and globalise, as well as make the transition to a networked, technology-driven innovative economy.

      As part of this commitment, SAP Africa is now taking responsibility for SAP operations across 51 African countries, including Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia and Mauritania.

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    8. How World-Class Procurement Organizations Outperform

      Explore Supply Chain Management Review (Aug 18 2014)

      World-class procurement organizations outperform their peers by striving to providing unique value beyond cost reduction, including becoming a trusted advisor to the business, driving supplier innovation, and focusing on risk management, according to new research from The Hackett Group, Inc.

      According to The Hackett Group’s research, world-class procurement organizations now operate at nearly 20 percent lower cost as a percentage of spend than typical companies.  They also have 27 percent fewer employees. 

      World-class procurement organizations now generate purchased cost savings equal to more than 9x the cost of procurement, according to The Hackett Group’s research.

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    1. What has WhatsApp's sale told us about stakeholders?

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Mar 10 2014)

      What has WhatsApp's sale told us about stakeholders?

      Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp for a reported $19 billion (£11.3 billion) shows how procurement can get involved in high-risk high value projects, such as IT systems and major capital expenditure. Here are three points to inform your thinking: • Cost, price and value. The acquisition price of $19 billion has very little to do with cost because WhatsApp employs about 55 people and charges 69p in the UK for an annual service – it’s free for the first year.

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    2. Established Companies, Get Ready for the Collaborative Economy

      Explore HBR Blog Network (Mar 4 2014)

      Established Companies, Get Ready for the Collaborative Economy

      As more and more startups like Airbnb, Etsy and Kickstarter crowd into the space of the collaborative economy, big brands are starting to get in on the action, too.  Staples sells products developed on Quirky; Avis has acquired Zipcar; Walgreens has partnered with TaskRabbit for delivery.

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    3. What Are The Benefits Of Using A Supplier Portal?

      Explore Procurement Leaders Network (Feb 24 2014)

      One of Procurement Leaders’ members is keen to learn more about supplier portals from the community and the scenario he posited gave insight into what can be a tricky area for functions.

       He posed a question asking for advice from members about whether they are using a supplier portal and if so, whether it was custom built. He also wanted to know the best version of xml to use, and any advice about the Global Upstream Supplier Initiative (GUSI).

       Whether the short term pain of introducing a specific new technology is outweighed in the longer term by cost and process ...

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    4. Supplier Relationships take you to the top

      Explore MarketSqr Blog (Jan 29 2014)

      Supplier Relationships take you to the top

      We all want to be at the top of our industry. To achieve that we are today just as dependent on exceptional supplier relationships as we were fifteen years ago.  It as become a lot easier yet still only a few organisations get this right.  Consider the example of how Honda and Toyota started dominating the US auto market in the nineties.  Applying these principles are just as valid now but more achievable through the communication habits and tools at our disposal today.

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