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    1. The five characteristics of high-performing teams

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Oct 30 2014)

      The five characteristics of high-performing teams

      Mike Blanchard, general manager of strategic procurement at Sydney Trains, made the point while addressing delegates at the CIPS Australasia Conference this month. He said high-performing teams have the following five characteristics: they share the same vision; have a healthy team culture; clearly defined roles and expectations that encourage excellent performance; everyone is held accountable and; the leader of the team acts by example.

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    2. Cases against security companies rise

      Explore BDlive (Oct 30 2014)

      Cases against security companies rise

      CRIMINAL cases against private security companies are mounting, with the backlog of outstanding investigations getting larger and larger, Parliament’s police committee heard on Wednesday.

      The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) told the committee that the number of pending criminal investigations against security companies had risen from 1,301 in 2012-13 to 1,740 in 2013-14. This raised MPs concerns that the authority was losing the battle.

      PSIRA has been in the headlines in recent years as a result of a protracted legal battle with the Security Industry Alliance (SIA) over an increase in fees

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    3. Why companies don’t sign contracts

      Explore Procurement Insights (Oct 29 2014)

      Why companies don’t sign contracts

      It is surprising how often contracts between companies are not signed or executed properly. Case law is full of examples of disputes occurring between organisations who are both working to an unsigned contract. These usually centre on ‘contract by performance’ issues, i.e. there was a contract sort of agreed but it was never actually signed. One company is claiming that its version of the contract is the correct one and the other is relying on a different version. This unfortunately can end up in the infamous ‘money for lawyers’ scenario.

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    4. Brics Countries Should Embrace Innovation - Minister Radebe

      Explore allAfrica.com (Oct 29 2014)

      Brics Countries Should Embrace Innovation - Minister Radebe

      Brics countries must continue to embrace innovation as a key driver for economic growth, delegates at the 3rd Annual innovaBRICS & Beyond Conference taking place in London heard on Monday, 27 October.

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    5. Boards Aren’t as Global as Their Businesses

      Explore HBR Blog Network (Oct 28 2014)

      Boards Aren’t as Global as Their Businesses

      There’s a growing consensus that companies need strong, independent boards full of qualified directors if they are to sidestep risks and seize opportunities in our complex and dynamic international economy. Being generally “impressive” is no longer enough—investors and corporate watchdogs expect a well-defined rationale for each appointment, an articulation of how the board member will provide meaningful oversight and counsel on critical issues.

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    6. The Significance of Complex Spend Management

      Explore cporising.com (Oct 28 2014)

      Around these parts, the phrase “complex spend management” is tossed around frequently when discussing how the modern Chief Procurement Officer should develop their global programs and strategies. Today’s CPO Rising article is an overview of why the “hottest” complex spend categories (which have been historically linked to indirect spend management) must be critical focal areas [...]

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    7. How to fix IBM

      Explore Technology News and Analysis (Oct 28 2014)

      How to fix IBM

      Given IBM’s earnings miss last week and the impact it had on company shares I thought rather than just criticizing the company it might make better sense to consolidate my ideas for how to fix IBM. Here they are.

      Early in his tenure as CEO, Sam Palmisano made changes that created IBM’s problems today. IBM customers are buying fewer products and services. Revenue has dropped each quarter for the past ten.

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    8. Manufacturing business lifts Famous Brands

      Explore BDlive (Oct 27 2014)

      FAMOUS Brands has delivered an 18% rise in headline earnings per share to (HEPS) 212c in the six months to August, boosted mainly by its logistics and manufacturing operations and improved efficiencies.

      The fast food group said on Monday that revenue was up 14% to R1.57bn from the year-earlier period, with operating profit up 19% to R303m.

      The company said while the front-end franchised operation delivered a satisfactory performance — reflecting reduced consumer spend across certain mainstream brands — the back-end logistics and manufacturing businesses made a significant contribution to the group’s overall results

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    1. 5 Essential Tips For Staying Safe Online

      Explore Technology News and Analysis (Oct 17 2014)

      5 Essential Tips For Staying Safe Online

      The security of the internet is an on-going concern. Whether you're online for fun, or you're conducting business, there are all manner of pitfalls you may encounter. Issues such as viruses and malware are now widely known about, but these are far from being the only security issues to concern yourself with.

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    2. MarketSqr Supply Community ready to blow you away

      Explore MarketSqr (Oct 1 2014)

      MarketSqr Supply Community ready to blow you away

      In a world where technology rules, simplicity is key. The easier it is to use a piece of technology, the more it will be used.

      We have been working hard to make MarketSqr easier to use and we are really excited to start sharing this information with you.  We will share more detail in the coming days leading to our upgrade next week. 

      The imminent big change to our site also comes with a fresh new look. No more content pages that redirect and confuse you. We hope to bring you a clean cut website that makes navigation and interaction ...

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    3. What has WhatsApp's sale told us about stakeholders?

      Explore supplymanagement.com (Mar 10 2014)

      What has WhatsApp's sale told us about stakeholders?

      Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp for a reported $19 billion (£11.3 billion) shows how procurement can get involved in high-risk high value projects, such as IT systems and major capital expenditure. Here are three points to inform your thinking: • Cost, price and value. The acquisition price of $19 billion has very little to do with cost because WhatsApp employs about 55 people and charges 69p in the UK for an annual service – it’s free for the first year.

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    4. Established Companies, Get Ready for the Collaborative Economy

      Explore HBR Blog Network (Mar 4 2014)

      Established Companies, Get Ready for the Collaborative Economy

      As more and more startups like Airbnb, Etsy and Kickstarter crowd into the space of the collaborative economy, big brands are starting to get in on the action, too.  Staples sells products developed on Quirky; Avis has acquired Zipcar; Walgreens has partnered with TaskRabbit for delivery.

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